The Best Safelists for November 2019

Happy November!

So another month is in the books.  I just want to thank everyone for being an active reader here and for being an active member of the safelist community.  I’ve got lots of stuff to report this month including a bunch of a new mailer launches and a big change to what I have been promoting.  Let’s get to it…

A few big launches to report this month.  The first, and probably the biggest, is from long time owner Greg Hickman who last week launched Banner Blitz Mailer.  BBM offers a unique feature that rewards active members with lots of free banner advertisements.  Because of Greg’s history in the mailer industry his new site is currently getting a lot of attention from a lot other owners.  After a week the current membership sits at 528 members.

Next up is a new program from Pro Trend Marketing called Synergy Mails.   The owners of this one decided to skip usually JV marketing blitz and let the members build the site themselves.  That means the site is growing a little slower than normal but I love the nice clean design and Pro Trend Marketing’s other sites have always worked great for me.  After 3 weeks the current membership is at 371 members.

 Last but not least is a new mailer from owners Elizabeta Kuzevska and Albie Derbyshire called AE Mailer.  This one also launched about 3 weeks ago but it is growing fast.  It offers instant commissions and is currently at 714 members.  If you are looking for something different this is definitely one to check out.

 That’s it for the new launches.  Now, let’s get to my monthly stats…

I felt like my ads were starting to get a little stale so I decided to mix things up a bit last month.  I basically started from scratch with a new list, a new offer, a new squeeze page, and a new email ad.  The results definitely paid off and I think proved that while there are still a lot of new people joining safelists every month it’s still a good idea to keep your ads fresh if you want to keep attracting new people.  I am thinking I will do another blog post later this month detailing how I created this new list but for now let’s just focus on the stats.

As usual I promote my ads to about 40 different safelists every month.  I do have a lot of upgraded memberships but I still spend a lot of time clicking every day to try and send my ads to as many people as possible as often as possible.  If you want to see a sample of the page I am currently promoting in safelists you can click here. The “Sign Ups” below reflect how many people have confirmed their email address after opting in to my list.  The sign-ups only come from email ads and do not include banners or login ads.

Hits Unique Signups Ratio
European Safelist 5561 51.00% 9 0.16%
List Avail 1171 41.00% 6 0.51%
Mister Safelist 1563 40.00% 5 0.26%
State of the Art Mailer 2291 60.00% 4 0.17%
Bweeble 1784 49.00% 4 0.22%
Traffic Bonus 795 54.00% 4 0.50%
Harmony Mails 1693 40.00% 3 0.18%
List Mailer Plus 1157 38.00% 3 0.26%
Trend Mails 2154 38.00% 3 0.14%
Responsive Mail Marketing 798 50.00% 3 0.38%

Total October Sign-ups: 63

That’s all for now.  Check back in a few weeks and hopefully I will have some detailed info for you about exactly how I achieved these stats.  Until then don’t forget that the stats I share here on this page are only provided to show what mailers are currently working best for me.  What works best for you and your ads might be something entirely different.  The only way to know for sure is to track your owns ads!

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