The Ultimate Profit List

Author: Jerry Iannucci

Happy Tuesday!

Well yesterday was definitely nuts.  My new website launch was a huge success!  We hit 1,000 members at midnight and so far another 200 members have joined today.  I just want to give everybody a big thanks for all the support they have given me on this one.  Thank you!

But now there’s a new launch to talk about!

No, not from me.  It’s going to be a few months before I am ready to do that again.

Today my good friends Nina Nestoroff’s and Lisa McCormick are launching a new viral list builder and I offered to help spread the word for them.

You can see the site here:

I have been loving all of these new viral list builder sites.  As you probably know from reading my monthly safelist report the last few of these programs I joined rocketed to the top of my list of most responsive mailers and have brought me a ton of new sign-ups.

These sites are also great money makers too!

Make sure you pay attention to the sign-up offers to take advantage of the best deals they offer on monthly memberships.

I also have a promo code that you can use:


Use that code on the “Advertising” page to receive $100 in free ads.

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Adchiever Begins Pre-Launch Today

Author: Jerry Iannucci

Hello and Happy Tuesday!

I just wanted to write a quick post to let you know about a brand new viral list builder that is being launched by my good friend Darren Olander called Adchiever.

Here’s the link:

Yes, I know there’s been a lot of new viral list builders launching lately but Adchiever is different.  Darren has put together a mailer that actually rewards you for being an active member.  This is like nothing else I have seen before and if Adchiever works the way I think it will you should expect to see the responses to your mailings go through the roof.

Pre-launch for Adchiever begins today at Noon EST!

If you join Adchiever right now I even have some special pre-launch promo codes you can use. These are only good for the next 48 hours so don’t miss these!

Promo Code: 48hours_login
(this will give you 2,000 login ads)

Promo Code: 48hours_banner
(this will give you 2,000 banner impressions)

Darren is also offering a killer discount on the Adchiever upgrade.  You will see the discounted offer only once after joining so pay extra close attention.  You won’t get a second chance at a deal like this.

The official launch date for Adchiever isn’t until next week so this is your chance to get a head-start on your competitors.  After next week I have a feeling we are going to be seeing Adchiever everywhere!

Remember, the Adchiever promo codes only last for 48 hours, so if you wait to join and then try them later, don’t blame me if they are not accepted.

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Profitable Email Marketing
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Happy Tuesday!

Sorry I have been a little bit quiet lately.  There honestly hasn’t been a whole lot going on.  But today I have some pretty big news.  It’s a brand new program that just launched this morning from my buddies Paul Kinder and Scott Martin (yes, I really do know all these people).

It’s called TE Command Post!

Paul and Scott have designed and built a site that I think fills a HUGE gap in the traffic exchange market. It’s something that surfers have needed for years without ever really knowing it.

TE Command Post allows you to:

* Command Your Credits
* Control Your Time
* Cash In Cool Commissions On 24/7 Autopilot
* All With Push Button Simplicity Right Now!

And the best bit – yep, it’s free!

Here’s everything you will get if you join today…

* Up to the minute account information for every listed exchange almost instantly.

* How many credits you have waiting to be assigned

* How many credits you have already assigned

* Which url’s are running low on credits

* High converting Affiliate Tools designed to build your downlines fast and bring you passive recurring affiliate commissions for TE Command Post and many other traffic-related sites

* TWO downline builders to get you passive referrals.

* Your links appear in Paul’s emails so you get to lay back and let an email master make you commissions!

Now check this out:

TE Command Post 1

That’s a screen shot from inside my TE Command Post account.  I had no idea I had so many unassigned credits laying around!  But TE Command Post found them for me.  Now I can easily login to each of those accounts and assign all of my credits.

And it also works with your banner and text ads…

TE Command Post 2

That’s how many unassigned banner impressions I had.  Wow!

BUT… there is an absolutely HUGE list of extra features for upgraded members too (I know because I am using them).

PLUS… a special launch promotion where you can lock in up to 88% discount – secured for life!

Highly recommended!

btw, Scott and Paul are not saying they will start charging. That’s bogus! They really are happy to share their own personal system that has helped with their success and you will always be able to get it free but…

The special launch discount is expected to sell out quickly and will only be available for a few short days!

So join free or grab yourself a real bargain,

Either way you won’t regret it!

Click Here to Join TE Command Post.


My Sweeva Review

Author: Jerry Iannucci

Happy Tuesday!

While I know many of you have already joined I thought today would be a good day to write a quick Sweeva review for those of you who still have not checked it out.

In case you missed it.  Sweeva is a new concept traffic exchange program that was created by Jon Olson, Tim Linden, and Austin Hallock which launched  last Tuesday.

Here’s my link:

I know the words “traffic exchange” tend to scare people off but Sweeva is something totally different which is using what they are calling “social  browsing”.

The idea with Sweeva is that all active members are viewing the same pages at the same time.  They can then leave real-time comments about the site they are viewing.

I was actually a beta tester for the site but now that’s it has launched I can’t tell you how much cooler Sweeva is now that there are over 6600 people using it.

I think my favorite part of Sweeva is being present when my site is being shown…

When your bid is accepted at Sweeva you are told exactly what time your page will be shown on the system.  As soon as my site comes up I will post a message telling everybody that I am there and maybe give them a little extra incentive to sign-up at my site.  I can even interact with the people viewing my page to address any concerns they have about my site.

