Power Surf Central

Power Surf Central is a joint venture between the traffic exchange programs Hit Safari, Soaring4Traffic, and RealHitz4u.  The three program owners have teamed up to offer their members a reward system for the daily usage of their programs.

Here are a few of the features included with your Power Surf Central membership:

  • Your own customizable profile which you can share with the world
  • Powerful training that opens up new avenues of income streams and starts
    training people on the correct way to use traffic exchanges
  • Unlock rewards to build xp which unlock power points you can use for
    many features on the site including spotlight ads, credits, banner impressions
    text impressions and more being added all the time
  • An ever growing site that will continue to train its members to keep them
    ahead of the curve

Power Surf Central also functions as a downline builder for you as any new members that you refer will be required to join Hit Safari, Soaring4Traffic, and RealHitz4u to take advantage of their membership.

As more and more surfers are looking for extra rewards for their time spent surfing it makes sense for these three traffic exchange owners to join forces to offer Power Surf Central to their members.  Each of the featured traffic exchanges offer their own large and active memberships which together can be used to help your ads reach a much wider audience.

The new Power Surf Central website launches today.

Click the image below to join.

Thank You Page Ad

Happy Birthday to Me!

Happy July 12th!

And yes, today is indeed my birthday.


I know you are wondering so I’ll just come out and say it…


(and I plan to stay 39 for the next 5 years)

To celebrate my birthday I have decided to give a little something back as a thank you to everyone who has helped make this past year such a success.

So for the next 24 hours I am slashing the cost of the rebranding rights to each of my ebooks to just…

7 dollars each!

I have NEVER offered these so cheap before!

And I probably never will again.

In case you don’t know my three ebooks are:


These rebrandable ebooks have proven to be a smart way to build your downlines and make extra money by simply sharing this valuable information with other marketers.

Now you can get the rebranding rights to these ebooks for just 7 dollars each.

To take advantage of this special birthday offer sign up or login to any of my sites below:


And upgrade inside the members area.

The upgrade page will still show the full price but you will only be charged $7.00 for each upgrade you purchase.

How long will this birthday offer last?

I was going to leave it until midnight tonight… but there is little chance I will be home by then.  So, the 7 dollar offer will be in effect until tomorrow morning.

Don’t wait!  Help me celebrate my birthday by grabbing these ultra-cheap rebranding rights to my ebooks today!



The Ultimate Profit List

Happy Tuesday!

Well yesterday was definitely nuts.  My new website launch was a huge success!  We hit 1,000 members at midnight and so far another 200 members have joined today.  I just want to give everybody a big thanks for all the support they have given me on this one.  Thank you!

But now there’s a new launch to talk about!

No, not from me.  It’s going to be a few months before I am ready to do that again.

Today my good friends Nina Nestoroff’s and Lisa McCormick are launching a new viral list builder and I offered to help spread the word for them.

You can see the site here:

I have been loving all of these new viral list builder sites.  As you probably know from reading my monthly safelist report the last few of these programs I joined rocketed to the top of my list of most responsive mailers and have brought me a ton of new sign-ups.

These sites are also great money makers too!

Make sure you pay attention to the sign-up offers to take advantage of the best deals they offer on monthly memberships.

I also have a promo code that you can use:


Use that code on the “Advertising” page to receive $100 in free ads.

Click the banner below to join now.


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Social Surfing Secrets Launches Today

Happy Monday!

Are you taking advantage of free social media resources available to you right now to grow your business?

As more people begin to discover the benefits of social networking it has become necessary for us to evolve the way we do business online to take advantage of these new techniques without being left behind.  One area where these changes are having a major effect right now is in the traffic exchange industry.

To help you take advantage of these new techniques my friends Jon Olson and John Guanzon are releasing a new ebook today called “Social Surfing Secrets”.

You can download your free copy starting today at 12 Noon EST from this link:


Be sure to grab their rebranding offer when you first join. This ebook is sure to be passed around for months to come, the rebranding potential is HUGE for Social Surfing Secrets!

Limited Time Thank You Gift!

Warning: Social Media Is Changing The Traffic Exchanges!

Don’t Miss the information in this report, it directly effects YOU and your business on the traffic exchanges. Don’t get left behind…

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The Best Safelists for May 2010

Hello and welcome to my latest posting where I attempt to rank the top safelists and viral listbuilders based on my own stats from the previous month.

Before getting into the rankings I like to go over some of the major events in the safelist world which happened during the last month.  Unfortunately, there aren’t any.  No major launches to speak of.  No big changes.  ViralAdStore changed their graphics to make them a little brighter but that’s about it.

I did cut back a little bit last month from some of the smaller exchanges that haven’t been producing well enough for me.  I also either canceled my upgraded memberships or downgraded to a less expensive membership on some of the safelists that weren’t bringing me enough sign-ups to justify the price of an upgrade.  I usually estimate that each sign-up I get to my list is worth about $1.00 so if I am spending $20/month on an upgrade and only getting 4 or 5 sign-ups, it’s probably not worth it.

One thing I started doing last month that I hadn’t been doing much before is taking advantage of safelists that allow you to send more than 1 ad per day.  This usually requires being an upgraded member and spending more time clicking for credits but it has allowed me to diversify a bit and send out a wider variety of ads.  So far the two best I have found for sending multiple ads are Elite Safelist and European Safelist.  Both of these sites are well worth the price for the upgrade.

I also tried out a few newer safelists that launched over the last few months.  The results were poor at best.  Maybe I will try them again in a few months if they are able to attract a few new members.  For now it’s better to stick with the safelists that have been around for awhile and are proven to work.

Ok, stats time!  All of these numbers are a result of advertising my video splash page for Safelist Marketing Tactics.

Total Clicks

Unique Clicks Action Sales CTA CTS
List Effects
1,501 921 55 22 5.97% 2.39%
ViralAdStore 2,240 1,141 64 21 5.61% 1.84%
List Auction 2,021 995 67 13 6.73% 1.31%
ListBuildingMaximizer 1,448 703 36 13 5.26% 1.85%
List Joe
1,848 1,298 59 12 4.55% 0.92%
Adsolutionline 2,719 931 49 7 5.26% 0.75%
Elite Safelist 2,018 818 64 6 7.82% 0.73%
Global Safelist
1,123 524 37 6 7.06% 1.15%

“Clicks” is how many people viewed my splash page.  “Action” is how many people clicked the link on my splash page to go to the main site.  “Sales” is how many people joined my site.  CTA and CTS are “clicks to action” and “clicks to sale”.  I ranked these safelists by sales but it is also important to look at the other numbers to determine how responsive each safelist really is.

As we can see List Effects continues to stay on top however it’s not dominating quite as much as it had been over the last few months.  It will be interesting to see if it can continue to stay on top next month.

ViralAdStore has climbed back to the top of the list after having dropped quite a few places over the last few months.  Maybe those new graphics are working for them after all.

No other real big surprises but it is nice to see Adsolutionline and Global Safelist back on the list again.

Once again I want to remind everyone that these are my own personal stats from promoting my own personal splash pages.  These stats are only meant to be a guide to help you choose which safelists and viral listbuilders to use.  Your results will probably be different from my own but the only way to know for sure which sites work best for you is to track your own results.  You can get a free link tracker from TEToolbox.

 The Best Safelists for February 2010