The Best Safelists for October 2012

It’s October!

The weather is finally cooling down and people are starting to get back to work.  There’s lots of exciting stuff going on in the safelist and viral list building world so let’s jump right into it.

First, the new site launches.

Let’s see.. were there any new launches last month… Hmm…

Well, there was a little site I launched called… Mister Safelist!

It’s true.  After more than 3 years of branding myself as “the safelist guy” I thought it was time to finally throw my hat into the ring and release the safelist that I always wanted to use.  Despite a few technical hiccups at launch so far the response has been fantastic!  In less than 2 weeks we have 1,147 active members.  There is also a big referral contest going on for the next two weeks where I am giving away lots of cash and prizes.  If you would like to join we would love to have you as a member of Mister Safelist.

There was also another big launch from the creator of Top Tier Mailer called Social Message Connect.  The site is a little bit different from your regular mailer.  It’s more like Facebook where you spend your credits to post your ads in a message feed.  I can’t really comment too much on this one yet because the feed part hasn’t opened yet (it’s opening this week).  I will say that I bought the 1-year upgrade offer without even trying the site because I know Matthew Graves and I know he only releases quality stuff.  If you haven’t joined yet Social Message Connect is well worth checking out.

Expect to see a lot of emails tomorrow about a major launch/relaunch from the Bweeble/List Bonus guys.  This one is going to be big!

Now let’s get to the stats…

Don’t expect to see my Mister Safelist ranked here any time soon.  My safelist stats are based on promoting lead capture pages for my ebook Safelist Marketing Tactics to 30-40 safelists and viral list builders every day.  Since I give away copies of my book to everyone who joins Mister Safelist I probably wouldn’t get a lot of sign-ups promoting it there.

Keep in mind that the results below are a result of my own marketing efforts.  I have upgraded memberships at most of these sites which allow me to mail more often and reach more members.  The stats are only meant as a guide to show you what is currently working best for me.  Your results my vary.

Hits Unique Signups Ratio
Viral Nugget 2476 64.00% 22 0.89%
Adchiever 3746 61.00% 18 0.48%
List Bonus 1715 65.00% 18 1.05%
Bweeble 3909 66.00% 15 0.38%
Max Mailer Pro 4012 41.00% 12 0.30%
State of the Art Mailer 2875 62.00% 11 0.38%
Your EZ List 766 48.00% 10 1.31%
List Outbreak 827 51.00% 8 0.97%
Viral Ad Store 951 52.00% 7 0.74%
The Lead Magnet 1098 49.00% 7 0.64%
Instant List Empire 228 44.00% 5 2.19%
List Adventure 1346 48.00% 5 0.37%
List Surfing 1069 65.00% 5 0.47%
Viral List Builder Plus 2018 49.00% 5 0.25%
Elite Safelist 2026 41.00% 4 0.20%

Total September sign-ups from all safelists and viral list builders (including those not listed here): 185

A good month with solid numbers from all of the top sites.  Congrats to Viral Nugget for finally stealing the top site away from Bweeble.  In fact, Darren also owns Adchiever so he has really put the one-two punch on my stats this month.  Great job!  I’m also noticing that List Bonus and Bweeble are by the same owners too.  I guess that says a lot about the quality of the owner going a long way towards creating a quality website.

That’s all for this month.  Remember to watch your email tomorrow for the big launch/relaunch that’s happening.  And don’t forget to join Mister Safelist!  I’ve got so many big things planned for this site that it’s not even funny.  Remember, the stats above are my own stats.  What works best for me might be something completely different from what works best for you.  The only way you will ever know is if you are tracking your own results!  You can get the same link tracker I use for free from TE Toolbox.

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