Dirty Internet Marketing Tricks

To be successful in Internet marketing it sometimes helps to be a little sneaky in the way you present your offers to people. I’m not talking about doing anything illegal or unethical. That is never good for business. However, in a competitive marketplace it sometimes helps to be a little sly to get an advantage over your competition.

Over the next few weeks I am going to reveal some of best dirty marketing tricks I have found here on my blog.

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Ready to start? Here we go…


This is one of my favorite ways to generate new sales. Controversy creates two types of reactions to your offer… positive and negative. Believe it or not, both reactions are good and work together to make you more profits. Wanna know how?

Here’s an example… let’s say Person P and Person N decide to check out your site one day. Person P loves your site and agrees with almost all the things you write about. Person N on the other hand thinks you are an idiot and that you have no idea what you are talking about. Both Person P and Person N decide to add comments on your site. Person P and Person N read each others comments and get inflamed by what the other says. So they begin to comment back and forth in a battle of words. Now along comes Person S, Person V, and Person C. They add their two cents and take sides of who’s right and who’s wrong. Then come more comments. And more, and more.

If you’re selling something on your site you will find that often times both groups of people will end up buying your product. The negative folks will want further proof that you’re an idiot and positive people will want to back you up and learn more about what you are teaching or saying.

Millions of people get on the Internet every day with something they want to say. Most likely they’ll do this through writing. The “trick” is to do something controversial enough on your site to get these people writing about you or your product.

Remember, you never want to be boring! The essence of creating controversy is by using passion. If you really love a particular product, tell people about it. If you’ve had a bad experience with something, tell people about it. Just be sure that your writing conveys the passion that you feel whether it’s positive or negative.

If you do a good enough job creating controversy through your writings most people that read it will either love what you have to say or hate it. This is a win/win situation for you because either way, they’ll TALK ABOUT IT. Giving people the opportunity to communicate how they feel about your products will lead to more profits in your pockets!

In order for you to use controversy in your writing you have to be willing to take a stand on a certain topic. Wishy-washy comments won’t cut it. If you end up making a few people angry… GOOD! But don’t back down on your opinions. That defeats the whole purpose of using this tactic completely. If some people don’t like what you’re saying, who cares? At least you had the guts to stand up for what you believe and say it. And that’s the point that will come across to those that love your writings.

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Are Affiliate Marketers Still in Demand?

Are affiliate marketers still in demand today? Absolutely! As a matter of fact… affiliate marketers are more in demand than ever!

You see, digital products are being created at a dizzying rate by creators from around the world everyday. When these products enter the marketplace hot and new they often missing one vital marketing component: affiliates.

Basically, every affiliate program needs competent affiliate marketers to help spread the word about their new product or service.

In the digital marketplace, affiliate programs can pay out as much as 50 to 80 percent (and sometimes 100%!) in commissions to motivate affiliates to help market their new product.

The idea behind this is simple: an individual can only do so much on his own when it comes to marketing, especially when compared to matching the marketing power of hundreds or even thousands of performing affiliates.

There is a huge piece of pie out there for everyone. However, there is one small problem: Have you ever noticed that in every affiliate program there are probably 90 to 95 percent of the affiliates who aren’t generating any sales? Chances are, you are one of them.

Tonight I had a chance to read an ebook by Edmund Loh which shares some of his affiliate marketing success strategies. If you would like to tap into the minds of the top 5 to 10 percent super affiliate marketers, I suggest that you get a copy of “Affiliate Partner Success Secrets”.


Affiliate Partner Success Secrets details how you can be a successful cash raking affiliate marketer. You will also discover all the ins and outs of affiliate marketing in an easy to understand format.

How to Create Your Own Digital Niche Products

There are literally thousands of different things out there that people can create, but it still amazes me that most marketers on the web only promoting affiliate programs.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t have anything against promoting affiliate programs but if that is all you are doing then you are missing the boat. You see, one of the biggest and best reasons to create your own product is to start YOUR OWN affiliate program.

Think about the affiliate program that you are promoting now. Think about all of your valuable time, energy, and advertising dollars you put into promoting somebody else’s program. Now imagine if you had 100 people just like you promoting your product in that fashion.

Now, this might not be something for you. You may be reading this without any knowledge of Internet marketing. That’s fine. No matter who you are or what experience you have (if any) you can still create a profitable niche product or have somebody else create it for you and sell it on the web.

The other reason to have your own product is the backend. Each product your affiliates sell for you becomes another target customer that can buy products from you where you don’t have to pay any affiliates. That’s why you see some affiliate programs paying 60-75%. They aren’t interested in making money off of the first sale, they want the money that will come in from the second, third, and fourth sale. So the affiliate program owner will pay you 60-75% to basically bring customers into his sales funnel.

It is a simple concept, but I am amazed by how many people aren’t doing it.

I am mostly referring to digital niche products. These are usually digital “how to” products that you can sell on the net. I have sold both digital and hard copy, and digital has so many advantages, and hardly any disadvantages.

Digital niche products are products that it can be downloaded over the Internet. Hard copy means that you have to mail out a product for each order.

Here is why digital is where the money is:

– Totally automated. There are scripts that can completely automate order processing, product fulfillment, and backend sales process. You only have to pay once to get this type of deal set up. To have a hard copy product fully automated, you would have to pay a certain amount each time to get a company to ship your products for you.

– Digital products sell better. As long as you provide instant access to your product, meaning they can download it, you will make more sales. People can’t resist instant gratification.

– Less hassle. You don’t have to worry about packaging, shipping, printing costs, post office hassles, etc.. You create the product once, then make as many copies of it as you want to sell on the net.

I get emails almost every day from people asking me what is the best and quickest way to make money on the Internet. I have to say that there is NO way to instant riches. It doesn’t exist. But the quickest way that I know to create a big monthly income is to create YOUR OWN digital niche product.

Niche Profit Formula gives you a very simple system that you can follow to create your own product and get it selling quickly. The steps are all very simple. Just do them one at a time in order and you will do just fine.

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Traffic Success Formula – Best Book Ever?

It was only a matter of time before I got around to writing a review of the best internet marketing book ever!

Ok, I may be a little biased since I am the author of this book. It might not be the “best book ever” but it’s gotta be at least in the top 3.

I wrote Traffic Success Formula because it is a topic I know a lot about. I have been clicking away on traffic exchanges and safelists for over 5 years now. I don’t claim to be an expert but during that time I would like to think I have learned a few tricks that can be helpful to other marketers.

Over the last few years I have looked at quite a few ebooks promising to show me how to get more traffic for my sites. I’d usually skim through the obvious stuff at the beginning and go right for the “secret” at the end. I was almost always disappointed.

I created Traffic Success Formula to be the ebook I always wanted to read. This is the book I wish I had 5 years ago! I do my best to explain my techniques so that novice marketers can follow along but I also try to include some advanced stuff that I think more experienced marketers will appreciate.

Traffic Success Formula is not another generic report that was thrown together in a few hours. I did my best to try and make this a product that I am proud to distribute. It is a fully brandable ebook which means you can replace all the affiliate links in it with your own and give it away as you see fit.

I hope you enjoy it!

If you have any comments or suggestions on the book feel free to post them here. I’m also looking for more testimonials so if you would like to submit one you can do that as well.

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