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I Could Have Durfed All Night

Author: Jerry Iannucci

Hello and happy Saturday!

This past week I recorded my first durfing video.

What is durfing?

I guess I should back up a little.

There is this certain traffic exchange that I spend a lot of time at called Sweeva.  One of the things that makes Sweeva unique is that all members view the same page at the same time.

Every so often the guys at TimTech will throw a “Sweeva surfing party” where we all get online at the same time to look at and critique each other’s sites.  It’s a great way to get honest opinions about what works and what doesn’t work in a traffic exchange environment.

So a few weeks ago John Gunazon decided to take advantage of the increased surf activity at Sweeva and post a video of himself dancing and surfing at the same time.  Thus “durfing” was born.

You can read John’s blog post and watch his video here:

This was quickly followed up with a durfing video from Lynne Sherman:

Pretty silly, right?

But that’s exactly the point!

Traffic exchanges are a great way to quickly and easily get your pages seen by a very large audience…  but they can also be extremely boring!  How many times can you look at the same generic affiliate pages promoting the same generic business opportunities before you completely tune out and stop paying attention?

Good luck ignoring John and Lynne’s durfing videos.

John’s video was completely different from anything else out there.  It sticks out like a sore thumb which is exactly what you need to do if you want your pages to get noticed.

I decided to put this idea to the test and record my own durfing video.

Are you ready?

What has been seen cannot be unseen.  lol.

I linked the video to a squeeze page promoting my blog (you can see the squeeze page here) and spent about 2000 credits to have my site shown all day Thursday on Sweeva.  If I were buying credits that would have cost me about $7.00.

The result.. 8 new blog subscribers.  Not huge but I know there are already a lot of Sweeva members who are subscribed to my blog.

What did blow me away was the response the video received.

You can view some of the comments here:

Generic affiliate pages rarely get many comment but people were practically falling over themselves to leave comments on my page. I also received over a dozen tweets from members and mentions on multiple blogs.

The point is that I got noticed.  The next time someone sees one of my pages they are going to say “hey, there’s that durfing guy!” and hopefully pay attention to what I am promoting.

And it’s so easy to do!

I spent about 15 minutes setting up lights and recording the video on my flipcam and I spent another 20 minutes making the squeeze page in AdKreator.  I did spend about 30 minutes inside Sony Vegas adding the text and tweaking the music levels but that was just me being a perfectionist.

The point is anybody can do this.

You don’t need to make a durfing video, just do something different.  Post your video upside down or record a very serious promo video while wearing last year’s Halloween costume.  Yes, it’s silly but it works.

Internet marketing doesn’t have to be boring.  Have fun and enjoy what you’re doing.  The results are sure to follow.





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