I do love me some personal branding.


This is a very competitive business.  Anything you can do to give yourself an advantage and make your sites get noticed will make a big difference.  One of the easiest ways to do this is to personalize your business with your own unique brand.

Your unique personal brand can be your own picture.

It doesn’t get any more unique than that.

The guys at TimTech know this and have been championing the idea of personal branding for years.  Now they have taken personal branding to a new level with the relaunch of their ThumbVu traffic exchange.

The new ThumbVu design is clean and fresh and it offers a new concept in traffic exchange surfing.  Instead of viewing random websites for hours on end ThumbVu members are now presented with a list of other members giving you the option of choosing who’s website you want to view next.

This is a great opportunity to connect your personal brand with whatever you are promoting.

Members also have the ability to leave feedback on your pages.

ThumbVu Feedback

Do you think having this kind of feedback displayed every time your site is shown will help you get more sign-ups?

You bet it will.

Lots of people will be flocking to ThumbVu this week to check out all of the new changes.  If you are already a member now would be the perfect time to login and assign some credits to your sites (and to your personal brand).

If you’re not already a member of ThumbVu… what are you waiting for?

Click the banner below to join.

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Thumbvu Traffic Exchange Launches

Author: Jerry Iannucci

Happy Tuesday!

I am very excited today because the long wait is finally over…

Thumbvu is here!

In case you haven’t heard Thumbvu is the new traffic exchange program that i’ve been testing for my good friend John Guanzon.

I know…  Another new traffic exchange.  Big deal.  Right?

No. Thumbvu is different.  It’s like nothing anyone has seen before.

Thumbvu is a totally unique traffic exchange which prequalifies your visitors right from the surf bar.  It also ties directly into your social media sites like
Twitter and Facebook allowing you to build your social network like never before.

There’s even an app for your phone :)

You gotta try this…

Thumbvu is free to join, but I urge you to carefully review the one time offer
you will see after you do. They are practically giving you everything you will need for your advertising needs this year at a rock bottom price you can’t  afford not to take action on.

Click the link below to join Thumbvu now…



Happy Sunday!

One of the key points that I try to emphasize to people who are just getting
into Internet marketing is how important branding is to their business.

Branding is something that is often overlooked by marketers as is evidenced by the number of people out there promoting generic affiliate pages without any kind of personal branding.

Branding is important!

I learned this first hand from working with the “TE guy” Jon Olson himself.

Click here to access an exclusive interview with Jon Olson where he breaks down exactly what you need to know about branding in safelists and traffic exchanges to get better results from your efforts.

You will also get a sneak peak at what is sure become one of the most innovative TE launches of 2010.  I have been beta testing this site and it’s really like nothing you have ever seen before.

Check out the interview with John Guanzon to get a front row seat to the launch of this exciting new traffic exchange where quality advertising and social media blend seamlessly together.

Click here to continue…