The Best Safelists for 2024

The Best Safelists for 2024

Hello everyone,

First and foremost, I owe you an apology for the recent hiatus in updates. My attention has been diverted to a range of other projects, resulting in a subtle realignment of my priorities, particularly in the realm of safelist mailings. While I continue to be active, sending out mailings several times a week, I’ve adopted a more relaxed approach, especially during weekends and vacations. It’s a delicate balance I’m striving to maintain – the belief that the more effort you invest in safelist marketing, the greater the rewards. Lately, my focus has shifted more towards content creation than promotion, an evolution in my journey I’m eager to share with you.

Before diving into my safelist stats, it’s important to note that I just don’t have enough data to post accurate monthly reports right now.  These stats are from a specific period: September 1, 2023, to January 22, 2024. Also, one of the offers I’m promoting isn’t currently tracking conversions, which might affect the overall conversion rate accuracy.

Disclaimers: As always, remember these figures reflect my personal experience. They’re not guarantees but insights into potential safelist performance.

Name Hits Conversions
2679 13
6261 12
9555 12
Mailer.Gold 341 11
1992 9
4250 9
5036 8
2261 6
222 6

Top 5 Safelists of 2024 – Insights:

  • : Garnered 13 conversions from 2,679 hits, leading to a 0.49% conversion rate.
  • : Achieved 12 conversions out of 6,261 hits, which translates to a conversion rate of around 0.19%.
  • : Also brought in 12 conversions, but from 9,555 hits, marking a 0.13% conversion rate.
  • Mailer.Gold: Impressive with 11 conversions from just 341 hits, indicating a high conversion rate of 3.23%.
  • : Secured 9 conversions from 1,992 hits, equating to a 0.45% conversion rate.

Now, I’m turning the floor over to you:

  • Your Experiences: What safelists have delivered the best results for you? Any particular favorites?
  • Tried-and-True Tactics: Do you have any specific strategies that have worked well with these safelists?
  • Suggestions for Review: Is there a safelist you’re curious about or want me to explore further? Let me know!
  • Your Stories: Share your successes, challenges, and everything in between. Your stories are valuable to our community.

This space is all about sharing knowledge and growing together. I’m looking forward to hearing from you and fostering a community where we all learn from each other’s experiences.

I’m committed to keeping you updated more regularly from now on. Thanks for sticking around, and as always, feel free to engage in the comments below. Your insights and questions are what make this community thrive.

The Best Safelists for April 2023

Long time no see!

I know. It’s been awhile since I have done one of these updates. Yes, I am still posting safelist ads almost every day but I have slowed down a little.

Mister Safelist is still going good. In fact, we just got our google reputation score back up to where it was before everything crashed 1 year ago. So that’s fantastic.

I have also been getting back into traffic exchanges. Gosh, those things are addictive. The jury is still out on how effective they are but so far they don’t seem to hold a candle to the results I am getting in safelists.

Instead of sharing my stats from last month I will share my results from Jan 1, 2023 to March 31, 2023. During this time I promoted multiple ads for at least 5 different offers at 35 safelists. The numbers below represent how many times people accepted my offer by either joining a free membership site or by subscribing to one of my email lists. These numbers only represent conversions obtained from the “credit mailer” and do not include banner or login ads.

Name Hits Signups
European Safelist 9607 23
List Joe 1778 16
Viral Mailer For You 9754 10
List Avail 2230 9
Instant Ad Power 2890 8
State of the Art Mailer 4508 7
Viral URL 217 7

Don’t forget that the stats above are provided only to show which mailers are currently working best for me and my ads at this time.  What works best for you might be something entirely different.  The only way to know what sites work best for you is to track your ads using a service like HitsConnect.

The Best Safelists for November 2022


Still chugging along.

Not much to report this month so I will get straight to the stats.

Last month I divided up my safelist postings over 4 different ads. The stats below reflect the number of people who saw my pages and either subscribed to my list or registered for a program I was promoting.  I used about 40 different safelists throughout the month to send my ads.  While I do have upgraded memberships at most of the safelists I use I still spend a lot of time clicking credit links to send my ads to more people.  These stats were obtained using only the standard credit mailer and do not include banner ads, login ads, etc.

Name Hits Signups
European Safelist 3437 6
List Joe 570 5
State of the Art Mailer 2129 5
Viral URL 68 4

Total October Sign-Ups: 42

Before I go I just want to mention that yesterday I quietly launched an old school “ad board”. I wasn’t expecting much but the amount of activity this thing has generated over the last 24 hrs has been a lot of fun to watch. If you want to head over and post a free ad you are more than welcome to.

Here’s my offer. If you join my new board today, and only today, I will give you a lifetime Pro membership for free just for trying it out! As a Pro member you will be able to post your ad to the board every day and if you wanted to promote the board you would earn $10 for every Pro member you refer.

Click the banner below to add your link now!

The Best Safelists for October 2022

Look who’s back!

I’m sorry I have let my safelist blog posts slide over the last few months. I’m still plugging away but I allowed myself some time off to travel this summer. I’m not ashamed to admit that my daily safelist submissions took a backseat to swimming and riding roller coasters.

Now I’m back but since returning I have made some changes to how I use safelists. Namely, I am not worrying as much about these blog posts. I always figured the best way to get a fair comparison of the different mailers was to use the same ad at every site and that’s what I had been doing. Now, I just want results. I am now rotating 6 different ads for 4 different websites. Some are converting better than others but doing this I think allows me to cast a bigger net and attract more prospects. I had been wanting to try this for a while and this seemed like a good time to start. Did it work? Let’s see.

Below are the top-producing safelists of the ones I am currently using. I do have upgraded memberships at some of these safelists. I also still try to spend some time reading ads every day to help get more mailing credits.  The “Sign Ups” below reflect how many people have subscribed to my list or joined my website through one of the ads I promoted.  The sign-ups only come from email ads and do not include banners or login ads.

European Safelist – 9
State of the Art Mailer – 7
List Joe – 3
List Avail – 3
List Adventure – 3

Total September Sign-ups: 38

Not bad. Especially considering I have been spending a lot less time on mailers lately. I did notice the bulk of my sign-ups came from my newest squeeze page. I still think I received more sign-ups overall by diversifying my ads. I think for next month I will continue to do this but put more emphasis on the best-converting pages.

Don’t forget that the mailers that work best for me might not be the best for you.  It depends on what you are promoting and how you are promoting it.  You should be tracking your own ads to find out what works best for you.  For a good link tracker that works with safelists check out HitsConnect.


The Best Safelists for March 2022

Still chugging along.

Last month I promoted a lead capture page for a free report called “No More 9-5“.  The stats below show the number of new verified subscribers I received as a result of promoting this page in various safelist mailers.  These stats do not include any new subscribers I received from banner/text/login ads.  Just credit mails.  I am upgraded at most of these sites and spend time clicking credit emails to send my ads to as many people as I can as often as I can.

European Safelist – 13
List Nerds – 6
Viral URL – 5
State of the Art Mailer – 3
Leads n Profits – 3
List Avail – 2
Tezzer Mail – 2

Total February Sign-ups: 45

That’s all for this month.  Keep in mind that the stats above are the results of my marketing efforts.  Your results may vary. What you choose to promote and how you promote it will determine your success however if you are not tracking your results you will never know what works and what doesn’t.  For tracking your stats in the safelists you use or anywhere else you choose to promote I recommend using HitsConnect.