Affiliate Marketing Strategy

Before getting started with affiliate marketing it is important to have a good strategy in place to maximize your profits.


I know sometimes I must sound like a broken record but it’s true.. “The money is in the list”. Btw, I am talking about YOUR list and not the list of the person who owns the product you are selling.

Here’s why: As an affiliate marketer it is your job to locate people who want to buy the products you are promoting, right? In order to do that you need to create an ad and start sending people to the website where they can buy these products.

Here’s the problem… anywhere from 60 to 95% of the people you send to the sales page probably aren’t going to buy the first time they see your product.

Why is this?

1. Most people want to be sure that they’re making the right decision. They may need to see or hear from you anywhere from 5 to 12 times before they actually make their decision to buy.

2. If you’re paying for the advertisement you are wasting your money on the people who don’t buy right away and are gone forever.

3. Of those who do buy, if you’re only sending them to the sales page, you are still losing them forever because you have no way of knowing who they are.

Here’s my strategy:

1. Write your ad and instead of sending people to your affiliate website send them to a well-written squeeze page instead – YOUR squeeze page.  A squeeze page is simply a webpage that is designed specifically to convince your visitor to give you their contact information.

2. Offer your visitors an incentive to give you their contact information. This could be a free report or an ebook. Just make sure it’s related to the niche or affiliate product that you are selling.

3. After they’ve opted in to your autoresponder, send them to your affiliate sales page.

4. Follow up with your prospects on a regular basis giving them a mix of good information, free bonuses, and other affiliate products.

Do this for each affiliate product you are promoting.

By using this affiliate marketing strategy to follow-up with your prospects the entire process runs almost on autopilot. You simply need to find quality products to give away and then market those products to your target audience. I recommend using Jeff Dedrick’s “Viral Ebook Explosion” site which will let you create your own free viral ebooks.  It’s free and super easy to setup.


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Making Money With a Dying Computer

Ok, this random computer reboot thing is really getting annoying. I mean, it was annoying last week when it started but now that I know it isn’t a virus or some messed up registry thing I am started to feel pretty helpless. I did order a new CPU on Sunday night.  Unfortunately I went with the cheapest online dealer I could find and it looks like they waited until today to actually put the thing in the mail.  Sigh.

I am assuming my CPU is the problem because I can’t think of anything else it could be. All the tech sites I have been reading point to an overheating CPU. All the fans in my PC are working but I am a slob and I have a cat so dust bunnies are just a way of life. I did take my computer apart, cleaned out all the dirty bits, and made sure the heat sink on the CPU was clean. No luck. So hopefully a new CPU will solve the problem.

In the mean time I just have to deal with my computer rebooting every time I get into something.

I did manage to get some work done today. I released Traffic Success Formula almost 6 weeks ago (has it been that long?) and today I took the time to crunch some numbers to see how profitable it has been. The numbers weren’t that good. Granted, I am list building so in theory it will be much more profitable in the long run but I would really like to see some more of that money coming in sooner.

I decided the best way to get my list profitable now was to update my “one time offer” that people see when they sign-up. I was running a pretty generic ebook package. I tried to spice up my OTO with a nice OTO template and a relatively cheap price. It’s making me money but not nearly as much as I would like.

Today I was playing around with the idea of creating some kind of OTO rotator that would let me test different offers but I decided to just pick one rock sold product and see how it goes. I picked a product that I have mentioned on my blog before but I bundled in a few bonus products and slashed the price almost in half. Which product is it? Well, I can’t tell you that unless you subscribe to my list. Luckily you can do that very easily by requesting a copy of Traffic Success Formula at my site: or you can just subscribe to my newsletter by filling out the form at the top of this page.

Amazing! I managed to write this entire post without a single reboot. Apparently my PC is healed and I don’t have to worry about it rebooting while I am in the middle of writing somethi

How to Choose a Niche Market

When it comes to Internet marketing it seems that choosing a good niche market is where most people make their biggest mistake. People usually do two things when they pick a niche… they either choose a market that seems to be really hot, or they pick something where they have a lot of expertise.

If you don’t do it correctly, there are problems with both of these methods.

Let’s take the first example. When you choose a market that looks like it is doing well you are going to be hard pressed to be a new comer and have any sort of control over what is going on.

If it is a really popular niche and there is a lot of money changing hands then there is most likely going to be some serious competition. If you don’t know what you are doing it won’t take long for your competition to bury you because they are going to have a lot more experience than you and will probably have a bigger budget to spend on advertising.

The second method that people use to choose their niche market is to choose a topic they already know a lot about. This can either really help you or it can be your worst nightmare.

