Viral Traffic Games: A Marketer’s Playground

Viral Traffic Games (VTG) blends the worlds of online marketing and gaming into a unique platform that not only increases your website’s visibility but also adds an element of fun and competition. With over 440 exchanges and mailers participating, VTG allows you to promote your ads while engaging in an interactive game that rewards you with traffic, cash prizes, and more.

How Viral Traffic Games Works

At its core, Viral Traffic Games is designed to enhance your experience with traffic exchanges and viral mailers by introducing a gamified layer to the advertising process. As you surf sites or read emails within these platforms, VTG invites you to participate in games, turning routine marketing activities into an engaging experience. This integration means you can win prizes and gain additional advertising exposure without extra effort.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Competitive Gaming: Challenge other members in a fun and competitive environment, adding a new dimension to your marketing efforts.
  • Rewards for Participation: Collect items and win prizes that include cash and additional advertising opportunities, enriching your marketing strategy.
  • Multi-Site Exposure: Play across any participating site, ensuring your ads are seen across a wide network of platforms.
  • Weekly Tournaments: Compete for top positions in weekly tournaments to win prizes and gain recognition within the VTG community.

Leveraging Viral Traffic Games for Marketing Success

1. Maximizing Membership Rewards

Even if competitive gaming isn’t your main focus, simply being a part of Viral Traffic Games can offer tangible benefits. Just moving your character in any direction when prompted, rewards you with credits, banner impressions, and even cash at the traffic exchange you are surfing. This ensures that every VTG member, regardless of their gaming interest, can benefit from the platform.

2. Strategic Gameplay Insights

The Art of Leveling Up

To get ahead in VTG’s weekly tournaments, it’s crucial to know the fastest ways to level up. The best strategy is to go after other players whenever you can. If you see another player nearby, challenge them before you pick up your fifth magic item. This move not only bumps you up a level but also keeps your collection of magic items intact, setting you up for another quick level up. Here’s the kicker: when you level up by beating another player, you’re teleported to a new spot on the map, which might just put you next to another magic item you can grab right away. If you go for the magic item first and hit that fifth one, you’ll level up, but you’ll lose sight of the other players, missing out on easy battles. Always target other players first to make the most of your moves and keep leveling up quickly.

Planning Your Weeks

It pays to be strategic with how you play Viral Traffic Games. Sometimes, the best move is to actually take a break from competing. Spend a week just scooping up those hard-to-reach magic items instead of going all out in the tournaments. This sets you up nicely for the upcoming weeks, where you can come back stronger and level up faster. Think of it as gathering your ammo before a big fight—it can really boost your performance in the next round of competitions.

3. The Power of NPCs and Quests

Don’t miss out on the special NPC characters in Viral Traffic Games. They can seriously boost your game without steering you off your main path:

  • Sarah the Item Collector: Keep an eye out for Sarah in the tournament games. She’s on the hunt for specific magic items and if you bring them to her, she’ll trade you some valuable magic rubies. Once you complete her quest, which you can only do once a day, you’ll need to wait until the next day to get another one from her. This makes every encounter with Sarah a precious opportunity to stock up on those beneficial rubies.
  • Chloe the Speedster: Chloe is all about speed and loves a good chase. Catching her isn’t easy as she moves quickly and never tires, but she rewards you with a bunch of magic rubies. You can only catch Chloe once per day, so making it a daily goal to chase her down can really pay off in terms of boosting your resources.
  • Katie and the Weekly Tokens: Katie’s role in the game is to hand out weekly tokens that enter you into a lottery for banners and text ad impressions at the end of the tournament. Although there’s no limit to how many times you can find Katie, she teleports to a new location after each encounter. I usually grab a token from her when she’s nearby, but I don’t go out of my way unless it’s convenient.

By strategically interacting with these NPCs, you can gather extra rubies and tokens that enhance your gameplay and improve your chances in the weekly tournaments without much extra effort.

4. The Power of Referrals

VTG is not just a game—it’s a powerful tool for growing your downline and boosting your presence across various traffic exchanges. As you dive into the game, you’ll find that VTG encourages you to join new traffic exchanges to unlock greater rewards. This aspect is particularly beneficial because VTG acts as a downline builder. When you sign up for new exchanges through VTG, your referral links are automatically promoted to your downline. This promotion extends beyond just your direct contacts, reaching down through their downlines as well. As a result, you’re not only expanding your network but also significantly enhancing your marketing efforts by building a robust referral network across numerous traffic exchanges.

