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After a week of no responses from my graphic designer I finally got an email from him today.  Seems the email he thought he sent me last week never got sent.  The good news is that I got to see the first draft of my new website.  Other than my last name being spelled wrong on every image (oops) I have to admit it’s pretty freakin awesome.  About a bazillion percent better than what I could have come up with on my own.  It’s amazing what a difference it makes when you hire a professional to do the work for you.

Now that I know what my site is going to look like I don’t really have an excuse for putting off the rest of the project any longer.

Well, maybe a little longer.  First things first.. I need a to-do list!

Here’s what i’ve come up with…

1. Update my blog with my to-do list.  CHECK!

2. Work on the sales page – This one is probably going to suck because it is the most important part.  Gotta come up with a killer headline and subheading as well as a bunch of bullet points for a book I haven’t written.  Should be fun.

3. Create some OTOs -I already have a pretty good idea of what I want to sell in my OTOs.  I will probably need to talk to some JV partners to see if they want to contribute anything.  Also gonna to have to figure out how to price everything.  Also not entirely sure how to tie them all in with the LFM site.

4. Configure Launch Formula Marketing – I registered my domain name today so I should be able to install the membership script on my new site now.  Not sure how much configuring I am going to have to do.  I played around with LFM-Lite and it was pretty easy.  I just don’t know how much more there is in the full version but it should be a lot of fun setting it up.

5. Create Affiliate Marketing Tools – Once LFM is installed I will have to write some email ads and signature files for my affiliate to use when promoting the site.  I love the idea of hundreds of affiliates using my ads to promote my site.

6. Write autoresponder emails – Most of these I can copy over from my other email list.  This will be a good opportunity to tweak them, drop the ones that aren’t converting, and add some new ones that I know convert well.

7. Write Ebook – Oh yeah, I still don’t have a product.  No sweat.  I am intentionally saving this for last.  Am I crazy for doing it that way?  We shall see.

Hopefully that’s all I need to do.  Should be an interesting to see how smoothly it goes.

More to come…


How to Launch a Membership Site

Author: Jerry Iannucci

Yes, i’ve been gone for awhile.  Did you miss me?

Sorry.  I’ve been having some major financial problems lately and actually had to take a part-time offline job for a little while to help make ends meet.  I’ve also been busy doing light shows around town including a really amazing 5-day festival in downtown St. Louis.

Now that things are looking better and I should have more time to focus on getting my business rolling again which means more frequent blog updates.

So here’s what’s up… after kicking around the idea for over 6 months I am finally going to launch my first membership site.  This is something I have never done before so it’s going to be a bit of a learning experience.  I figure I can document the process here in my blog so hopefully someone can learn from my success (or failure… gulp).

I wouldn’t expect to see a finished product any time soon since I plan on taking my time and trying to do everything the right way.  So far I have purchased a copy of “Launch Formula Marketing” which although being very expensive is actually pretty awesome because now I will be able to launch as many membership sites as I want (assuming I can pull this one off).

I also hired a graphic designer to do all the layouts for me.  That’s right.  No more crappy do-it-yourself webdesigns.  It actually wasn’t that expensive especially compared to how much time I find myself spending trying to do my own layouts.  I’m still waiting for them to send me the first draft but that should be very soon.

The one thing I don’t have yet is a product.  Yeah, you would think that is kinda important but I am trying to do things a little different than what I did with Traffic Success Formula.  Rather than create a product and then try to come up with a bunch of ways to market it I want to create some killer marketing materials first and then create a product to go with it. This way I can be sure my product will be tailored to meet all the needs of the people I am marketing it to.

I also figure I will be a lot more motivated to actually create the product once some of the other stuff is done.

So does this sound like something you would be interested in reading more about?  I am much more likely to keep posting updates if you leave some encouraging comments.  You can also bookmark this page or sign-up for updates up on the top corner of the page.