The Best Safelists for April 2020

Welcome to April.

Boy, a lot sure can happen in a month.  With the Coronavirus bearing down hard on the whole world I hope everyone reading this is staying home and staying safe.

It probably goes without saying that the long-term effects of this virus on the global economy are going to be bigger than anyone ever imagined.  What this means for our business is still hard to say.  I think as more people get laid off from their jobs and others just choose to work from home we are going to see a massive influx of people looking for ways to make money online.  It’s not going to happen over night but I think by the end of the summer we will start seeing a lot more people coming into our marketplace.

In short, now is definitely the time to start getting our businesses ready for all of the new people who are going to be looking for ways to make money working from home.

Now let’s get to the safelists.  No major launches last month to report but I have some interesting stats for you below.

The stats below are the top results from my marketing efforts in March.  I currently use 40-50 different mailers every day (or as often as I can) and I am currently promoting a simple lead capture page that I am using to build my list. The “Signups” below show how many people have subscribed to my list and verified their email address.  I do have an upgraded membership at most of the mailers I use which often allows me to send my ads more often to more members.  However, I do spend a lot of time every month reading emails to earn enough credits to send my ads.

Hits Unique Signups Ratio
European Safelist 5874 52.00% 7 0.12%
Traffic Leads 2 Income 2062 29.00% 4 0.19%
Viral URL 122 77.00% 4 3.28%
List Nerds 713 67.00% 2 0.28%
The Lead Magnet 279 56.00% 2 0.72%

Total March Sign-ups: 34

Last month I mentioned that my ad was probably getting a little stale as I had been running it for several months and my stats kept going down.  Rather than start from scratch I wanted to see how much of an effect my safelist email would have on getting new sign-ups.  So, I kept the same landing page but wrote a new email with a new subject.  With just this one change I went from 24 sign-ups in February to 34 sign-ups in March.  That’s a pretty big boost considering my landing page stayed exactly the same.  For April I am going to take it a step further and try rotating different subject lines at each safelist to see if the variety attracts more attention.

Will it work?  Check back next month to find out!

The Best Safelists for March 2020

Happy March!

Life moves pretty fast.  If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.

February was a rather slow month for me but we did have one brand new mailer lunch that has been getting a lot of attention.  That is “Results Mailer” from Greg Hickman.  What makes Results Mailer unique is that there are no upgrades to buy!  All members use the site completely free which puts everyone on equal footing.

I was skeptical of this model at first but I am still seeing Results Mailer being promoted everywhere and my CTR for emails there have been close to 10%.  I’m curious to see how this will work out long-term but for now I think Results Mailer is worth joining.

Below you will find my personal safelist marketing stats from February 2020.  I regularly submit my ads to about 40 different safelists and viral list mailers.  I am currently promoting a lead capture page that I use to build my email list.  The “Sign Ups” below reflect how many people have subscribed to my list through my advertised link and verified their email address.  I do have upgraded memberships at a lot of these sites which allow to me to send my ads more often but I do still spend a lot of time reading emails to earn enough credits to send my ads.  I don’t use every mailer out there but I do often cycle out less responsive lists to try new ones.

Hits Unique Signups Ratio
State of the Art Mailer 2751 60.00% 4 0.15%
Viral URL 209 74.00% 3 1.44%
Traffic Leads 2 Income 2099 27.00% 3 0.14%
Leads N Profits 960 48.00% 2 0.21%
Trend Mails 2206 32.00% 2 0.09%

Total February Sign-ups: 24

Not a very good month for me at all.  In fact I received half as many sign-ups as January.  I believe the reason for this is because I have been using the exact same ad two months in a row and it is simply getting stale.  This month I am going to continue running the same capture page but change up my list subjects and emails to see if that helps.  If not I will switch to something completely new for April.

Remember, keep those ads fresh!


The Best Safelists for February 2020

Welcome to February!

I’ve got a couple of new launches to announce and a whole bunch of stats to share with you so let’s get started…

First up is probably the biggest surprise I have seen in awhile as it is more of an unexpected re-launch.  That’s right.  Like a phoenix with thick glasses rising from the ashes comes List Nerds!  This was a hot site a few years ago but died off when TimTech went under.  It’s back now under the Click, Track Profit banner with a new design and some cool new features.  Check out the new auto send feature that let’s you schedule 7 weekly emails to be automatically sent for you every day of the week.  Join List Nerds Here!

Next is World Traffic Mailer which is so new I haven’t even tried it yet.  I just joined it an hour ago because I have been seeing Steve Ayling promoting it everywhere.  Steve is an owner that I know, like, and trust so this was an easy sell for me.  World Traffic Mailer features a unique “Referral Build’em” module which will automatically promote your referral link when you click at least 25 emails.  Who doesn’t want free referrals?  This one is for sure worth checking out.

