The Return of Send Button Profits

Author: Jerry Iannucci

Nobody is perfect.

About a year ago I wrote a review of a new site from Jeff Dedrick called “Send Button Profits”.  It’s funny because at the time I had planned on doing a video walkthrough of the site but decided making videos was too hard.  lol.

You can read my original review of Send Button Profits here:

At the end of the review I mentioned that the site would be closing soon but would probably open up again “in a few weeks or a few months”.

That was 10 months ago!

Needless to say… I never thought Jeff would keep his site closed for this long!

Well, Send Button Profits is back!

It appears that Jeff has put his Willy Wonka hat on and thrown the doors open once again to his magical list building factory… but who knows for how long this time!

But seriously, Send Button Profits is one really impressive website.  I use it all the time and every time I login I get blown away by how much cool stuff I have access to.

I considered making a new video walkthrough of the Send Button Profits website to show how much stuff had been added since last year but there is just way too much to see.

The video would end up longer than Gone With the Wind!

Ok, so here’s the deal…

If you didn’t join Send Button Profits last October I highly recommend getting in this time.  It’s not free but I have managed to snag a $20 discount code that you can use.

To claim the $20 discount use this link:

Jeff says the bonus offer will be ending soon and this time I believe him.

If you are serious about list building and making money online definitely check out everything that’s included with Send Button Profits.  It really is one of the most impressive Internet marketing packages I have ever seen and is worth every penny to have access to it.

Click Here to Join Send Button Profits

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