The Best Safelists for May 2013

Author: Jerry Iannucci

Welcome to another fun filled month of tracking safelists and viral list builder stats.


I like to start with a little bit of news before getting to the stats and the big news from last month was the relaunch of List Adventure.  The old List Adventure has been chugging along for the past few years bringing decent results but it was… boring.  The new List Adventure is now owned by Jon Nastor and Bill Maloney who are well known for creating some of the most active mailers on the planet.  List Adventure has an all new design, some nice social branding features, activity rewards, and even their own version of badges.  It’s a lot of fun and the results have been great!

On to the stats!

Here’s how it works.  Every day (or as often as they will let me) I send out ads to 40+ safelists and viral list builders promoting splash pages for my own Mister Safelist.  No, you won’t see stats for Mister Safelist below but I hear it’s pretty good.  Yes, I am upgraded at most of the mailers and spend time every day reading emails to earn enough credits to let me send my ads to the maximum number of people.  The stats are the result of my own efforts.  Your results may vary.


Max Mailer Pro 5284 29.00% 12 0.23%
Bweeble 1976 52.00% 12 0.61%
100 Percent Mailer 3395 44.00% 11 0.32%
List Adventure 2834 56.00% 11 0.39%
Viral Nugget 2084 39.00% 10 0.48%
List Nerds 2013 56.00% 10 0.50%
Adchiever 3457 44.00% 10 0.29%
Puffin Mailer 2904 33.00% 8 0.28%
Viral URL 119 65.00% 7 5.88%
State of the Art Mailer 2241 46.00% 7 0.31%
AdTactics 1030 32.00% 7 0.68%
Elite Safelist 2581 36.00% 6 0.23%
List Bonus 1271 44.00% 6 0.47%
List Jumper 1922 52.00% 5 0.26%
Email-Hog 1577 53.00% 5 0.32%

Total April sign-ups (including mailers not shown here): 172

Keep in mind that the stats above are only provided to show what is working best for me.  What works best for you might be something entirely the different.  The only want to find out is to use a link tracker.  You can get the same link tracker that I use from trck.me.

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The Best Safelists for August 2012

Author: Jerry Iannucci

Welcome back!

It’s August and that means it is once again time to whip out my link tracker stats and show you which safelists and viral list builders have been getting me the best results.

The big news from last month… Bweeble!

If you haven’t joined Bweeble yet you are missing out on some great traffic!  Bweeble was created by Jon Nastor and Bill Maloney who are also the guys behind List Bonus which has consistently been one of my top ranked viral list builders for the past year.  Even though Bweeble just launched on July 19th it has already rocketed to the top of my safelist rankings!  If you are looking for great results Bweeble is definitely the place to be advertising right now.  Make sure you grab the 1-year upgrade offer too if you see it.

In other news…

The deluge of new LFMVM launches has finally slowed down.  Not surprising that very few of these new viral list builders ranked well for me this month.  The exception is William Brant’s Max Mailer Pro.  William was the first to remove the restriction of only being able to view one page at a time and has now added something brand new to the site called “QuotaPoints”.  I still don’t fully understand how these work but ever since this new feature was added my results from Max Mailer Pro have started going way up.

Ok, ready for some stats?

Here’s how it works.  Every day I submit my ads to 30-40 different safelists and viral list builders.  I am promoting several lead capture pages that give away a free copy of my ebook Safelist Marketing Tactics. I use a free link tracking service to tell me how many hits I receive from each safelist and viral list builder as well as how many new subscribers I received.  I have upgraded memberships at most of these sites which usually allow me to send my ads more often and to more people.  I also spend time every day reading emails to give me enough credits to send my ads to as many people as possible as often as possible.  Your results may vary.

Here are my top safelist and viral list builder stats from last month.

Hits Unique Signups Ratio
Bweeble 1486 80.00% 27 1.82%
Viral List Builder Plus 2302 52.00% 23 1.00%
List Bonus 1939 65.00% 18 0.93%
Max Mailer Pro 1969 37.00% 11 0.56%
List Outbreak 857 49.00% 11 1.28%
Your EZ List 837 53.00% 11 1.31%
List Adventure 1240 53.00% 11 0.89%
State of the Art Mailer 2491 66.00% 9 0.36%
Fast Cash Mailer 1075 54.00% 8 0.74%
TopTierMailer 1762 59.00% 7 0.40%
Adchiever 3566 64.00% 6 0.17%
List Shock 1955 44.00% 6 0.31%
Instant List Empire 438 51.00% 6 1.37%
List Surfing 1357 75.00% 4 0.29%
Viral Mail Profits 397 66.00% 4 1.01%

Total new sign-ups from all safelists and viral list builders (including those not listed here): 197

I’ll say it again… Bweeble!  Those results are only from the last 2 weeks!  I can’t wait to see what my Bweeble results will be next month after a full month of testing.

That’s all for this month.  Keep in mind that my stats are the result of my own marketing efforts.  I provide these stats to show you what is currently working best for me.  Your results may be completely different than my own but you will never know unless you are tracking your ads.  You can the same link tracker that I use for free TE Toolbox.

Safelist Marketing Tactics
Click here to receive a free copy of Safelist Marketing Tactics