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What Is Daily Niche Idea All About?

Well let me just start by spending a second just thinking over your last few internet purchases.

Does this sound scarily familiar?

# You spend heaps of money on the latest ‘guru’ offering.

# Give it a go for a bit, maybe make a couple of dollars back… but get bored.

# Feel like a bit of a failure because you were told all of these other ‘noobies’ were doing it much better than you….

So you drop it and move on to the next thing…

Believe me when I say that you are not alone in this frustrating cycle! Day after day people just like you are losing hope, lacking inspiration and getting ready to throw the towel in.

Maybe this might even sound more familiar:

# You start a project

# You work hard to build it, make it look great and then….

# For some reason, nobody is visiting it…

It turns out that your website has an enormous amount of competition, against people who have
multi-million dollar budgets – lets face it, not many of us can compete with that! What you need is a niche.

What if I am not creative enough?

It’s ok! Daily Niche Idea, which is completely free – is the perfect option for you.

Each day you will be sent an email with a niche suggestion!

You will also get the statistics about how many people have searched for your niche – giving you a good idea of your target audience.

In some emails you will also receive some article packages that you are able to alter them in any way you like – and set up a site very easily.

Cindy also shows you how to monetize your site – by providing a high converting affiliate product relating to each topic – so you can put the information all together with the website builder tools,
in next to no time!

It’s all about giving you the ideas, tools and tips to help you on the road to success!

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How To Poll Your Niche Market

A few weeks ago I posted an article called “How To Choose A Niche Product People Want To Buy”. If you missed it just click here now.

I mentioned that it is a good idea to poll your niche market to find out what they are willing to buy before you go out and create a product that nobody wants.

Here’s how to poll your niche market:

1. First you need to setup a web page where your visitors will go to fill out a survey.  You can find a good polling script at cgi-resources.com.  You can also do it manually by having people email you but that is much more time consuming and doesn’t really have the same effect response wise

2. Make your poll very simple.  You do not want to ask 50 questions that some of your market may not have answers for. If you do that, they simple won’t fill it out, or they will fill it out falsely. You want to keep it simple enough so that all of the market you are aiming at can do it, but you also want to get enough information out of them for the venture to be a success.

Here are some sample ideas of questions you can ask:

… In the next 3 months, what would you most likely purchase
… How much money are you willing to spend on this
… What is the main problem that you have with “ABC”

3. Create a free report on the topic that you feel your target market is most interested in. Do some quick research and write an essay, or summarize a certain subject. This free report is going to be the reason why people are filling out your survey in the first place. If you do not have anything to give them for their participation, then they most likely won’t participate.

4. Find a newsletter that offers solo mailings. You will get much better results if you do this kind of survey with solo mailings. Actually, your best bet is to send it to your own mailing list but if you don’t already have a list of people in your niche then it is better to spend a few dollars to promote your survey with a solo mailing.

5. Your solo ad simply needs to be about getting a free report if they click on your link. The link takes them to the survey page that gives a short explanation of how all they need to do to get the free report is to fill out this short survey.

A few tips with creating your poll…
a.. Do not have any of the options already checked. This will create false results as people will just click the “submit” button quickly and not even change the “already checked” results.

b.. Make sure and have “None of the above” options for each question. All of your products ideas might not be bought by anybody, and if you do not have “none of the above” options, then you would never know and you could still possibly end up creating something that nobody wants.

c.. No fancy designs. Have your webpage that hosts the poll on it, simply for hosting the poll. No need for fancy, flashy designs and links going to several different places. Just have your poll and that is it. After you have done the above, tally up the results and begin designing the product you are going to create. Usually, you will see the results are pretty one sided. The majority of people will have picked the same options, which is what you want.

If the results show that everything is pretty equal, then pick the option that you are most comfortable with creating. If the majority of the results show “None of the above” answers, then create different questions and poll them again.

Polling your target market is much easier to do that it sounds. Just follow the instructions watch the results.

If you would like more details about how to make money with niche products check out Niche Profit Formula by clicking the link below.

Niche Profit Formula
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How To Choose A Niche Product People Want To Buy

About a week ago I wrote a post explaining how to choose a niche market. If you missed that article you can read it here.

Assuming you have followed my instructions and chosen a niche market you now need to figure out what people want to buy. Don’t waste your time and money creating a niche product that nobody wants to buy.

Even if you are thinking about creating something that is already successful you still need to follow this important step. In my opinion, you should not try to create something that isn’t at least a little bit unique. If you want to be successful do not try to create something that is exactly the same as something already out there.

It is better to use the same idea as the successful product but you want to put your own edge and uniqueness into it that will make it beneficial to the customer.

This way, you have something *better* than what is already out there. And the way you find that out is by asking a few questions.

Here’s what you need to do… Poll your target niche market to find out exactly what they want!

Simply ask your target market a few questions to find out what it is that they are willing to buy. What problem do they have that you can solve, etc… It’s not hard to do and the results are incredible. This will also help you to find the unique edge that you are looking for to add to an already successful idea. Just ask people what other features/benefits they are looking for that could make this product better.

Here is what you need to do… Create a list of product ideas that you are interested in creating. Whether you are planning on doing software, an e-book, membership site, whatever. Try to come up with as many ideas as you can and then narrow it down to about 5 to 15 product ideas.

You then need to survey as many people in your target niche as possible to determine which products your market is interested in buying. See how simple this is? This will save you hours or even days of time creating products that nobody wants to buy. And of course, when you do find what people want and give it to them at a reasonable price, you have just unleashed a mad stream of cash, charging into your pockets.

If you don’t find out what people want or just create a product on a hunch then you could end up with a product that will never sell. This would not only be a waste of time creating a product but also a waste of money and advertising trying to get it to sell.

So what is the best way to poll your audience? Hmm.. I think I will wait and cover that in a few days. Until then you can learn everything you need to know about creating and making money with niche products by obtaining a copy of Niche Profit Formula.

Niche Profit Formula
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How to Choose a Niche Market

When it comes to Internet marketing it seems that choosing a good niche market is where most people make their biggest mistake. People usually do two things when they pick a niche… they either choose a market that seems to be really hot, or they pick something where they have a lot of expertise.

If you don’t do it correctly, there are problems with both of these methods.

Let’s take the first example. When you choose a market that looks like it is doing well you are going to be hard pressed to be a new comer and have any sort of control over what is going on.

If it is a really popular niche and there is a lot of money changing hands then there is most likely going to be some serious competition. If you don’t know what you are doing it won’t take long for your competition to bury you because they are going to have a lot more experience than you and will probably have a bigger budget to spend on advertising.

The second method that people use to choose their niche market is to choose a topic they already know a lot about. This can either really help you or it can be your worst nightmare.

What usually happens is that somebody will create a product based on something that they know, and in their eyes, it looks like it should do great. They start buying advertising and marketing it all over the place but they soon find out that their product either doesn’t have a market or the market doesn’t have very much potential for making money.

Before jumping into a niche market there are a few things to consider:

1. How much competition will there be and how big are your competitors.
2. Whether there is a market for your product.
3. Would that market be willing to spend money on your product.
4. Will you enjoy what you are doing if you start a business in this market?

All these factors are very important. I have personally have found that when you really have a passion for what you are doing, then you can do it better. You consider it fun because you enjoy doing it.

It is important that you do not jump into the hottest market just because you think it can make a lot of money. Learn to do something you really enjoy and you WILL make money.

Discover how to make an obscene amount of money selling niche products on the Internet.

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