New Edition of Autoresponder Profit System

It’s time!

The long wait is finally over and I am happy to announce that a new edition of Autoresponder Profit System is here.


So what’s new?

Other than removing a bunch of dead links I was happy to find that very little of the actual “list building” content needed to be changed.

I did want to make this update worth the wait though so there are some noticable new additions.

New Final Thoughts
Not a biggie but I added a new chapter at the end of the book with a few thoughts about my experience with list building over the years.

Autoresponder Specific Books
Ok, this one is huge.  Now instead of giving away a copy of the book promoting autoresponders you don’t use you can now download a book that ONLY promotes your autoresponder!

There are now 3 different copies of Autoresponder Profit System that you can download and give away depending on which autoresponder you use.

The new books currently support Aweber, TrafficWave, and now RocketResponder!

New “Follow-up Email” Book
If you are an upgraded member of the Autoresponder Profit System website you now have exclusive access to a brand new ebook which includes a 73-day email series I wrote for one of my lists.

Each email includes notes about why I wrote what I did and how it fits into the big picture of my email marketing campaign.

As far as I know nothing like this exists anywhere else!

If you are not currently upgraded you are in luck… for the first time in years I have reset the one-time-offer allowing you a second chance at grabbing an upgrade at the lowest price possible.

Login to you Autoresponder Profit System account now and check out all of the new stuff.

As always, if you have any questions feel free to ask :)

Autoresponder Profit System

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