The Best Safelists for February 2012

Author: Jerry Iannucci

Welcome back!

The calendar on my wall says it is February but the thermometer is making it feel more like May.  Regardless of what the weather may feel like outside it’s time for another fun filled blog post revealing my top safelists and viral list builders.

I didn’t spot any major new launches last month but I am happy to report that Email-Hog is back up and running!  I held off on sending an email about the relaunch until I could verify that everything was up and working again.  Hopefully we will see them ranking well again next month.  If you were a member before the site went down a few months ago you may still be able to retrieve your old account data by filling out the form on this page: http://email-hog.com/recover.php

That’s it for the news.   Let’s get to the stats!

Every day I promote a number of squeeze pages using safelists and viral list builders which give away free copies of my ebook Safelist Marketing Tactics. I use a free link tracker to determine how much traffic my mailings generate as well as how many new subscribers I receive.  I then compile all of that data and share the results here on my blog each month to show you which safelists and viral list builders are bringing me the best results.

I always like to point out that I do have upgraded memberships at most of these sites which usually allows me to send my ads more often.  My ads are also very targeted to other safelist members which does help to increase the response rate.  Your results my vary.

Here we go…

Hits Unique Signups Ratio
Viral List Builder Plus 1340 59.00% 15 1.12%
Your EZ List 1454 71.00% 14 0.96%
State of the Art Mailer 3230 70.00% 13 0.40%
List Joe 1113 80.00% 12 1.08%
List Building Maximizer 1030 40.00% 12 1.17%
List Adventure 1055 57.00% 10 0.95%
Adchiever 2554 71.00% 7 0.27%
Instant List Empire 637 61.00% 7 1.10%
Adsolutionline 2440 41.00% 6 0.25%
The Lead Magnet 847 53.00% 6 0.71%
Instant Profit List 161 63.00% 6 3.73%
Adtactics 3439 27.00% 5 0.15%
Elite Safelist 2758 45.00% 4 0.15%
Global Safelist 1016 40.00% 4 0.39%
List Bonus 701 72.00% 4 0.57%

Total January sign-ups from all mailers (including those not listed here): 142

Congrats to Viral List Builder Plus for making it to the top of the list!

A big thank you to List Hoopla for recommending Your EZ List to me.  It’s not the sexiest list builder out there.  In fact it’s about as bare bones as it gets.  But so far the results have been excellent.

Looking at the stats I also want to mention that I recently let my upgrade at List Joe expire.  It’s always been a relatively expensive upgrade which was well worth the price about a year ago but with all the new viral list builders it’s effectiveness had been going down.  Oddly, now that I am a free member again my results have been going back up.  If this keeps up I may have to spring for another upgrade.

That’s it for this month.  Keep in mind that these stats are the result of my own marketing efforts and your results may vary.  These stats are only provided as a guide to show you what is currently working best for me.  What works best for you might be something entirely different but you will never know unless you are tracking your ads.  You can get the same free link tracker that I use when you join TE Toolbox.

Safelist Marketing Tactics
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4 Responses so far to "The Best Safelists for February 2012"

  1. 1 Michael
    February 2nd, 2012 at 1:30 am  

    how do you make money from these safelists and would you be willing to show me how to do the same?

  2. 2 Jerry Iannucci
    February 4th, 2012 at 10:02 pm  

    The two books at the top of the page would be the best place to start. Safelist Marketing Tactics will show you how to setup and use your safelists properly. Autoresponder Profit System will show you how you can use safelists to build your list which is where I make most of my money. You can also make money by getting referrals at the safelists you use. When one of your referrals upgrades you earn a commission. To do this I would recommend building your list first and then either promoting individual safelists or promoting a safelist downline builder such as List Hoopla.

  3. 3 Andrew Stark
    February 7th, 2012 at 4:38 pm  

    Hi Michael

    The key to making money with safelists is get people onto your own personal mailing list and create a relationship with them. It would be good if you have a passion for a subniche as then you can use this to become an expert.

    For example we all look to Jerry for stats at the start of the month and his free report is something that every safelist user must see being promoted all the time, so he’s also an expert in branding and getting affiliates to promote his stuff.


  4. 4 kyriousrobert
    May 17th, 2012 at 5:18 am  

    safelist are here to stay because of the very high conversion they are giving to internet marketer ,great job well explained

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