The Best Safelists for September 2010

What?  September already?

Somehow we managed to survive the blistering summer heat here in the midwest.  If you believe in the summer slow down then now is the time to start promoting again because the busy season is about to begin.

So what’s new in safelists?  Not a whole lot.

I did join Quality Safelist which is the new safelist from Michael Coursey that launched about 2 months ago.  The results have been decent but i’m not blown away.  There’s only about 2,200 members right now though so hopefully it will continue to improve as the membership grows.  Mike has been in this business for a long time though so you can bet Quality Safelist will be around for awhile.

I am being told that there is a new viral list builder getting ready to launch tomorrow.  I can’t say anything else about it right now.  You’ll just have to check back here tomorrow after it launches.

Ok, let’s get to the stats!

These stats were obtained by promoting my rotating splash pages for Safelist Marketing Tactics on all of the top credit safelists and viral list builders.  I had been promoting the same two splash pages for awhile but I just added a 3rd new splash page about a week ago.  I’m not sure if the new page is converting as well as the others but overall the results this month have been pretty good.

Total Clicks Unique Clicks Action Sales CTA CTS
List Joe 1,855 1,314 60 17 4.57% 1.29%
State of Art Mailer 4,239 2,109 122 16 5.87% 0.76%
AdTactics 2,897 1,029 81 11 7.87% 1.07%
Adsolutionline 2,392 915 40 9 4.37% 0.98%
List Auction 1,180 626 32 9 5.11% 1.44%
List Zillion 1,386 735 42 8 5.71% 1.09%
Elite Safelist 2,190 993 36 8 3.63% 0.81%
List Effects 973 611 30 6 4.91% 0.98%
Quality Safelist 525 379 27 6 7.12% 1.58%

“Clicks” is how many people viewed my splash page.  “Action” is how many people clicked the link on my splash page to go to the main site.  “Sales” is how many people joined my site.  CTA and CTS are “clicks to action” and “clicks to sale”.  I ranked these safelists by sales but it is also important to look at the other numbers to determine how responsive each safelist really is.

Looking at the stats.. List Joe is back on top!  Even though State of the Art Mailing System brought me a lot more traffic I think List Joe got a nice little bump this month because they have been offering random credit multipliers for every email read.  I’ve been earning as much as 50 credits per email which is pretty nuts but worth taking advantage of while it lasts.

As you can see Quality Safelist just managed to creep it’s way onto the list.  While it didn’t generate a lot of new sign-ups from me you can see by the numbers that even though the membership base at Quality Safelist is still relatively low they are definitely some active members there.

That’s about it for this update.  Keep your eyes peeled tomorrow for the new viral list builder that is getting ready to launch!

And of course, don’t forget that the stats above are my only personal stats.  Your results may vary.  The important thing to remember is that you will never know how good your ads or advertising sources are unless you track your ads!  You can get your own free link tracker from from TE Toolbox.

 The Best Safelists for February 2010

My Video Review of Instant Blog Subscribers

Are you ready for another video?

I stayed up late last night recording this video review of Instant Blog Subscribers which is the new free blogging site that was recently launched by Walt Bayliss.

Unfortunately it was about 4:00 am by the time I finished recording the video and I forgot to mention a few things.

One of the things I forgot to mention is the ability for people to subscribe to your blog with one-click.

That button will appear at the top of your blog.  When someone clicks the button they will automatically be subscribed to your blog and they will be notified via email every time you post a new update.  That’s very cool.

Here’s the link to my IBS blog if you want to check it out:

I also wanted to talk a little more about what you can do with your blog.  Basically you can use your blog to share almost anything you want.  For example right now I am sharing my website reviews but you can also post articles you’ve written, share something you learned, rave about something you love, or rant about something you hate.  As you saw in the video some people are even using their blogs as a place to post their ads.  There are really very few limitations for what you can do with your blog.

Finally, I don’t know if the video came off as a review as much as just a walk through of the main features on the site.  In case I forgot to say it, I really really like Instant Blog Subscribers!  It’s sort of the first of what I expect to be many sites that are taking elements of safelist marketing and making them more social.  I think IBS can do more to expand on some of these features such as making comments easier to manage and providing more stats but at this point the site is still really brand new.  I expect to see more developments in the near future.

By the way, in the video you may have noticed that I reposted my review of the site List Zillion which also appears on this blog.  That was less than 9 hours ago.  Since then I have received 5 new sign-ups at List Zillion all of which came from my post at Instant Blog Subscribers.  That’s crazy!

