My Favorite Internet Marketing Forums

Welcome back.

The other day I posted an article on my blog that was all about using Internet marketing forums.  In case you missed it, you can read it here:

I had intended to promote some of my favorite forums in the article but it was getting kinda long so I decided to save that information for a new post.

So what are the best Internet marketing forums?

Probably the largest and most popular Internet marketing forum is the Warrior Forum.  This is probably one of the very first forums I joined when I got into Internet marketing.  It’s extremely active and filled with a wealth of information for new and seasoned marketers.

To be honest, I can’t keep up with everything happening on the Warrior Forum.  There’s literally hundreds of new posts there every day.  It boggles the mind to imagine how anyone can find the time to follow all of the conversations happening there and still manage to get any work done.

But still, if you are willing to put in the effort the Warrior Forum is a great place to learn almost every aspect of Internet marketing from people who are actually doing it.

Digital Point is another extremely active Internet marketing forum filled with great information.

But my personal favorite forum is Net Marketing Forum.

Net Marketing Forum is targeted more towards the hit exchange side of the industry which is right up my alley.  It’s not nearly as active as the Warrior Forum or Digital Point but that also makes it much easier to keep up with.

Just because Net Marketing Forum is smaller than those other sites doesn’t make it any less valuable.  You’ll still find heavy hitters there such as Jon Olson, Tim Linden, Tony Tezak, Mike Paetzold, Robert Puddy, Soren Sordansen, and Paul Kinder (just to name a few).  Of course marketers of all experience levels are welcome.

Net Marketing Forum just recently updated their script and now it really is one of the most interesting forums I am a member of.  The new Net Marketing Forum has taken it’s social networking ability to a whole new level with a wealth of new features.

One thing I would like to ask… if you do decide to join Net Marketing Forum there is a space that asks you to enter the username of the personal who referred you.  If you can, please enter my username: Jerry Iannucci.

I don’t get anything for it other than a little extra street cred but that’s all part of the fun of using a site like Net Marketing Forum.

Backdoor Access to Get Referrals Fast

Happy Thursday!

Last week I posted about a brand new website that a few of my buddies just launched called “Get Referrals Fast“.

Chances are that you’ve been seeing this site promoted quite a bit since last week.  That’s not surprising when you consider the owners make their livings by making money for other people.

Jerry Reeder is the copywriter traffic exchange owners stand in line to get.

They stand inline to get Jay Hines to do custom programming for them too.

And Mike Paetzold was one of the founders of Affiliate Funnel who has been teaching people how to be successful in this business for years.

And tonight at 8:00 PM; they are going to reveal their little known secrets to explode lists and downlines by using Trojan Horse Marketing Tactics.

This conference is supposed to be only for Get Referrals Fast members; but I found the back door where anybody can attend, even if you are not using the Get Referrals Fast list building and downline building system.

And you also get access to their private blog.

It’s the perfect way to see what all the buzz is about and get insider secrets without having to commit to the program.

You do all that here:

If you are anything like me, then you will be there to get the profit pulling advice these guys dispense like the world is going to end tomorrow.


Get Referrals Fast – Free Membership

You know what get’s my blood boiling?

It’s when these so-called gurus tell you need a list but they won’t get into the dirty details.

They won’t tell you these things because when you start talking about mysql, bounce rates, writing compelling emails, creating mouth watering bait, web hosting, DNS and delivery…

New marketers don’t see a learning curve… they see a CLIFF they must climb without a rope.

No wonder so many people don’t have a list.

But that’s all changed with a new push button marketing system released by Jerry Reeder, Mike Paetzold and Jay Hines.

You just fill out a few forms and you have everything you need to build your list.

* You get a professionally written squeeze page
* The thank you page and download pages
* Mouth Watering BAIT
* Member’s only conferences
* Rebranding rights to TWO streams of income
* A pre-written email series with your affiliate links in the emails

It can’t get any easier than that. Go check it out now at Get Referrals Fast.

I would jump all over this right now because this is going to be big, really big. And when that I am happens, I won’t be surprised to see a hefty price tag attached to it.

So get it now while it’s still free.

Click the banner below to join now.