The Best Safelists for May 2021

Author: Jerry Iannucci

We’re back!

I apologize for not having any stats to share last month.  In March I relaunched my ebook and website for Safelist Marketing Tactics.  I had hoped to share the amazing response my new lead capture pages received but I used an old tracking link that didn’t have source tracking turned on.  At the end of the month I had stats for nearly 100 new subscribers but no idea from which safelists they came from.  Whoops!

I’m happy to announce that everything is fixed and running smoothly now.  The initial excitement may have died down a little but Safelist Marketing Tactic was designed to be an evergreen product that can pull in new subscribers 365 days a year.  I’ll keep tweaking my ads but so far I have been very happy with the results of the new program.  If you’re not already a member check it out!

Below are my top safelist stats from April.  I submit my ads to 40+ safelists using as many credits as I can to reach as many members as I can.  I do have upgraded memberships at many of these sites and still spend a lot of time reading emails to earn credits.  The stats below were achieved using only the credit mailers on the safelists and do not include sign-ups from banner ads or login ads.  The “signups” represent the number of people who have filled out the opt-in form on my page and verified their email address.  My own Mister Safelist does not appear on this list (I test other things there) but if it were it would probably be near the top ;)

Name Hits Unique Signups Ratio
European Safelist 5376 64.00% 14 0.26%
State of the Art Mailer 2526 60.00% 7 0.28%
Ads Messenger 1415 57.00% 6 0.42%
List Avail 1140 50.00% 3 0.26%
Viral URL 80 71.00% 2 2.50%

Total April Sign-ups: 49

As always please keep in mind that the numbers you see above are the result of my own marketing efforts. What you promote and how you promote it will most likely make your results different from my own. The only way to tell what sites work best for you is to track your own results. Good luck!

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