What usually happens is that somebody will create a product based on something that they know, and in their eyes, it looks like it should do great. They start buying advertising and marketing it all over the place but they soon find out that their product either doesn’t have a market or the market doesn’t have very much potential for making money.

Before jumping into a niche market there are a few things to consider:

1. How much competition will there be and how big are your competitors.
2. Whether there is a market for your product.
3. Would that market be willing to spend money on your product.
4. Will you enjoy what you are doing if you start a business in this market?

All these factors are very important. I have personally have found that when you really have a passion for what you are doing, then you can do it better. You consider it fun because you enjoy doing it.

It is important that you do not jump into the hottest market just because you think it can make a lot of money. Learn to do something you really enjoy and you WILL make money.

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Dirty Internet Marketing Tricks

To be successful in Internet marketing it sometimes helps to be a little sneaky in the way you present your offers to people. I’m not talking about doing anything illegal or unethical. That is never good for business. However, in a competitive marketplace it sometimes helps to be a little sly to get an advantage over your competition.

Over the next few weeks I am going to reveal some of best dirty marketing tricks I have found here on my blog.

If you would like read the definitive guide to dirty Internet marketing tricks, check out this link:

Ready to start? Here we go…


This is one of my favorite ways to generate new sales. Controversy creates two types of reactions to your offer… positive and negative. Believe it or not, both reactions are good and work together to make you more profits. Wanna know how?

Here’s an example… let’s say Person P and Person N decide to check out your site one day. Person P loves your site and agrees with almost all the things you write about. Person N on the other hand thinks you are an idiot and that you have no idea what you are talking about. Both Person P and Person N decide to add comments on your site. Person P and Person N read each others comments and get inflamed by what the other says. So they begin to comment back and forth in a battle of words. Now along comes Person S, Person V, and Person C. They add their two cents and take sides of who’s right and who’s wrong. Then come more comments. And more, and more.

If you’re selling something on your site you will find that often times both groups of people will end up buying your product. The negative folks will want further proof that you’re an idiot and positive people will want to back you up and learn more about what you are teaching or saying.

Millions of people get on the Internet every day with something they want to say. Most likely they’ll do this through writing. The “trick” is to do something controversial enough on your site to get these people writing about you or your product.

Remember, you never want to be boring! The essence of creating controversy is by using passion. If you really love a particular product, tell people about it. If you’ve had a bad experience with something, tell people about it. Just be sure that your writing conveys the passion that you feel whether it’s positive or negative.

If you do a good enough job creating controversy through your writings most people that read it will either love what you have to say or hate it. This is a win/win situation for you because either way, they’ll TALK ABOUT IT. Giving people the opportunity to communicate how they feel about your products will lead to more profits in your pockets!

In order for you to use controversy in your writing you have to be willing to take a stand on a certain topic. Wishy-washy comments won’t cut it. If you end up making a few people angry… GOOD! But don’t back down on your opinions. That defeats the whole purpose of using this tactic completely. If some people don’t like what you’re saying, who cares? At least you had the guts to stand up for what you believe and say it. And that’s the point that will come across to those that love your writings.

To learn more dirty tricks that will line your pockets with money I suggest that you read “Ultimate Dirty Marketing Tricks”. Get your own copy now by clicking the link below:

Muscle Mail Gets a Facelift

Have you seen the all new Muscle Mail Safelist?

A few years ago Muscle Mail attempted to solve the problems of traditional safelists advertising. Rather than flood your inbox with thousands of emails members could simply log into the Muscle Mail site to view ads from other members. Members could earn credits by browings text and html emails from other members and then use those credits to post their own ads.

The old Muscle Mail Safelist was more like a traffic exchange than an actual safelist. The problem was that it didn’t have the same security features as a traffic exchange. It was too easy for members to blow through dozens of ads a minute without ever taking the time to read them. This made the credits you earned virtually useless since your ads were barely being seen.

Over the last year a new type of advertising program has been gaining in popularity. These sites are called text ad exchanges. The new text ad exchanges attempt to bridge the gap between safelists and traffic exchanges. Members can view ads on the site to earn credits but there are now better security features forcing members to view the advertisements for a set amount of time.

Text ad exchanges really excel in giving members the ability to spend their advertising credits on solo ads. These are ads that are emailed to members, much like a credit-based safelist, but they are usually limited to only a few emails a day. This creates a much higher response rate to your ads since your email isn’t being set out with hundreds of other ads each day.

Muscle Mail has recently upgraded their site to embrace the new text ad exchange system. You can still post your text and html emails on the site but they now offer many more ways for advertisers to get their ads seen.

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