List Surfing Video Review

It’s been a week since List Surfing re-launched and I decided now would be a good time to dust off the webcam and do a quick video review to show you how the site works.

Here it is…

Apologizes to Matt Koshko for getting his name wrong.  For the trivia buffs… an “oshinko” is a Japanese pickle.

If you are not already a member and you would like to join List Surfing please click the banner below and give serious consideration to the upgrade offer you will see when you first login.

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6 thoughts on “List Surfing Video Review”

  1. Too low click exchange ratio I got from advertising on List Surfing- I should click 50 times on other members’ ads to receive only 5 ones to my ad. This may happen when a TE site is new with few members…

  2. The number of times you click in List Surfing does not relate to the number of views your page receives in the traffic exchange. You only need to surf 50 pages to activate your site in the traffic exchange. After that your page should rotate randomly along with all of the other pages. I have received 1054 hits to my page so far. If you have only received 5 hits in the last 30 days I would recommend sending in a support ticket to help correct the problem.

  3. I meant the hits from sending mails. I spent 157 credits to send my ad with the mailer – it’s 150/3=50 clicks I gave to others and received 5 hits in return.

  4. Ah, that makes more sense. 5 credits isn’t too much different from what typical safelists offer for reading emails. However with so many List Surfing members I suspect a large percentage of them are inactive. I think it might have been a good idea to force all of the members from before the relaunch to re-verify their accounts to be active on the new system.

  5. “isn’t too much different from what typical safelists offer ”
    I don’t think so, comparing to safelist :

    95 clicks received from spending 12683 credits.
    In order to earn 12683 credits it’s needed to click a 80 points credit link in 12683:80=158 messages.
    This’s 158/95 =1.66 ratio, in other words, 1.66 – comparable worth of 2 hits to my site for my 3 clicks.
    But there are also at least 6 solo ads per day(400 credits each) – 6×400 =2400 extra credits.

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