Practical Tips for Maximizing Your Viral Traffic Games Experience

Weekly Planning: To make the most out of Viral Traffic Games, it’s smart to plan your activities weekly. Instead of just randomly collecting items or competing in tournaments, strategize your moves. For instance, allocate specific weeks to focus solely on gathering hard-to-reach magic items, while other weeks could be dedicated to intense competition. This planned alternation between collection and competition can significantly boost your performance and rewards.

Referral Engagement: VTG is more than just a game; it’s a community builder. Actively promote VTG within your network to enhance your visibility and credibility. Every new member you bring into VTG through your referral not only boosts your position but also contributes to creating a vibrant, engaged community. Share your VTG experiences and invite your network to join through your referral links, showcasing the benefits and fun of participating in VTG. This not only helps you build a deeper, more active downline but also strengthens your entire network by adding value to their marketing efforts.

Common Mistakes to Avoid:

  • Over-Focusing on Item Collection: While collecting items is essential, don’t get so caught up in it that you miss opportunities to engage with other players which could offer quicker leveling up.
  • Neglecting NPC Interactions: NPCs like Sarah and Chloe can significantly tilt the game in your favor. Regularly engaging with them can turn an average game week into a great one.


Viral Traffic Games offers a fresh and engaging way to boost your online marketing efforts by combining the fun of gaming with powerful traffic generation and network expansion strategies. By using the strategies we’ve discussed, you can not only increase your website’s visibility but also make the whole process more enjoyable.

Take the Leap

Dive into Viral Traffic Games and start playing with a strategy in mind. Whether you’re collecting items, chasing down NPCs, or building your downline, every move you make is an opportunity to enhance your marketing prowess. Use Viral Traffic Games as your playground to test strategies, learn from your experiences, and watch as your online presence grows in ways you hadn’t imagined.

Join the Community

I’d love to hear how Viral Traffic Games is working for you. Share your stories, successes, challenges, or any questions you might have in the comments below. Let’s learn from each other and make our marketing efforts not just successful, but also a lot of fun. Jump into the game, strategize smartly, and let’s watch our digital footprints expand together in this innovative platform.

Ready to start? Let Viral Traffic Games transform your marketing game. Dive in, engage, and enjoy the journey to greater online visibility and success. Click here to join.

The Best Safelists for September 2013

Welcome back!

I was just digging through the archives of my blog and discovered that I have been sharing my safelist stats here every month since August 2009.

That’s 4 whole years!

That should tell you that one of the keys to success with safelists and viral list builders is consistency!  Sending the occasional ad to one or two safelists every few days isn’t enough.  You need to make your advertising part of your daily routine to keep your ads in front of as many people as possible for as long as possible.  Yes, it takes a lot of effort but the results can be worth it.

Also, make sure you are always using the best safelists!  Look for the admins who are constantly out there driving traffic to their site to bring in new members for you to advertise you.  That’s where the action is and that is where you want to be.

What sites are working best for me?

Last month I tested 40+ safelists and viral list builders while promoting my own site Mister Safelist. I spend time every day clicking email ads for credits and have upgraded memberships at most of the sites which usually allows me to send my ads to more people more often.

Here’s my stats from August 2013:

Hits Unique Signups Ratio
List Jumper 1735 71.00% 10 0.58%
List Adventure 3177 56.00% 10 0.31%
State of the Art Mailer 2086 61.00% 7 0.34%
Max Mailer Pro 4676 43.00% 6 0.13%
Bweeble 2559 65.00% 6 0.23%
Elite Safelist 1467 51.00% 5 0.34%
List Bonus 1256 57.00% 5 0.40%
Email Traffic List 1796 61.00% 5 0.28%
Mail Our List 2201 40.00% 4 0.18%
Viral Nugget 1908 56.00% 4 0.21%
Viral List Builder Plus 3848 49.00% 4 0.10%
Adchiever 2898 63.00% 4 0.14%
Viral URL 87 89.00% 4 4.60%
Social Viral Mailer 640 34.00% 3 0.47%
List Building Maximizer 341 51.00% 3 0.88%
Golden Chest Mailer 1561 46.00% 3 0.19%
List Nerds 934 63.00% 3 0.32%

Total August sign-ups (including those not listed here): 126

I have provided the stats above to show you what is currently working best for me.  What works best for you might be something entirely different.  The only way to find out which sites are giving you the best results is to track your own ads.  You can get same link tracker I use along with a 30-day trial from

The Best Safelists for August 2013

Happy August!

