The Best Safelists for June 2013

Author: Jerry Iannucci

Hello June!

It feels like safelists and mailers have been getting a lot more attention recently.  Even compared to just a year ago.  It seems that more and more people are finding out what a powerful advertising medium they can be and I couldn’t be happier.

Last month saw the release of another new viral list builder called List Viral.  It was launched by Matt Baker with a little help from the guys at TimTech.  If you are a member of List Nerds you will notice the similiarities right away.  The design is simple and proves that you don’t need to have a million complicated options to get good results from a mailer.

The other big launch was the new social networking site from Darren Olander and Matt Koskho called Marketing Checkpoint.  This one is a little more than your typical mailer.  It’s a full fledged social networking site.  Sorta like Facebook for Internet marketers.  Members can earn “activity points” by being active within the community and those points can then be used to send ads through the mailer.  The mailer is still offline until June 14 so that they can build up their membership first.  It’s still definitely worth joining Marketing Checkpoint now.  There are some great discussions going on about safelist marketing and it’s a great place to get know your fellow Internet marketers in a social environment.

Ok, on to the stats…

Here’s how it works.  Every day I submit my ads to 40+ safelists and viral list builders promoting splash pages for my own Mister Safelist.  I am upgraded at most of these sites which typically allows me to send my ads more often than free members.  I also spend time every day reading emails for credits which allow me to send my ads to as many people as possible.  The stats below are the result of my own marketing efforts and your results will probably vary.

Hits Unique Signups Ratio
Adchiever 4020 65.00% 13 0.32%
Viral List Builder Plus 3910 58.00% 12 0.31%
100 Percent Mailer 3952 61.00% 10 0.25%
List Adventure 4675 66.00% 9 0.19%
Max Mailer Pro 5725 52.00% 8 0.14%
Bweeble 2414 69.00% 7 0.29%
Viral Nugget 2260 62.00% 7 0.31%
State of the Art Mailer 2641 69.00% 6 0.23%
List Nerds 1268 72.00% 6 0.47%
List Jumper 1943 70.00% 5 0.26%
Puffin Mailer 2716 52.00% 5 0.18%
AdTactics 1113 53.00% 5 0.45%
Viral URL 85 72.00% 5 5.88%
List Bonus 1354 65.00% 4 0.30%
List Joe 469 67.00% 4 0.85%
Elite Safelist 2508 57.00% 4 0.16%

Total May sign-ups (including those not shown above): 146

A bit of a light month for me.  I think I have identified a few problems with my campaigns and will try focusing on my higher converting splash pages to see if that helps to increase my results for next month.

That’s it for this month.

Don’t forget to join Marketing Checkpoint if you haven’t already and come get involved in the safelists discussions.  We would love to hear your thoughts.

As always the stats above are only provided to show what is working best for me.  What works best for you might be something entirely different.  The only way to know for sure is to track your own results.  You can get the same link tracker I use from trck.me.

 Safelist Marketing Tactics
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Keeping Track of Your TE Commissions

Author: Jerry Iannucci

Hello and Happy Sunday!

About a year and a half ago I did a video walk through of a new site at the time called TE Command Post.

You can check out the video here:

TE Command Post continues to be one of the most useful services for traffic exchanges surfers that I have ever used.  When you are a member of dozens of traffic exchanges like I am it becomes extremely helpful to keep track of all of your credits on all of your traffic exchanges with just one click.

This past week TE Command Post added a new feature which makes it an even more invaluable tool… the ability to track all of the commissions traffic exchanges owe you.

Check this out:http://www.mytecommandpost.comAccording to TE Command Post I had over $400 in commissions owed to me that I had not yet received.  Now some of these sites do pay monthly and I just have not been paid yet this month.  List Surfing is a good example of this.  But many other sites require you to login and manually request your commissions be paid.  If you don’t know you are owed commissions you never get paid.

Just another reason why I believe TE Command Post is an essential tool for all Internet marketers who are promoting with traffic exchanges.

If you are not already a member then sign-up, select your traffic exchanges, and find out immediately who owes you money.

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The Best Safelists for June 2011

Author: Jerry Iannucci

Hello fellow Internet marketers!

