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Today this site got a shout-out on Jon Olson‘s Hit Exchange News.  So here’s my chance to say hello to all the HEN readers.  “Hey Everybody!”  I guess this also means I need to get my butt into gear and post a new update.

So what’s new?  Well, I have to admit I have been slacking quite a bit lately.  Maybe it’s the summer heat or that I have been staying up all night watching the Big Brother live feeds.  I do have a new project ready to start but as usual starting always seems to be the hardest part.

One thing worth mentioning was the launch of a new viral list builder last week called ViralAdStore.  It was created by the same guys who run List Auction and if you compare the scripts they look pretty similar.

If you have been reading the stats from my monthly advertising updates you will know that List Auction has been one of the best performing advertising sites that I use.  It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that after only a week ViralAdStore is right on track to performing as well if not better than List Auction.

The two sites are pretty similar.  List Auction‘s big feature is the ability to buy and sell credits in an open market.  That feature doesn’t exist in ViralAdStore.  Instead, ViralAdStore members have the ability to trade their credits in for other goodies such as ebooks, guaranteed visitors, top sponsor ads, and featured ads that rotate around the website.

ViralAdStore also has a “Jackpot” email that hasn’t been seen in any other viral list builders.  The first member to open the jackpot email wins the prize.  The person who referred that member also wins a matching jackpot prize.  That means the more people you refer the better your chances of winning the jackpot prize from one of your referrals.

Viral list builders are a lot like safelists except there is supposed to be a greater emphasis  on referring.  This usually involves building a downline through a matrix system which allows you to send out more emails.  In reality, it’s a lot harder than it sounds.  I dont think any of my viral list builders have made it passed the 2nd level.

ViralAdStore awards members who refer with special milestone bonuses.  Refer 5 active members and you can contact an additional 100 members each mailing.  Refer 10 active members and you can contact an additional 250 members each mailing.  Refer 20 active members and you can contact an additional 500 members each mailing.  That’s pretty sweet.

The commissions are nice too.  Free members earn 20% commissions and gold members earn 50% commissions on any purchases made by their referrals.  That means as a gold member you can earn up to $98.50 from a single referral.  Don’t think it can’t be done.  The OTOs on the site are converting extremely well for me.

Finally, let’s get to the stats.  I think I have done 3 or 4 mailings so far at ViralAdStore.  I am promoting my splash page for Safelist Marketing Tactics.  Obviously your results may vary but here’s what I have received so far:

Splash Page Hits – 732
Splash Page Clicks – 38
New Sign-ups – 17

Not bad.  In fact so far it is outperforming every other safelist I am using this month even though I think I only started using it a week and a half ago.

Unfortunately I am not real crazy about their banner ads.  I like to end most of my blog posts with a big graphic for a site but the ones for ViralAdStore are kinda small.  So, how about a text link?  If you would like to join the hottest new viral list builder on the planet… Click Here Now!


Wow.  It’s been awhile since I have done one of these.

In case you are new here… I am an Internet marketer and I track my stats.  Every month I like to go back and look to see where all of my traffic is coming from and see which traffic sources are making me the most money.  Once I have that information I can know where to focus my advertising to make more money next month.  Neat, huh?

At the moment I am focusing on promoting my Safelist Marketing Tactics website.  Since I am mostly using free traffic sources I am promoting this splash page.

Just a quick disclaimer… these are my own personal stats.  I make no guarantees that my results will be the same as yours.  There are probably better places to advertise.  These are just a few sources that are working for me.

Ok, ready?


List Joe – Hits: 2,939  Clicks: 237  Sign-ups: 49
List Auction – Hits: 1,233  Clicks: 97  Sign-ups: 22
AdSolutionline – Hits: 2,793 Clicks: 100  Sign-ups: 15
Elite Safelist – Hits: 1,608  Clicks: 58  Sign-ups: 10
European Safelist – Hits: 950  Clicks: 34  Sign-ups: 10

No big surprises here.  My site is geared towards safelists so it makes sense that I would get a lot of sign-ups here.  List Joe has always been my top performer and it continues to get me the most sign-ups every month.

The only real surprise here is European Safelist.  I resisted  joining this site for years.  I decided to give it a shot last month.  The site doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles but it seems to be working better than a lot of more popular safelists.

Traffic Exchanges

Tezak Traffic Power – Hits: 3,083  Clicks: 87  Sign-ups: 23
Traffic Splash – Hits: 1,967  Clicks: 56  Sign-ups: 8
Dragon Surf – Hits: 3,170  Clicks: 48  Sign-ups: 8
I Love Hits – Hits: 4,137  Clicks: 58  Sign-ups: 6

Wow.  Tezak Traffic Power rocks!  This brand new traffic exchange has been breaking all sorts of records.  Definitely a good place to advertise your splash pages and lead capture pages to reach a large audience.

Text Ad Exchanges

Muscle Mail – Hits: 853  Clicks: 36  Sign-ups: 8

I gave up on text ad exchanges for awhile.  There’s just too many of them giving away too much free stuff to make them worth while.  I decided to try and give them another shot last month.  I joined about 20 text ad exchanges with over 1,000 members each.  The results… meh!  I got a few sign-ups but not enough to make it worth working with them every day.

Muscle Mail is the only text ad exchange that has continuously performed for me month after month.  Not sure why.  I guess it has been around longer than most text ad exchanges and targets a slightly different crowd.

That’s it!  I mean I had plenty of other sign-ups from random places but those are the big ones that you can use to promote your own splash pages and lead capture pages.

Make sure you track your results!  That’s the biggest mistake most new marketers make.  Knowing where your traffic and sign-ups are coming from is the easiest way to tailor your marketing campaigns to get the best results for your efforts.


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