How To Add Audio To A Website

A few weeks ago I was hanging out at the SWAT Traffic conference room and we were discussing putting audio onto webpages.  Seems sign-ups go through the roof when you add audio to a webpage especially in traffic exchanges.  On high traffic websites where there is a lot of competition for people’s attention having audio on a webpage can be just the thing you need to give you an advantage over your competition.

I spent this past weekend recording audio and adding it to my pages.

But first I needed some software that will play the audio when people visit my page.  I looked at quite a few expensive programs to add audio to my website but I didn’t need anything fancy.  I settled on Impact Web Audio.

Impact Web Audio is extreamly simple to use.  No complicated interface to figure out.  Simply record or import your audio files, pick out your graphic “play” button, and generate the code.  Then it’s just a matter of uploading a few files and your updated webpage to your webhost.

Want some professional sounding background music for your webpage?  I actually spent quite awhile looking for royalty free music to use on my webpage.  Apparently royalty “free” music isn’t quite as free as it sounds.  No problem!  Impact Web Audio actually comes with a dozen audio clips that you can use in your recording.  It’s very simple to use.

If you are looking for an easy and inexpensive way to add audio to a website check out Impact Web Audio.