Best Places to Advertise – December Stats

Sorry, I am late again.

I know this is a pretty popular feature on this blog but unfortunately there isn’t a whole lot to report this month.  I spent a good chunk of December traveling and doing light shows around the midwest so I didn’t have as much time to spend promoting as I normally do.  Still, i’ll give you what I got.

The following stats come from promoting my own “Traffic Success Formula” ebook which was created to show people how to take advantage of free advertising programs to promote their business.  These are just some of the places I used for advertising during the month of December 2008.

Traffic Exchanges
As I said, I didn’t have a whole lot of time to surf in December so I didn’t get much TE traffic in December.  I did purchase a few credit packages and had plenty of residual traffic coming from my downlines and from credits I had left over from previous months.  Still, here’s my top traffic exchanges:

1. Dragon Surf – 8
2. Traffic Splash – 6
3. ILoveHits – 3

Not real impressive, is it?  Don’t worry.  As soon as I get caught up with some other things I am working on I plan to spend the rest of the month surfing my butt off.  Hopefully I will have some better number for you at the end of January.  In the mean time, see how the top 20 traffic exchanges are ranked over at Affiliate Funnel.

I did mange to keep up with my safelist advertising in December but I decided to switch gears a little bit and promote my top money making program (OBA) instead so that I would have some extra money this month to spend on advertising.  I earned an extra $100 just from safelists but since I was promoting an affiliate site I didn’t track where all the sales were coming from.  Sorry.

If you want to know which safelists I get the best results from check out the links on the side of my blog.

Text Ad Exchanges
Ok, it’s offical.  Text ad exchanges are dead!  Well, maybe not all of them but over the last few months I have seen my conversions in text ad exchanges skyrocket and now plummet back to the earth like a sack of potatoes.  The problem is that there are now so many new text ad exchanges opening up that nobody is bothering to stick around long enough to actually use them.

For example, earlier today I counted over 300 text ad exchanges that are giving away promo codes for new members.  These promo codes can be exchanged for solo ads, banner ads, or text ads on the exchanges.  The problem is who is going to stick around long enough to actually read your ads for credits when there are that many exchanges giving away ads for free?

And the quality of the exchanges have dropped considerably too.  I saw a site offering to sell people their own text ad exchange for less than $10/month.  That means over the next few months you are going to start seeing hundreds of new cookie cutter text ad exchanges running on servers that make my old trs-80 look like a speed demon.

I just finished putting almost all of my text ad exchange accounts on “vacation mode” to stop receiving emails from them.  Still, there are a few that are worth keeping.  Mainly because they continue to produce good results or I know the owners are working hard to build their exchanges.  Here’s what’s left:

Traffic Swarm
Maximum Profits
Traffic Station
Muscle Mail

If you want to recommend some to me that are worth joining please post a comment and I will test them out.

JV Giveaway Events
JV Giveaways were once again my top source for getting sign-ups in December mainly because they take so little effort to promote.  The “Merry Christmas” giveaway got me 28 new referrals and so far this month’s “New Year” giveaway has gotten me 57 new sign-ups.

Unfortunately JV giveaways events can be a little tricky when determining which ones to join.  If you want to know which giveaways to join your best bet is to sign-up on my email list at the top of the page (check the free ebook) and I will email you when a good event is launching.

That’s all for now.  If you have any comments or want to recommend other sources of advertising please feel free to leave a comment.

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Banner Advertising 101

With the recent release of Instant Banner Creator by John Merrick & Soren Jordansen I thought I would say a few words about how to take advatange of banner ads to advertise your websites.

To read my recent review of Instant Banner Creator and see some of the banners I made click here.

Banner advertising has been around since the mid 90s and provided the economic foundation for Internet marketing during the late 90s.  Today, many people see banner ads as an annoyance and are often ignored making it difficult to generate decent traffic from them.  However the real value of banner advertising comes when they are used for the purpose of branding.

Banner advertising is cheap.  For a few dollars a day you can buy thousands of impressions to get your banner seen across the Internet.  Even though you won’t be getting much direct traffic from these ads when you promote banner ads that include your picture or company logo you are creating a brand awareness that over time people will begin to recognize.

When people see a commercial on TV they don’t generally jump off the couch and run out to buy the product being advertised.  However the next time they are in the store and they see that product they might be more compelled to buy it.

With Instant Banner Creator it is very simple to create a banner that allows you to brand yourself or your company.

Before doing any banner advertising I would suggest signing up for a free banner rotator like the one offered by IntelliBanners.  Even if you only plan to promote one banner I would highly suggest you use Instant Banner Creator to make a few extra banners that you can test against one another.  With IntelliBanners you can track how many people are clicking each of your banners.  You can then determine which banners get the most clicks and delete the ones that don’t work.  You can then make more banners and continue testing them against each other to find out which ones are the more effective.

IntelliBanners will also help you determine the best sites to advertise your banner ads.

Here’s my IntelliBanners list of the top 10 sites showing my banner ads:

Source Hits Unique Hits % Unique Clicks CTR
01 74281 15500 20.87% 18 0.02%
02 62533 22108 35.35% 16 0.03%
03 25001 7793 31.17% 30 0.12%
04 18040 4161 23.07% 6 0.03%
05 14902 4331 29.06% 7 0.05%
06 13442 1523 11.33% 3 0.02%
07 12236 531 4.34% 1 0.01%
08 11898 2106 17.7% 4 0.03%
09 9234 1683 18.23% 2 0.02%
10 8268 3568 43.15% 10 0.12%

It’s easy to see here that Traffic Splash and brought me the most impressions but Dragon Surf and ILoveHits by far have the best click through rates.

I get a lot of my traffic from traffic exchanges because it is extreamly cheap and it fits into my niche.  If you don’t have time to surf for credits you can also use the IntelliBanners advertising co-op to show your banners for you.

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Ranking the Top 10 Traffic Exchanges

This past week one of my most favorite websites (Affiliate Funnel) did a relaunch of sorts unveiling a brand new system for ranking the top traffic exchange sites.

Affiliate Funnel has ranked the top traffic exchange for awhile but they are now getting a little more scientific by basing there rankings on a variety of factors including user opinions, number of new members, and total number of hits. The results, which are tracked every week, present a fascinating window into how different exchanges stack up against one another.

Affiliate Funnel ranks the top traffic exchanges every Friday based on the results of the previous week. Being about 4:20 on Friday morning I am now getting a peek at which traffic exchanges ranked in the top 10 from this first week of testing. Very cool stuff.

Check out this week’s top 10 traffic exchanges now… CLICK HERE

Of course, the best way to figure out which exchanges will work best for you is to test them yourself and track the results. Just because an exchange performs well for some people does not mean that it will work just as well for what you are promoting. Still, with hundreds of traffic exchanges to choose from the top 10 traffic exchanges from Affiliate Funnel make a great starting point.