Autoresponder Profit System is LIVE!

Hello and Happy Monday!

Big, big, BIG news today…

I have a new ebook and website!

Yep, after nearly a year of working on it today I am finally releasing my new ebook called “Autoresponder Profit System“.

You can check out the website here:

Like all of my other ebooks this one is free and there is an affiliate program to go along with it so that you can make some extra cash by giving it away.  Of course there is also the option to rebrand the book with your own affiliate links which will allow you to make even more money when people sign-up for the programs recommended in the book.

What’s it about?

Autoresponder Profit System is my “list building” ebook but with my own little slant on the subject.  I actually created it for people who may already have an autoresponder but might not know how to use it to build a list.  More importantly, it will show people how to “profit” from their autoresponder either by using it to promote various affiliate programs or by bringing more members into their primary business that they are already promoting.

Autoresponder Profit System also makes a great giveaway for people who already have downline members in an autoresponder.  So giving them this book greatly improves the chances that they will actually start making some money with their autoresponder thus keeping them in your downline every month.

I just checked my site stats.  The site launched an hour ago and already there are close to 200 members!  Whee!

I suspect I am going to be a little busy for the rest of the day but I would love to read your comments about the book.  Please click on the link below to download your free copy of Autoresponder Profit System and let me know what you think!

Click Here to Join Autoresponder Profit System

Stefan Berg Launches The Lead Magnet

Happy Wednesday!

Just a quick note to let you know about a brand new list builder that is being launched today.  This time it’s from my long-time friend and marketing  comrade Stefan Berg.

Here’s the link:

I know.  These new list builders keep getting released but so far they have all been producing incredible results so I see no reason not to keep using them.

Stefan has really gone the extra distance though to make this list builder unique and I think you will really benefit from his hard work.

What makes The Lead Magnet special?

How About…

* Build YOUR List Bigger and Better
* Get a Professional Lead Generator
* Promote Your Affiliate Programs
* Get Pro Tools to Build your List
* New Products to Build Your Business
* Access to the mailer Every 3 days
* Add your Gift To Build Your List

The Lead Magnet is being launched today at 10 AM EST.

Join Now and get 700 free Credits and a Special Bonus just for signing up!

Click Here to Join The Lead Magnet

Your Website Coaching – Free Membership

Are you still trying to figure out how to get your first website up and running?

I know.  It can be a bit intimidating.

But if you ever stop and look at how all the top marketers are all making money with affiliate programs you will notice that they are all doing it from their own sites.

Having your own website is really the only way to go if you want to make it in this business.

If you don’t have your very own website you are leaving a pile of money on  the table for your competitors to scoop up!

Regardless what kind of site you are looking to create You can grab this brand new package right now from Your Website Coaching and get all the info you need in one place to get your very own website online before bed time tonight!

If you have spent any time studying or researching ways to make money online, then you already know the benefits of owning your very own website.

If you don’t, you’re about to find out!

Your Website Coaching is a Brand New Site that is launching TODAY and it makes this HUGE promise….

“Get Your Very Own Unique Money Making Website Online Before Bedtime Tonight or We Will Do It For You!”

Pretty sweet!

They are so confident that the information you will read, watch or listen to is so good that the team at Your Website Coaching knows you will have your site online tonight but if you don’t their guarantee has you covered!

Find out how to get the ‘Your Website Coaching Team’ to set up your very own site at the most unbelievable price you can Never imagine.

Can you guess how much it costs?

Click the image below to find out.

Affiliate Jumpstart Launches Today

Happy Monday!  (yes, really)

As you may or may not know I make most of my money online doing affiliate marketing.  That means I promote other people’s stuff and I earn money every time somebody I refer buys something.

The problem with affiliate marketing though is that while there are thousands of free programs out there for people like me to promote it seems like most people who are new to the business have a hard time trying to figure out exactly where to start.

Here’s my solution…

Last week my good friend Ryan Hogan gave me a sneak peak at a new book  that is he releasing today called “Affiliate Jumpstart”.

You can see his site here:

Ryan does a great job in his book of covering every aspect of affiliate marketing including how to find the best high paying affiliate programs, how to drive traffic to them, and most importantly how to convert that traffic into sales.

Normally I would just send you my download link to get the book (it’s on my blog somewhere if you want to hunt for it) but this is one of those sites that you really should join.


Because not only will you get access to the ebook but you will also get 3 customizable squeeze pages and a pre-written autoresponder series that you can use to start building your list today!

Also, if you’re an action taker and want to really make a big difference in your bottom line, you’ll definitely want to check out Ryan’s upgrade offer.

With it you can make insane commissions, access high quality training videos and you can load up his powerful ebook up with over 35 of your own affiliate IDs for some of the best affiliate programs out there and push your commissions into overdrive!

The site is launching today so you get to be one of the first people to try it out.

Click link below to join now!

Click Here to Join Affiliate Jumpstart

Who Wants to Make Some Money?

Well that was fun.

As you may or may not know I have been working my butt off rewriting my first ebook which is all about advertising with free traffic exchange programs.  It’s been going slow but I really got into it again a few weeks ago and was hoping to do a huge relaunch at the end of the month… and then Tony Tezak released Traffic Exchange Solutions a few days ago.  D’oh!

Tony is sort of a legend in the TE world so there is no way I could realistically release my ebook right on his heels and expect any amount of excitement for it.  I guess that just gives me a little more time to work on my book to make it even bigger and badder than ever!  You’ll just have to wait a few weeks longer before you get a chance to behold it’s brilliance.  lol.

In the meantime I figure I should keep this writing thing going and post some new content.  I decided to write a short info series for the people who are still struggling to make money online.

Before we get started I should probably point out that while there are a whole lot of good free traffic sources and free services out there that you can use to build your business…  from my personal experience it is almost impossible to start a successful online business with absolutely no money.

Not exactly what you wanted to hear, right?

The good news is that it doesn’t take much money to start and most of the tools you will be using include affiliate programs that can eventually earn you a tidy profit every month.

So here is your first assignment…

Follow this link and download a free copy of a book written by my good friend Jon Olson called “The Pizza Plan”.  Inside you will find the exact budget that Jon used when he quit his job and started working online full-time.  It includes the “must have” tools that every Internet marketer needs.

Click here to get The Pizza Plan:

Think about how much you are willing to set aside each month for your own online business.  You don’t need to spend as much as Jon did but if think you can build a successful online business with zero out of pocket expenses you are going to have a very long struggle ahead of you.

We’ll start getting into the good stuff next time so keep checking back here or subscribe to this blog at the top of the page so you don’t miss an another action packed update.

Enjoy the book!