Once again it is time to dig out my stats and show you what safelists and viral list builders have been working best for me during the previous month.

But first, the news…

Actually, there isn’t much news this month.  This biggest thing happening right now is yesterday’s launch of Sean Supplee’s new viral list builder called “List Ablaze“.  The site is running on the same script as many of the other recent viral list builders but with a few custom modifications that should help it outperform some of it’s competitors.

Obviously I don’t have any stats to share for List Ablaze this month but knowing Sean and how well these scripts perform I would definitely recommend getting your ads in there while the site is still hot.

Ok, time for the stats…

I always have to preface this by saying that these are my stats from advertising my sites.  I am promoting a squeeze page and tracking the number of new sign-ups to my list.  I am also upgraded on most of these sites which often allows me to send more emails than free members.

Here’s the top 10 list…

Hits Unique Signups Ratio
Viral URL 102 86.00% 46 45.10%
List Bonus 1785 75.00% 36 2.02%
The Lead Magnet 1192 65.00% 26 2.18%
StateoftheArtMailer 3619 76.00% 20 0.55%
Quick List Profits 553 68.00% 16 2.89%
List Effects 493 66.00% 11 2.23%
AdsolutionLine 2053 44.00% 9 0.44%
AdTactics 1401 68.00% 9 0.64%
AdsolutionLine 393 75.00% 9 2.29%
Elevated Power List 417 56.00% 8 1.92%

Total sign-ups for May from safelists and viral list builders: 245

Another excellent month.  No big surprises.  My gold membership at Viral URL continues to dominate.  List Bonus, The Lead Magnet, and State of the Art Mailer also remain right at the top of the list where they have been for awhile.  If you’re not already a member of any of these they are definitely worth your time.

As I stated earlier these are my stats from advertising my squeeze pages.  Your results may differ but you will never know unless you are tracking your ads.  Need a link tracker?  You can get the same one that I am using for free from TE Toolbox.

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Ponzi Scheme Frustrations

Author: Jerry Iannucci

Hello again!

Sorry I haven’t been updating my blog as often as I would like.  I’m still around, I just haven’t had much time to write.

But today I am ready to rant!

Yep, welcome back!

So, lately I have been spending way too much time on Sweeva.  Frankly, i’m addicted.  Whatever.  In case you live under a rock Sweeva is a social marketing site / traffic exchange.  So by using it you are not only getting your site seen by other marketers but you are also getting to know a lot of other marketers socially who are promoting their own sites.

I guess recently it has really started to bug me to see how many talented Internet marketers I know are out there promoting illegal pyramid and ponzi schemes.

I know.  These programs have been around even longer than I have.   It’s not like I haven’t seen hundreds of them come and go over the years.  But it’s interesting now to finally see the faces and talk to the people who are promoting these programs in a social environment such as Sweeva.

Ok, for the record i’m no angel.  I’ve been known to bend a few laws in my time.  If I am in a hurry I might go a few mph over the speed limit.  I probably play the stereo in my car louder than I should and I might even admit to having a few mp3s on my computer that I didn’t pay for.  Hey, I’m like a modern day Jesse James.

Let’s be realistic here.  The police probably aren’t going to break your door down and haul you off to jail for promoting an affiliate link that might not be entirely legal, but does that mean you should do it?

As long as nobody gets hurt, right?


People do get hurt.

Money doesn’t just magically appear.

No program pays out more than it takes in.

The only way for you to make money in these programs is for other people to lose money.  Your success can only come from someone else’s failure.

Am I the only one bothered by that?

No, i’m not a lawyer or a judge.  I can’t pass absolute legal judgment over every site out there.  But if you are not selling a product or service and the only thing you are offering people is a money making opportunity then chances are it’s either an illegal pyramid scheme or an illegal ponzi scheme.

What’s that?  You program offers a product or service?  I guess that makes it legit, right?

Of course it does!

In fact, Bernie Madoff would be a free man right now if he had only thought to provide his clients with some ebooks and a rotating banner ad on his blog.