Another month and another bunch of mailer stats.

I joined a bunch of new mailers last month. Well, not really a bunch and not really new. I noticed there were a few mailers in List Hoopla that I had not joined before.  I joined Email Traffic List, Click or Return Email Wiz, Social Viral Mailer, and Majestic Money Mailer.  You can check the stats below but so far out of the bunch Email Traffic List appears to be the most effective which aligns with their #3 rank on List Hoopla.

A topic came up on Facebook recently regarding which works better in safelists: splash pages or sales pages.  The consensus was that sales pages work better.  I decided to test it out last month with my own pages.  I rotated 1 splash page for Mister Safelist and the Mister Safelist homepage.  Unfortunately, I didn’t save the stats (sorry).  But the splash page slightly out performed the home page.   It was close though.  My advice is to test it for yourself and see what works best for you.

Stats time!

Here’s how it works.  Every day I submit my ads to 40+ safelists and viral list builders promoting my own Mister Safelist website.  Yes, I am upgraded in most of these sites and spend time every day clicking for credits that allow me to send my ads to as many people as I can as often as I can.  These are my personal stats and are provided only to show what is working best for me.  Your results may vary.

Hits Unique Signups Ratio
List Adventure 3459 59.00% 14 0.40%
List Jumper 1999 68.00% 10 0.50%
Marketing Checkpoint 1170 64.00% 9 0.77%
Top Tier Mailer 2744 51.00% 8 0.29%
Email Traffic List 1591 64.00% 7 0.44%
Adchiever 3227 64.00% 7 0.22%
Max Mailer Pro 3720 45.00% 7 0.19%
Click or Return Email 1689 76.00% 6 0.36%
List Bonus 1254 56.00% 6 0.48%
Mail Our List 1229 43.00% 6 0.49%
Puffin Mailer 2565 40.00% 5 0.19%
Golden Chest Mailer 1919 47.00% 5 0.26%
State of the Art Mailer 2189 61.00% 5 0.23%
Social Viral Mailer 807 33.00% 4 0.50%
100 Percent Mailer 2010 59.00% 4 0.20%

Total July Sign-ups (including those not listed here): 140

That’s all for this month.  Remember, if you want to know which sites work best for you then you need to track your own ads.  You can get a 30-day trial of the same link tracker service that use from

The Best Safelists for August 2012

Welcome back!

It’s August and that means it is once again time to whip out my link tracker stats and show you which safelists and viral list builders have been getting me the best results.

The big news from last month… Bweeble!

If you haven’t joined Bweeble yet you are missing out on some great traffic!  Bweeble was created by Jon Nastor and Bill Maloney who are also the guys behind List Bonus which has consistently been one of my top ranked viral list builders for the past year.  Even though Bweeble just launched on July 19th it has already rocketed to the top of my safelist rankings!  If you are looking for great results Bweeble is definitely the place to be advertising right now.  Make sure you grab the 1-year upgrade offer too if you see it.

In other news…

The deluge of new LFMVM launches has finally slowed down.  Not surprising that very few of these new viral list builders ranked well for me this month.  The exception is William Brant’s Max Mailer Pro.  William was the first to remove the restriction of only being able to view one page at a time and has now added something brand new to the site called “QuotaPoints”.  I still don’t fully understand how these work but ever since this new feature was added my results from Max Mailer Pro have started going way up.

Ok, ready for some stats?

Here’s how it works.  Every day I submit my ads to 30-40 different safelists and viral list builders.  I am promoting several lead capture pages that give away a free copy of my ebook Safelist Marketing Tactics. I use a free link tracking service to tell me how many hits I receive from each safelist and viral list builder as well as how many new subscribers I received.  I have upgraded memberships at most of these sites which usually allow me to send my ads more often and to more people.  I also spend time every day reading emails to give me enough credits to send my ads to as many people as possible as often as possible.  Your results may vary.

Here are my top safelist and viral list builder stats from last month.

