Happy Thursday!

After over a year of waiting I am happy to announce that Viral Mail Profits has finally released their new mailing feature of the site which they are calling the “Direct Feedback Mailer”.

Now when you grab access to the world’s most effective mailer management
system you will also get a highly responsive mailer to go along with it… and you can get it all for free too!

In case you are not already a member of Viral Mail Profits I guess I should explain what the site is all about.

Viral Mail Profits is a must-have tool for anyone who uses safelists and viral list builders.

Imagine this…

* One place to manage all your emails
* One Place to save all your emails
* No more saving random swipe files
* No more time wasted looking for your login details
* No more wasting time logging in to all your mailers  just to find out you can’t mail for x amount of time
* No more missed mailings because you forgot you could mail.
* No more time wasted setting up tracker links
* No more signups missed, because you don’t know which emails convert best.
* No more money lost, because you don’t know which mailers are just plain
* And just too more to mention here…

And now with the addition of new mailer Viral Mail Profits just got even better!

If you are not already a member of Viral Mail Profits then now would be the time to join.

You can sign-up for free by clicking the banner below.


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One Response to "Viral Mail Profits Releases New Mailer"

  1. 1 Steve smith
    March 18th, 2011 at 5:15 pm  

    I just started setting up my vmt account. I am really excited about how much time this is going to save me

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