I just got out of the Affiliate Funnel conference room with some of the owners of Tezak Traffic Power and I am blown away by some of the numbers I am hearing.

In case you have been living under a rock Tezak Traffic Power is a brand new traffic exchange from long-time surfer Tony Tezak and super TE owners Paul Kinder and Tim Rash.

If you have surfed any traffic exchanges in the last 10 years chances are you have seen one of Tony Tezak’s splash pages.  Tony is the surfer’s surfer.  I usually don’t bother joining new traffic exchanges because it seems like there is a new launch every other day but when I heard Tony Tezak was launching his own exchange I had to join.

Tezak Traffic Power was created with the surfer in mind from the ground up on a brand new traffic exchange script which has lots of cool features that have never been seen before.

So how was the launch?  When I left the Affiliate Funnel conference room about an hour ago they were 80 members short of 5000.  That’s 5000 new members in just over 48 hours.  What does that mean for you the surfer?  That’s a lot of new eyeballs on your webpages.

Hey, I just received an email from Paul Kinder.  Here’s the official stats:

24 hours in…

Gross nearly $22000, amazing numbers!
4823 members already in
13.5% conversion on upgrade offers
Commissions earned: over $11,500
Loads of members due a payout
$2.40 average per referral – exchange wide
add $1 per referral for the contest and that’s $3.40


My own personal stats… I am getting a new sign-up over at Safelist Marketing Tactics for every 200 hits I get at Tezak Traffic Power.  That’s way better than any other traffic exchange I am using right now.

The $1.00 per active referral promotion is going on until next Sunday.

If you are not a member yet join now.

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One Response to "Tezak Traffic Power Smashes All Records"

  1. 1 Tony Tezak
    July 11th, 2009 at 4:29 pm  

    Hi Jerry

    Thanks for your kind words! A bit of an update for your readers hot off the press:) At 2pm today at the 54 hour mark we hit member number 5000.

    Thanks for you and all your readers in making this a successful launch.



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