Social Surfing Secrets Launches Today

Happy Monday!

Are you taking advantage of free social media resources available to you right now to grow your business?

As more people begin to discover the benefits of social networking it has become necessary for us to evolve the way we do business online to take advantage of these new techniques without being left behind.  One area where these changes are having a major effect right now is in the traffic exchange industry.

To help you take advantage of these new techniques my friends Jon Olson and John Guanzon are releasing a new ebook today called “Social Surfing Secrets”.

You can download your free copy starting today at 12 Noon EST from this link:

Be sure to grab their rebranding offer when you first join. This ebook is sure to be passed around for months to come, the rebranding potential is HUGE for Social Surfing Secrets!

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Warning: Social Media Is Changing The Traffic Exchanges!

Don’t Miss the information in this report, it directly effects YOU and your business on the traffic exchanges. Don’t get left behind…

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List Effects – New Viral List Builder and Giveaway

Happy Tuesday!

A new site is launching today that I am very excited about…

It’s a brand new viral list builder from my friends Jon Atwood and Frank Salinas called “List Effects“.

Why is this such a big deal?

Basically, Jon Atwood is sorta the king when it comes to credit based safelists and nobody knows more about text ad exchanges than Frank Salinas.  These
guys joining forces to create a new viral list builder means magic.

But it’s not JUST a viral list builder!

These guys came up with the crazy idea to also make their site an on going jv giveaway event.

Hello!  I LOVE giveaway events!

So not only are you building your list on the site (10 levels deep!) but you can also add your squeeze pages to send members directly to your own autoresponder.


Jon asked me to help him out with the launch and since the site is now open I would like to personally invite you to join for free.

Click the link below to sign-up!

Click Here to Join List Effects