The Best Safelists for September 2011

Welcome to September!

Another month down and a whole new month of stats to share for the best safelists and viral list builders out there today.

The big news from last month was the re-release of List Surfing.  This site definitely got a lot of attention and with good reason.  List Surfing does an amazing job of blending the best elements of a traffic exchange with a safelist to create a unique advertising environment.  Best of all List Surfing has brought social marketing into the safelist arena which is something this industry has been very much lacking.

If you missed it I did a video review of List Surfing that you can watch here:

Not too much else to report.  I did test a few older safelists that I had joined years ago but quit because they weren’t producing good results.  The results from last month weren’t good enough to put them in the top 15 so I won’t bother mentioning them.  Needless to say if you have any good safelists or viral list builders that you recommend which you don’t think I am member of please send them my way.

On to the stats…

Here’s how it works.  I promote a series of squeeze pages for my ebook Safelist Marketing Tactics on 30-40 different safelists and viral list builders.  I use a tracking service to tell me how many hits I receive from each site as well as how many new subscribers I received.  I do have upgraded memberships on most of these sites which often allow me to send my ads to more members and more often.  I also spend time every day clicking emails for credits which allow me to send my ads to the maximum number of people as often as possible.  Your results may vary.

Hits Unique Conv. Ratio
AdsolutionLine 2799 40.00% 20 0.71%
The Lead Magnet 1186 62.00% 20 1.69%
State of the Art Mailer 4121 77.00% 19 0.46%
List Bonus 1207 81.00% 16 1.33%
Quick List Profits 553 62.00% 13 2.35%
Ultimate Profit List
1228 73.00% 12 0.98%
Adchiever 1673 69.00% 11 0.66%
List Joe 2063 77.00% 10 0.48%
DownlineBuilderDirect 1252 56.00% 8 0.64%
Viral URL 25 92.00% 8 32.00%
List Effects 319 63.00% 7 2.19%
Instant List Empire 537 66.00% 7 1.30%
List Surfing
896 83.00% 7 0.78%
List Adventure 1021 60.00% 5 0.49%
AdTactics 1099 24.00% 4 0.36%

Total August sign-ups from all mailers (including those not listed here): 166

Not a bad month.  Pretty cool to see an old school safelist like AdsolutionLine topping the list.   Makes me wish I earned commissions there but it’s a totally free safelist.  So if you’re not a member, that’s definitely one you will want to join.

Everything else looks about right.  A nice mix of safelists and viral list builders.  It’s not too hard to see from looking at this list which are the best sites to be advertising on this month.

I should mention that List Surfing is a little bit lower on the list than I would have expected.  That’s because the mailer credits are earned by surfing in the traffic exchange side of the site.  Unfortunately I haven’t had enough time to earn enough credits to reach the maximum number of members for every mailing.  That makes it a little harder to compare to the other sites.  I will say that the branding and the social aspect of List Surfing puts it a little bit ahead of the competition but that is something which is kinda hard to measure with these kinds of stats.

That’s it for this month.  Don’t forget that these are my own personal stats based on my own efforts.  Your results may differ from mine.  These stats are provided to give you a starting point for new safelists and viral list builders to try.  The only way to determine which sites work best for you is to track your own stats.  You can get the same link tracker that I use for free from TE Toolbox.

Safelist Marketing Tactics
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My Video Review of Instant Blog Subscribers

Are you ready for another video?

I stayed up late last night recording this video review of Instant Blog Subscribers which is the new free blogging site that was recently launched by Walt Bayliss.

Unfortunately it was about 4:00 am by the time I finished recording the video and I forgot to mention a few things.

One of the things I forgot to mention is the ability for people to subscribe to your blog with one-click.

That button will appear at the top of your blog.  When someone clicks the button they will automatically be subscribed to your blog and they will be notified via email every time you post a new update.  That’s very cool.

Here’s the link to my IBS blog if you want to check it out:

I also wanted to talk a little more about what you can do with your blog.  Basically you can use your blog to share almost anything you want.  For example right now I am sharing my website reviews but you can also post articles you’ve written, share something you learned, rave about something you love, or rant about something you hate.  As you saw in the video some people are even using their blogs as a place to post their ads.  There are really very few limitations for what you can do with your blog.

