Safelist Marketing Tactics is Back – 2021 Edition is Here!

It’s official.  I have finally finished the long-overdue update for my book Safelist Marketing Tactics.


A replaced a number of the recommended resources in the book.  I also updated the content in the book to reflect some of the newer safelist marketing techniques I have been using.

It took a lot of work but I am really happy about the way final product turned out.

In addition to the updated book there is also a brand new website to support it!  Members of the website can earn affiliate commissions by referring other people to the site or just by giving away free copies of the book.

If you are not already a member click the banner link below and sign-up to receive your free copy of Safelist Marketing Tactics.

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2 thoughts on “Safelist Marketing Tactics is Back – 2021 Edition is Here!”

  1. The new site looks very nice. I tried to download the book and it didn’t open up. Also I see the squeeze page is gone now.

  2. Hey Aaron.

    Here’s the direct link to your new book:

    You can download it to your computer or give people that link.

    Don’t forget to update your referral links using the new rebrander.

    Unfortunately with the new script I lost the ability to offer custom squeeze pages. I thought the old ones would continue to work but alas not. I would love to reintroduce the custom squeeze pages but until I can find a programmer it will need to wait. Until then your old squeeze page link redirects to the home page with your referral id intact.

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