I have a product!

Well, at least the first draft.  I still need to spend some time reading it and re-reading it to make sure I crossed all my I’s and dotted my T’s but for the most part the hard stuff is done.

I sent out a few copies last night to some people hoping to get some feedback before I finalize it.  So far nobody has responded back.  I assume that is because they are speechless over how good it is.

Getting it done wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be.  The hardest part was getting myself motivated enough to start.  I started by making a list of all the chapters I wanted to include.  Then I opened my copy of Open Office and made the title page, the disclaimer, and the table of contents.  By the time I got to the introduction I was on a roll and just kept going.

I still need to do a little editing and get it turned into a rebrandable product but I feel like there isn’t too much more to do.

I have a tentative launch date picked out for Monday June 8th.  That may change between now and then so if you want to be alerted when you can sign-up you can subscribe to my newsletter at the top of this page.

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