Hits Unique Signups Ratio
Bweeble 1486 80.00% 27 1.82%
Viral List Builder Plus 2302 52.00% 23 1.00%
List Bonus 1939 65.00% 18 0.93%
Max Mailer Pro 1969 37.00% 11 0.56%
List Outbreak 857 49.00% 11 1.28%
Your EZ List 837 53.00% 11 1.31%
List Adventure 1240 53.00% 11 0.89%
State of the Art Mailer 2491 66.00% 9 0.36%
Fast Cash Mailer 1075 54.00% 8 0.74%
TopTierMailer 1762 59.00% 7 0.40%
Adchiever 3566 64.00% 6 0.17%
List Shock 1955 44.00% 6 0.31%
Instant List Empire 438 51.00% 6 1.37%
List Surfing 1357 75.00% 4 0.29%
Viral Mail Profits 397 66.00% 4 1.01%

Total new sign-ups from all safelists and viral list builders (including those not listed here): 197

I’ll say it again… Bweeble!  Those results are only from the last 2 weeks!  I can’t wait to see what my Bweeble results will be next month after a full month of testing.

That’s all for this month.  Keep in mind that my stats are the result of my own marketing efforts.  I provide these stats to show you what is currently working best for me.  Your results may be completely different than my own but you will never know unless you are tracking your ads.  You can the same link tracker that I use for free TE Toolbox.

Safelist Marketing Tactics
Click here to receive a free copy of Safelist Marketing Tactics

The Best Safelists for February 2012

Welcome back!

The calendar on my wall says it is February but the thermometer is making it feel more like May.  Regardless of what the weather may feel like outside it’s time for another fun filled blog post revealing my top safelists and viral list builders.

I didn’t spot any major new launches last month but I am happy to report that Email-Hog is back up and running!  I held off on sending an email about the relaunch until I could verify that everything was up and working again.  Hopefully we will see them ranking well again next month.  If you were a member before the site went down a few months ago you may still be able to retrieve your old account data by filling out the form on this page:

That’s it for the news.   Let’s get to the stats!

Every day I promote a number of squeeze pages using safelists and viral list builders which give away free copies of my ebook Safelist Marketing Tactics. I use a free link tracker to determine how much traffic my mailings generate as well as how many new subscribers I receive.  I then compile all of that data and share the results here on my blog each month to show you which safelists and viral list builders are bringing me the best results.

I always like to point out that I do have upgraded memberships at most of these sites which usually allows me to send my ads more often.  My ads are also very targeted to other safelist members which does help to increase the response rate.  Your results my vary.

Here we go…

Hits Unique Signups Ratio
Viral List Builder Plus 1340 59.00% 15 1.12%
Your EZ List 1454 71.00% 14 0.96%
State of the Art Mailer 3230 70.00% 13 0.40%
List Joe 1113 80.00% 12 1.08%
List Building Maximizer 1030 40.00% 12 1.17%
List Adventure 1055 57.00% 10 0.95%
Adchiever 2554 71.00% 7 0.27%
Instant List Empire 637 61.00% 7 1.10%
Adsolutionline 2440 41.00% 6 0.25%
The Lead Magnet 847 53.00% 6 0.71%
Instant Profit List 161 63.00% 6 3.73%
Adtactics 3439 27.00% 5 0.15%
Elite Safelist 2758 45.00% 4 0.15%
Global Safelist 1016 40.00% 4 0.39%
List Bonus 701 72.00% 4 0.57%

Total January sign-ups from all mailers (including those not listed here): 142

Congrats to Viral List Builder Plus for making it to the top of the list!

A big thank you to List Hoopla for recommending Your EZ List to me.  It’s not the sexiest list builder out there.  In fact it’s about as bare bones as it gets.  But so far the results have been excellent.

Looking at the stats I also want to mention that I recently let my upgrade at List Joe expire.  It’s always been a relatively expensive upgrade which was well worth the price about a year ago but with all the new viral list builders it’s effectiveness had been going down.  Oddly, now that I am a free member again my results have been going back up.  If this keeps up I may have to spring for another upgrade.

That’s it for this month.  Keep in mind that these stats are the result of my own marketing efforts and your results may vary.  These stats are only provided as a guide to show you what is currently working best for me.  What works best for you might be something entirely different but you will never know unless you are tracking your ads.  You can get the same free link tracker that I use when you join TE Toolbox.

Safelist Marketing Tactics
Click here to receive a free copy of Safelist Marketing Tactics