So head over to Instant Blog Subscribers and create your free blog right now.  You don’t need to be a professional blogger to take advantage of this one.  Every post you make will instantly be shared with 200 other members.  There is no better time to start blogging than today.

Click Here to Join Instant Blog Subscribers

List Zillion – Safelist Review

I know, finally!

I’ve been promising this review of List Zillion for about a month now and I finally have some time to get it written.

I considered doing another video review but to be honest there isn’t a whole lot to see inside the List Zillion site.  List Zillion appears to be run on the same viral list building script that i’ve seen running on a few other sites that have recently launched.  The members area consists of a message displaying the site’s stats (currently 5415 members) and that’s about it.  Other than some banners and full-page ads I guess you could say List Zillion has a “clean” design.

Don’t worry.  What List Zillion lacks in personality it more than makes up for by being an extremely responsive mailer.  Isn’t that what counts?  But I’ll get back to that in a minute.

As simple as the List Zillion design is I still found myself getting lost several times when I first joined.  It seems the link to the “upgrade” page isn’t where you would expect it to be and once there I had an even harder time noticing the link to compare memberships levels.

List Zillion does offer some unique features for those who take the time to explore the site.  There’s the standard link cloaker and downline builder but there’s also something new called the “list builders optimizer”.  This appears to be a way to organize your mailings with other viral list builders.  I haven’t really taken the time to set this up yet but it seems like it could be useful.

Upgraded members can submit “top sponsor” ads which appear at the top of every email.  They also have access to a unique “referral mailer” which acts like an autoresponder by sending a welcome email to your new referrals as well as sending a recurring email to them every 6 days.

Here’s a peek at the List Zillion membership levels.

Membership Free Gold Platinum
Mail To (memberships) Free, Gold Free, Gold, Platinum Free, Gold, Platinum
Mail Frequency Every 7 Days Every 5 Days Every 3 Days
Mail To (members) 300 (up to 1000 w/credits) 2000 (up to 3000 w/credits) 3000 (up to 5000 w/credits)
Message Personalization Yes Yes Yes
Click Tracker Yes Yes Yes
Can Save Ads Up to 2 Up to 10 Up to 20
Credits for reading Messages 10 15 20
Credits for reading Solo Ads 20 40 50
Credits for your downline reading messages 5% 10% 20%
Signup Credits 1,000 4,000 6,000
Credits per Referral 150 250 300
Monthly Credits 0 4,000 6,000
Top Sponsor Ads 0 3 5
HTML Mailer No Yes Yes
Visual HTML Editor No Yes Yes
Commissions 15% 30% 50%
Monthly Cost $16.99 $26.99

So is List Zillion worth the platinum upgrade?

Here’s my personal advertising stats from last month with List Zillion:

Total Clicks: 1,226
Unique Clicks: 741
Splash Page Clicks: 47
Sign-ups: 15
Clicks-to-Action: 6.34%
Clicks-to-Sign-up: 2.02%
Cost per Sign-up: $1.80
Daily Emails Received: <10

Not bad.  This is comparable to most of the major viral list builders out there right now.

List Zillion is still a relatively new site.  With just over 5,000 members there is still a lot of room for growth.  Anyone looking for a solid viral list builder who cares about results should definitely give List Zillion a closer look.

Click Here to Join List Zillion

The Best Safelists for August 2010

Hello and welcome to August!

Everything appears to be bright and sunny in the world of Safelist Marketing.

I posted a couple of individual reviews last month for Reactive Adz and State of the Art Mailing System.  If you missed them, check them out.

Unfortunately due to a nasty malware infection on my computer (don’t worry,  I squashed it) I wasn’t able to write my review of List Zillion last week.  I’ll try and have that done sometime this week.

Also, I mentioned last month that I would be testing out some solo ads.  I ended up spending close to $300 on solo ads!  The results are in and I’ll be posting those stats here sometime soon.

As soon as I finish writing this I am going to join two new safelists that recently launched and test them out.  I’ll let you know how that goes next month.

Finally, I am happy to report that one of my favorite non-credit-based viral list builders is now credit based!  Downline Builder Direct gives you the ability to build your downline 20 levels deep.  Now with the credit emails you can reach an even larger audience without referring.

Ok… who’s ready for some stats?

The numbers you see below are the result of me promoting two different splash pages for my site Safelist Marketing Tactics.  I have premium memberships on most of the sites below which allow me to email the maximum number of members as often as I can.