Finally, I don’t know if the video came off as a review as much as just a walk through of the main features on the site.  In case I forgot to say it, I really really like Instant Blog Subscribers!  It’s sort of the first of what I expect to be many sites that are taking elements of safelist marketing and making them more social.  I think IBS can do more to expand on some of these features such as making comments easier to manage and providing more stats but at this point the site is still really brand new.  I expect to see more developments in the near future.

By the way, in the video you may have noticed that I reposted my review of the site List Zillion which also appears on this blog.  That was less than 9 hours ago.  Since then I have received 5 new sign-ups at List Zillion all of which came from my post at Instant Blog Subscribers.  That’s crazy!

So head over to Instant Blog Subscribers and create your free blog right now.  You don’t need to be a professional blogger to take advantage of this one.  Every post you make will instantly be shared with 200 other members.  There is no better time to start blogging than today.

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Top 12 Sweeva Tips and Tricks

Now that Sweeva has passed the 20,000 member mark I thought now would be a good time to share some of my best tips and tricks to help people maximize their Sweeva experience.

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Top 12 Sweeva Tips and Tricks

1. Read the FAQ –  Sweeva is a unique program combining the elements of social networking and free traffic exchange programs.  The more you understand how the system works the easier it will be for you to take advantage of all the features it has to offer.

2. Update Your Profile – Sweeva is a social site.  That means that other members are going to be just as interested in who you are as they are about what you are promoting.  Keep your profile updated and don’t forget to upload your photo to Gravatar.

3. Organize Your Websites – Every page you submit to Sweeva will be visible on your profile.  Even if you don’t plan to spend any credits promoting a page it’s a good idea to have a list of your sites that can be viewed by other members.  Tip: Add your sites with the Sweeva toolbar to earn toolbar loyalty points.

4. Add Quality Feedback – Sweeva gives you the ability to receive instant feedback on any pages that you are promoting.  By leaving quality comments on other people’s sites you are not only earning experience points for yourself but you are also helping to get yourself recognized as a valuable member of the Sweeva community.

5. Add Profile Comments – Check out some of the profiles of other members and post a personal message on their page.  Ask them about their sites or just introduce yourself.  Obviously don’t spam them with your offers but take advantage of this opportunity to network with other members.

6. Support Your Downline – If you refer a new member to Sweeva post a message on their profile to welcome them.  Let them know that you are available to help them if they need it.  Remember, the more active your Sweeva referrals are the greater your rewards.

7. Strike While the Iron is Hot – Regardless of how many credits you bid your site will only be seen by however many people are surfing at the time it is shown.  The number of people surfing varies throughout the day but you can get a good idea of when Sweeva is most active by looking at the daily stats. You can also see how many people are currently online by looking at the “Previous Site” numbers at the bottom of the members area.  Wait until there is a good sized crowd of people surfing before you show your site to maximize your page’s exposure.  Tip: Activity tends to go way up right after the owners send out an email update.

8. Conserve Your Credits – If you plan on surfing Sweeva for awhile try adjusting your bids to see how low you can go.  It usually takes about 10 minutes to find out if your bid has been accepted.  Don’t overbid unless you really want to get your site seen now.

9. Engage Your Guests – My favorite way to use Sweeva is to be present when my site is being shown.  This lets me personally welcome people to my page and let them know that I am there if they have any questions.  Be social.  Thank people if they say something nice.  Give out stars.  Have fun with it and reap the rewards.

10. Clean Your Comments – This might seem controversial but I delete unwanted comments from my pages before they are shown.  Negative comments are fine because it gives me a chance to interact with people but I would rather people only see the quality comments on my page.  A page full of people posting “ok” and “good” does nothing to benefit you.  It’s no different than tidying up your home before you invite over company.  Delete the junk from your comments to make sure the important comments can be seen.

11. Upgrade Your Membership – If you can afford it the upgraded Sweeva membership is one of the best deals around.  Not only will you earn greater commissions from your downline but you will also earn credits and XP faster than free members.

12. Be Creative – Sweeva is your social networking community.  You can make it into whatever you want it to be.  Think of new ways to interact with other members.  Try out a new splash page.  Record a video.  Have a contest.  Be social.  It’s your Sweeva.  Have fun with it!

What do you think?  Got any other suggestions?  Post them in the comments below.

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