One time offers have become a very popular way for webmasters to increase their profits or monetize something that would normally be free.

In case you don’t already know, an OTO page is a sales page that appears in between two other pages. They usually appear as you are logging into a website or joining someone’s newsletter. You are usually made an offer to buy something at a special price that is not available at any other time anywhere else on the site.

OTO pages work well because they create a sense of urgency. If people believe that they are only going to see an offer one time they are more likely to read the offer and hopefully act on it. If they are not interested they can simply click the “no thanks” link and continue on to your site.

Adding a one time offer page to a site usually requires an OTO script and an offer that you can make to your visitors. An easier (and cheaper) solution is to use a site called OTOGoldMine.

OTOGoldMine is a free site lets you add premade OTO pages to your site that promote variety of software and ebook packages. You earn 75% of the sales price from Clickbank from every package sold through your site.

Creating an OTO page with OTOGoldMine is super easy. The first thing you need to do is select what products you want to display in your OTO. There are multiple packages you can choose from ranging from $19 to $67. You can also choose to display random products ranging from $19 to $37.

After you choose a product you get to choose what kind of message you want displayed at the top of the page. Standard message such as “Sign-up Successful” or “You Have Been Logged Out” are in there. You also have the option to create a custom message.

The last thing to do is to add your “redirect url”. This is the page that your visitor will go to if they choose not to take your offer. This is the page that your visitor was trying to get to before they were sent to your OTO page.

When your OTO page is ready you simply add it to your site or use it as your autoresponder redirect link. The more visitors that pass through your OTOGoldMine page the more likely someone will accept your offer and earn you a clickbank commission.

I have been using OTOGoldMine on my site for a few months now. I don’t get sales every day but when I do it’s great because I didn’t have to do any extra work to get it. It’s closest thing to free money i’ve found.

To create your own OTO page with OTOGoldMine click the banner below.

banner1 Using OTOGoldMine to Create One Time Offers

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