Yep. Been slacking a little bit on updating the blog. Sorry. Been pretty busy doing light shows around town. I even got the chance to do lights for a band this past weekend who had a #1 single for a few weeks in the 80s. Not exactly my type of music, but still a pretty cool experience to say the least.

Been digging through lots of software and ebook titles over the last few days looking for some quality stuff to share with you. Gonna take some time to sort it all out. In the mean time I thought I would share a few tips for getting repeat traffic for your site.

Getting repeat traffic to your site is very important because most people won’t buy something the first time they see your site. It is important to get them to come back so that they can make a better decision and hopefully become a customer.

Here’s a few tips for getting repeat traffic:

1. Try to update your pages as often as possible. I know I am often guilty of not doing that one but it is true that stagnant websites are often dropped by some of the search engines.

2. Offer some kind of additional value on your site. For affiliates you can put links to their sites and products and ask them to do the same for you. You can also advertise their products if they relate to your industry and are not in direct competition with your own product.

3. Allow your customers to opt-in to get discounts and special offers from you. Place a link on your site to your autoresponder and invite customers to opt-in to get valuable updates from you.

4. Add a script to your page that allows your visitors to add your page to their “Favorites”.

5. Add a “Recommend this site to a Friend” link so people can email your website link to other people just by clicking on it.

6. Brand your website so your visitors will always know that they are on your site. Try to use consistent colors, logos and slogans and always provide a “Contact” link on each page.

7. Create a “Policies” page that clearly defines your philosophy and principles. Also, post a “Privacy Policy” so that clients know that they are secure when they visit your site.

8. Make an FAQ page which addresses the doubts and some of the clarifications about your product or your company that are likely to be asked. This will help to resolve many of the visitors doubts in their first visit to your site.

8. Make sure each page on your site has appropriate titles and keywords so your customer can find their way back to your site if they lose the bookmark.

9. Never spam a client who has opted in for your newsletters with unsolicited emails. If they decide they want to opt-out from your list make sure you honor their request and take them off the mailing list. They may still come back if they like your products but they will never come back if you continue to flood their inbox with mails they no longer want to receive.

Hope this helps.

If you can think of any more please feel free to comment.

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