Here are some real-time stats and comments about some of the pages I am currently showing on Sweeva:


Pretty neat, huh?

In addition to just looking at websites there is a slew of ways to earn credits at
Sweeva and a whole leveling system that unlocks new features depending on how active you are.  This makes Sweeva a totally addictive experience.

The only thing on Sweeva I am not too crazy about is the “bidding” system.  The way it works is that Sweeva decides who’s site to show next based on how many credits each person has bid.  During the day when Sweeva is most active the bidding can get a little bit competitive.  For example, right now
there are about 35-40 people browsing Sweeva and I am bidding about 80 credits to get my site seen while some people are bidding 100-120 credits.  Those people aren’t getting any extra benefits for their credits other than having their site seen a little sooner than mine.

The bidding concept can be a little confusing for new members.  From inside the members area you can see real-time stats of how many people are viewing each webpage.  My advice is to bid twice as many credits and then adjust your bid depending on how long it takes to see your site. Bidding twice as much works out to about 2:1 ratio which is as good if not better than your
typical traffic exchange plus you get the added benefit of people who are actually looking at and commenting on your website.

Conversions are way better than other traffic exchanges.  Over the past week my two best splash pages have received 7,906 hits which have generated 94 click-thrus and 20 new sign ups.  Not too bad.

The Sweeva commissions are also really sweet. I’m earning an average of $3.18 for every member I refer to the site.  That’s way more than any traffic exchange I have ever promoted.

One thing I should point out is that if you are going to join you should really pay close attention to the “One Time Offer” you will see when you sign-up.  Almost all of my referrals who have upgraded skipped this offer and ended up paying the full price inside the site. Sweeva is the real deal!  It’s not something
you will use once and forget about.  If you can afford the upgrade when you join… grab it!

Ok, this is getting much longer than I had planned.  I’ll just end by saying that
Sweeva definitely gets a big thumbs up from me.  If you have tried other traffic exchanges and got poor results then I suggest going into Sweeva with an open mind.  Sweeva is truely like nothing else you have tried before and
needs to be experienced at least once.

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Sweeva Arrives With Social Browsing

Author: Jerry Iannucci

Happy Tuesday!

Woo-hoo, i’m excited today!

For the past two weeks I have beta testing a brand new traffic exchange that is like nothing anybody has seen before.  I’ve been DYING to tell someone about it and now that we’ve got all the bugs worked out and the site is ready to launch I finally can…

And here it is!


I know what you’re thinking…

Another new traffic exchange?  Whatever.

No.  This is something totally different.  Sweeva is introducing a unique new concept to the traffic exchange world that has never been done before.

You know how traffic exchanges typically work, right?

You generally sit at you computer for hours at a time mindlessly clicking for credits hoping that someone will notice your site.

Well, Sweeva is totally different.

Sweeva is using something called “social browsing”.  With Sweeva all active members are seeing the same site at the same time and to the right of the page there is an area for people to comment on the sites they are seeing.

What that means is that you can get real-time comments about your pages while you are surfing.

Why is that great?

First, being able to receive feedback from other users about your pages is a great way to find out what people like and what people don’t like.  This will help you to better understand which pages work best for you.

But even better, imagine being able to walk a new member through the  sign-up procedure of your site in real time.  You can even answer any  questions or concerns people have about your site from right there inside Sweeva while you are surfing.

Crazy, right?

Well, you gotta try it for yourself to see how cool this really is.

Click the banner below to join Sweeva now.

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Happy Tuesday!

A new site is launching today that I am very excited about…

It’s a brand new viral list builder from my friends Jon Atwood and Frank Salinas called “List Effects“.

Why is this such a big deal?

Basically, Jon Atwood is sorta the king when it comes to credit based safelists and nobody knows more about text ad exchanges than Frank Salinas.  These
guys joining forces to create a new viral list builder means magic.

But it’s not JUST a viral list builder!

These guys came up with the crazy idea to also make their site an on going jv giveaway event.

Hello!  I LOVE giveaway events!

So not only are you building your list on the site (10 levels deep!) but you can also add your squeeze pages to send members directly to your own autoresponder.


Jon asked me to help him out with the launch and since the site is now open I would like to personally invite you to join for free.

Click the link below to sign-up!

Click Here to Join List Effects


Thumbvu Traffic Exchange Launches

Author: Jerry Iannucci

Happy Tuesday!

I am very excited today because the long wait is finally over…

Thumbvu is here!

In case you haven’t heard Thumbvu is the new traffic exchange program that i’ve been testing for my good friend John Guanzon.

I know…  Another new traffic exchange.  Big deal.  Right?

No. Thumbvu is different.  It’s like nothing anyone has seen before.

Thumbvu is a totally unique traffic exchange which prequalifies your visitors right from the surf bar.  It also ties directly into your social media sites like
Twitter and Facebook allowing you to build your social network like never before.

There’s even an app for your phone :)

You gotta try this…

Thumbvu is free to join, but I urge you to carefully review the one time offer
you will see after you do. They are practically giving you everything you will need for your advertising needs this year at a rock bottom price you can’t  afford not to take action on.

Click the link below to join Thumbvu now…