Affiliate Jumpstart Launches Today

Happy Monday!  (yes, really)

As you may or may not know I make most of my money online doing affiliate marketing.  That means I promote other people’s stuff and I earn money every time somebody I refer buys something.

The problem with affiliate marketing though is that while there are thousands of free programs out there for people like me to promote it seems like most people who are new to the business have a hard time trying to figure out exactly where to start.

Here’s my solution…

Last week my good friend Ryan Hogan gave me a sneak peak at a new book  that is he releasing today called “Affiliate Jumpstart”.

You can see his site here:

Ryan does a great job in his book of covering every aspect of affiliate marketing including how to find the best high paying affiliate programs, how to drive traffic to them, and most importantly how to convert that traffic into sales.

Normally I would just send you my download link to get the book (it’s on my blog somewhere if you want to hunt for it) but this is one of those sites that you really should join.


Because not only will you get access to the ebook but you will also get 3 customizable squeeze pages and a pre-written autoresponder series that you can use to start building your list today!

Also, if you’re an action taker and want to really make a big difference in your bottom line, you’ll definitely want to check out Ryan’s upgrade offer.

With it you can make insane commissions, access high quality training videos and you can load up his powerful ebook up with over 35 of your own affiliate IDs for some of the best affiliate programs out there and push your commissions into overdrive!

The site is launching today so you get to be one of the first people to try it out.

Click link below to join now!

Click Here to Join Affiliate Jumpstart

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