That’s all for the new launches, now let’s move on to the stats…

As usual the stats below came from the 40 or so safelists and viral list mailers that I use almost every day to promote my sites.  For the month of January I switched back to promoting a unique squeeze page that I had been promoting a few months ago which was starting to go stale.  I wanted to see if taking a few months off would help to revive it.  The “Signups” listed below are the number of people who subscribed to my mailing list through the page I am promoting and verified their email address.  While there are many other safelists out there these are the ones I use.  These stats show only the number of new members received by using the “credit mailer” and do not include and banner or login ads.  I also like to point out that I am upgraded at most of these sites and spend a lot of time reading emails to earn enough credits to send my ads.  My own Mister Safelist does not appear on this list but it should always be assumed that Mister Safelist is awesome.

European Safelist 5422 53.00% 6 0.11%
State of the Art Mailer 2522 61.00% 5 0.16%
Adchiever 464 59.00% 4 0.86%
Viral URL 137 80.00% 4 2.92%
TezzerMail 804 51.00% 3 0.37%
Leads N Profits 1057 55.00% 3 0.28%
Banner Blitz Mailer 880 45.00% 2 0.23%
List Nerds 334 54.00% 2 0.60%

Total January Sign-ups: 46

As usual European Safelist tops the list of the most effective mailers I use.  If you haven’t joined this one yet I don’t know what you are waiting for.

Don’t forget that the stats above are provided only to show which mailers are currently working best for me at this time.  What works best for you might be something entirely different.  The only way to know what sites work best for you is to track your own ads.


The Best Safelists for January 2020

Happy New Year!

Well, we made it to 2020.  It’s safe to say that the last decade was quite spectacular in regards to safelist marketing.  We saw lots of new innovations in the way mailers have let us advertise our sites.  Some great launches and more than a few set backs too.  As we go forward I continue to be most optimistic about the potential for this industry and all of the good things yet to come from it.

Now let’s get to some stats…

I took a bit of a step backwards last month.  I had been advertising a new lead capture page in safelists that was converting quite well at first but began slowing down after it’s second month.  I decided to give the page the month of December off and go back to promoting splash pages for my own Mister Safelist.  Splash pages almost never convert as well as a good lead capture page so naturally there was a drop in sign-ups compared to previous months.  I am going to go back to promoting the lead capture page again this month and see if the stats have improved over last time since hopefully it will appear fresh to new members and those who haven’t seen it.

During the month of December I used my daily safelist mailings to promote splash pages for Mister Safelist.  My stats are generated from using only the credit mailers and do not include login ads or banners ads or anything like that.  I am upgraded at most of these sites and do spend time every day reading emails to earn credits.  I currently submit to 40-50 different safelists.  I don’t use every safelist out there and I am constantly updating that list based on my advertising results.  I do not include my own Mister Safelist here as I prefer to let other reviewers take care of that.  I provide these stats only to show what is currently working best for me.  Your results may vary.

Hits Unique Signups Ratio
State of the Art Mailer 2682 59.00% 5 0.19%
European Safelist 5903 52.00% 3 0.05%
Viral URL 135 69.00% 3 2.22%
Bweeble 1618 46.00% 3 0.19%
Trend Mails 2137 30.00% 3 0.14%
Responsive Mail Marketing 690 47.00% 2 0.29%

Total December Sign-ups: 32

That’s all for now.  Please note that the stats above are provided only to show what is working best for me.  What works best for you might be something entirely different.  The only way to know what sites work best for you is to track your own ads.


The Best Safelists for December 2019

Happy December and Happy Monday!

I’m going to keep it quick this month as I am still trying to get caught up from a long holiday weekend.

Every month I share the stats I obtained from my previous month of safelist advertising.  I use safelists almost every day throughout the month to send email ads promoting various pages I am promoting.

Last month I used all of my traffic to promote a lead capture page giving away a free ebook called “No More 9-5“.  The stats below reflect the number of people who saw my page and subscribed to my list.  I used about 40 different safelists throughout the month to send my ads.  While I do have upgraded memberships at most of the safelists I use I still spend a lot of time clicking credit links to send my ads to more people.  These stats were obtained using only the standard credit mailer and do not include banner ads, login ads, etc.

Hits Unique Signups Ratio
European Safelist 5627 52.00% 9 0.16%
Leads N Profits 1387 50.00% 7 0.50%
State of the Art Mailer 2351 60.00% 3 0.09%
Viral URL 142 80.00% 3 1.41%
Traffic Bonus 1083 45.00% 2 0.18%
Bweeble 1791 44.00% 2 0.11%
Trend Mails 2109 34.00% 2 0.09%
TezzerMail 803 48.00% 2 0.25%

Total November Sign-ups: 39

Big drop from last month.  I think a lot of that is caused by promoting the same page two months in a row.  It pays to keep things fresh so I am going to back to promoting Mister Safelist for the rest of this month.  I’ll pull this ad back out in January and see if taking a month off will make it appear new again.

Thank you for checking out my blog.  If you have any questions or just like what you see here please leave a comment below.