The Best Safelists for August 2010

Author: Jerry Iannucci

Hello and welcome to August!

Everything appears to be bright and sunny in the world of Safelist Marketing.

I posted a couple of individual reviews last month for Reactive Adz and State of the Art Mailing System.  If you missed them, check them out.

Unfortunately due to a nasty malware infection on my computer (don’t worry,  I squashed it) I wasn’t able to write my review of List Zillion last week.  I’ll try and have that done sometime this week.

Also, I mentioned last month that I would be testing out some solo ads.  I ended up spending close to $300 on solo ads!  The results are in and I’ll be posting those stats here sometime soon.

As soon as I finish writing this I am going to join two new safelists that recently launched and test them out.  I’ll let you know how that goes next month.

Finally, I am happy to report that one of my favorite non-credit-based viral list builders is now credit based!  Downline Builder Direct gives you the ability to build your downline 20 levels deep.  Now with the credit emails you can reach an even larger audience without referring.

Ok… who’s ready for some stats?

The numbers you see below are the result of me promoting two different splash pages for my site Safelist Marketing Tactics.  I have premium memberships on most of the sites below which allow me to email the maximum number of members as often as I can.

Total Clicks Unique Clicks Action Sales CTA CTS
State of Art Mailer 4,407 2,142 132 26 6.16% 1.21%
List Auction 1,362 731 54 16 7.39% 2.19%
List Zillion 1,226 741 47 15 6.34% 2.02%
ListBuildingMaximizer 2,463 1,036 55 14 5.31% 1.35%
AdTactics 2,585 924 75 13 8.12% 1.41%
List Joe 1,366 994 52 12 5.23% 1.21%
ViralAdStore 1,273 672 45 12 6.70% 1.79%
Elite Safelist 2,227 939 43 8 4.58% 0.85%
Adsolutionline 2,560 1,012 52 7 5.14% 0.69%
Got Safelist 1,808 892 23 6 2.58% 0.67%

“Clicks” is how many people viewed my splash page.  “Action” is how many people clicked the link on my splash page to go to the main site.  “Sales” is how many people joined my site.  CTA and CTS are “clicks to action” and “clicks to sale”.  I ranked these safelists by sales but it is also important to look at the other numbers to determine how responsive each safelist really is.

I can’t believe I avoided joining State of the Art Mailing System for so long.  It was at the top of my list last month and this month I got TWICE as many sign-ups!  If you are not a member of this safelist yet you don’t know what you’re missing.

When did List Zillion join the ranks of the best safelists?  I guess I really should write that review.  Soon, I promise!  For now i’ll just say yes, it really is that good.

Overall I would say it was a very good month.  Anybody who still doubts the effectiveness of safelist marketing is missing out some real quality traffic.

Ok.  Another report down!  Now I gotta go join those new safelists, write some more reviews, and write that ranking of the top solo ads.  It’s gonna be another busy month!

And don’t forget, these stats are the results of my own marketing methods.  What works best for my sites might not necessarily work for yours.  The only way to know for sure is to track your results!  You can get a free link tracker from from TE Toolbox.

 The Best Safelists for February 2010


As I mentioned a few days ago I want to start doing more reviews of individual safelists, viral list builders, and whatever other programs I have been using lately.

The first site I want to review is “A State of the Art Mailing System“.  State of the Art Mailer is a relatively new safelist created by Jay Pause and Brad Webb which launched a few months ago.

A State of the Art Mailer System appears to be using a unique mailer script.  I would say it’s more of a safelist than a viral list builder but there are number of unique features that makes State of the Art Mailer stand out from other sites.

One of the things you will notice is that when you join you are first asked to look at 5 websites belonging to other members before continuing.  I guess this is the “viral” aspect of the program because when you refer people your ad gets displayed in the 2nd position for your downline members to view and when they refer people your ad appears in the 3rd position.  Upgraded members can also have their ads randomly displayed in the other positions.  This is supposed to generate hands free traffic to your pages.  I’ve never been crazy about these kinds of systems but whatever.  I have referred 2 people and my pages have so far gotten 8 hits.

You only have to do this when you first join.  Otherwise you get presented with a login offer from Jay and Brad along with an advertiser’s full-page ad.  You can earn credits if you view the full-page ad for 20 seconds or you can skip it and go right into the site.

The members area first appears a little confusing with 20 different menu options being presented to you.   The most important items are right at the start though with “Mail Now” being the very first.

So what makes State of the Art Mailer special?

SOTAM uses a unique mailing method called the “Button Escalation System” which rewards active members with the ability to send their ads to more members.  It’s a little confusing but there’s a really good video on the site which explains it:


Basically when you start out as a free member you can email 500 members every 7 days.  However if you are active and read enough credit emails from other members you can get bumped up to higher level buttons which let you reach more members.

You can also upgrade your membership which gives you automatic access to the higher buttons as well as the ability to email every 3 days instead of 7.  I purchased the 5000 button upgrade when I joined and so far have had no trouble reaching the 7500 button which allows me to email almost the entire membership every 3 days.

It’s been about 2 months since I joined and so far the results have been excellent. They even post live mailing stats in the members area so that you can see exactly how well the system is working.

According to my own personal stats from last month I received 3,430 visitors to my splash pages which resulted in 13 new sign-ups to my program.  That’s a pretty decent conversion rate but the fact that a site this new is producing numbers like this is very impressive.

There’s a bunch of other unique features such as the “profit sharing pool” for active members (I earned a whopping $2.09 last month) as well as an “instant recruiting” system which apparently is still being worked on and hasn’t been added to the site yet.

Overall I am very impressed with the State of the Art Mailer.  The site isn’t real pretty but the results are what counts.  I think Jay and Brad have created something really unique here and I am looking forward to what they have planned for the future.

To join A State of the Art Mailing System for free click the image below.

Click Here to Join A State of the Art Mailing System