Total Clicks Unique Clicks Action Sales CTA CTS
State of Art Mailer 4,407 2,142 132 26 6.16% 1.21%
List Auction 1,362 731 54 16 7.39% 2.19%
List Zillion 1,226 741 47 15 6.34% 2.02%
ListBuildingMaximizer 2,463 1,036 55 14 5.31% 1.35%
AdTactics 2,585 924 75 13 8.12% 1.41%
List Joe 1,366 994 52 12 5.23% 1.21%
ViralAdStore 1,273 672 45 12 6.70% 1.79%
Elite Safelist 2,227 939 43 8 4.58% 0.85%
Adsolutionline 2,560 1,012 52 7 5.14% 0.69%
Got Safelist 1,808 892 23 6 2.58% 0.67%

“Clicks” is how many people viewed my splash page.  “Action” is how many people clicked the link on my splash page to go to the main site.  “Sales” is how many people joined my site.  CTA and CTS are “clicks to action” and “clicks to sale”.  I ranked these safelists by sales but it is also important to look at the other numbers to determine how responsive each safelist really is.

I can’t believe I avoided joining State of the Art Mailing System for so long.  It was at the top of my list last month and this month I got TWICE as many sign-ups!  If you are not a member of this safelist yet you don’t know what you’re missing.

When did List Zillion join the ranks of the best safelists?  I guess I really should write that review.  Soon, I promise!  For now i’ll just say yes, it really is that good.

Overall I would say it was a very good month.  Anybody who still doubts the effectiveness of safelist marketing is missing out some real quality traffic.

Ok.  Another report down!  Now I gotta go join those new safelists, write some more reviews, and write that ranking of the top solo ads.  It’s gonna be another busy month!

And don’t forget, these stats are the results of my own marketing methods.  What works best for my sites might not necessarily work for yours.  The only way to know for sure is to track your results!  You can get a free link tracker from from TE Toolbox.

 The Best Safelists for February 2010

The Best Safelists for June 2010

Welcome to June!  It’s a new month and that means it’s time for me to dig out my safelist stats from last month and see what are the top safelists right now based on my current advertising campaigns.

Not a lot of news to report for last month.  I did weed out about half a dozen smaller safelists that I had been using which were not producing a lot of sign-ups.  It was hard because most of these safelists were still bringing in a few sign-ups every month but as my list of safelists that I use daily continues to grow I find myself having less time to focus on the sites that are bringing me the best results.

That means I now have some free time to test out some newer sites and to retest some sites that I haven’t used in a very long time.  While I don’t have stats for them yet you can expect to find List Zillion, State of the Art Mailer System, and Reactive Ads in here next month.

Speaking of newer sites…  There are a lot of good programs out there that go right over my head because I can’t always distinguish them from all of the junk.  If you know of any safelists or viral list builders that are working for you but you haven’t seen me mention here feel free to post your referral link in the comments.

Ok, time for the stats.  Over the last few weeks I have been promoting my splash pages in Sweeva and have gotten some really interesting feedback.  I decided that instead of just advertising one splash page in my safelist ads I would put three of them into a rotator and advertise that instead.  I’ve been doing this for the last two weeks.  So far so good.  All of the splash pages that I am promoting on these safelists are being used to promote my site Safelist Marketing Tactics.

Total Clicks

Unique Clicks Action Sales CTA CTS
List Effects 1,192 696 51 16 7.33% 2.30%
ListBuildingMaximizer 1,743 828 69 15 8.33% 1.81%
List Joe 1,493 1,053 51 13 4.84% 1.23%
ViralAdStore 1,706 871 45 9 5.17% 1.03%
Adsolutionline 2,497 938 46 6 4.90% 0.64%
List Auction 1,240 628 33 6 5.25% 0.96%
Got Safelist 1,954 895 60 5 6.70% 0.56%
European Safelist 735 276 31 5 11.23% 1.81%

“Clicks” is how many people viewed my splash page.  “Action” is how many people clicked the link on my splash page to go to the main site.  “Sales” is how many people joined my site.  CTA and CTS are “clicks to action” and “clicks to sale”.  I ranked these safelists by sales but it is also important to look at the other numbers to determine how responsive each safelist really is.

Not a great month, actually.  List Effects managed to hang on to the top spot again but just barely.  Everything else seems to have either stayed the same or dropped slightly.

As usual I should point out that these are my own personal stats from  promoting my own personal splash pages.  These numbers are only meant to be a guide to help you decide which safelists and viral listbuilders are worth trying.  Your results will probably be different from my own so the only way to know for sure which sites work best for you is to track your own results.  You can get a free link tracker from TEToolbox.

 The Best Safelists for February 2010