You can dress it up anyway you like.  If people are spending money on these things with the goal of making more money back then slapping on a worthless product or ad credits isn’t going to make them any more legit.

It’s frustrating to me though because sometimes I just want to grab these people and tell them what they are doing is wrong… but I can’t.  Who am I to tell them what they should or should not promote?  Right?

Look, if you have the money and you want to gamble it on one of these programs I don’t really care.  Maybe you’ll get lucky and eventually make a profit.  Congratulations on your wise business investment.

My problem is with the program owners and the people who use these programs to prey on newbies who don’t know any better.  The people who only care about making money and don’t care where it’s coming from.  To me that is more than just breaking the law… it’s just wrong.


Taking the Plunge with Traffic Wave

Author: Jerry Iannucci

I’ve said many times before that a professional autoresponder is one of the most powerful weapons in any successful Internet marketer’s arsenal. Over the past few years Aweber has become accepted as the king of autoresponders based on their features and more importantly their excellent delivery rate. Until now Aweber was the only autoresponder I would personally recommend but it looks like now I will be making the switch to Traffic Wave.

I actually joined Traffic Wave once about 6 years ago. At the time I think it was an FFA site with an autoresponder feature and some kind of income opportunity that I didn’t really understand. I joined because I thought I could make money from it and of course I didn’t so I quit.

Over the years I have seen various programs pushing Traffic Wave as a way to make money.  Because of this I always assumed that’s what it was… an income opportunity with an autoresponder tacked on to make it appear legit. I even expressed this opinion at NMF a few months ago and was surprised when the owner of Traffic Wave, Brian Rooney, showed up to dispel this myth and prove that Traffic Wave is a real autoresponder with delivery rates that could compete with the best autoresponders out there.

I kinda forgot about it until a few weeks ago when Jerry Reeder and I got into a discussion about Aweber’s new form builder and the possibility of switching to Traffic Wave to offer a simpler solution for our readers. When Jon Olson decided to make the switch to Traffic Wave live on TrafficExchangeLive last week we both took the plunge with him.

I’ve spent the last few days playing with Traffic Wave and I am happy to say that it has improved from where it was 6 years ago.  Improved a lot!  Traffic Wave is the real deal.  From what I can see Traffic Wave offers all the features as Aweber along with a very accessible owner who understands the needs of Internet marketers like myself.

The price is a big factor too.  When I joined Aweber I must have locked in a monthly subscription price which is roughly the same as Traffic Wave.  At some point Aweber changed their pricing based on the size of your list.  I guess as a long-time member I was exempt from the price change because based on the size of my list I should be paying an extra $50/month at Aweber.  Traffic Wave on the other hand has a flat monthly fee no matter how big your list gets.

What makes my decision to switch to Traffic Wave really interesting is that Traffic Wave is also an mlm complete with a forced matrix and fast track bonuses.  A few years ago I stated that I was done promoting these kinds of programs because instead of trying to sell good products you always end up pushing the opportunity.  When people fail to make money with the opportunity they quit and the whole thing falls apart.

Traffic Wave on the other hand is a real competitive autoresponder service that I am happy to use and recommend with or without the income opportunity.  The fact that I can make a lot more money with it is just an added bonus.

I don’t personally have any problems with Aweber.  I still think it’s a great autoresponder.  But when it comes time to recommend an autoresponder based on price and features I will have to go with Traffic Wave now.

I haven’t started promoting Traffic Wave yet.  I’ll probably start by updating the links in some of my ebooks and adding it my downline builders.  Once I get a few referrals then i’ll probably start pushing it a little harder.

If you have been on the fence about getting an autoresponder now would be a good time to join Traffic Wave.  I can’t promise that you will make thousands of dollars a month just from being in my downline but if you choose to use Traffic Wave to build your list you can feel confident that you are getting a professional autoresponder service that will become the backbone of your business for years to come.

Sign up now to get a free 30-day trial.

Click here to visit Traffic Wave


Good Ideas Are No Longer Good Enough

Author: Jerry Iannucci

Over the last few years so many different blogs and web sites about Internet marketing have appeared on the Internet that it has become very difficult to make your site stand out from all of the others. It doesn’t matter if you are just starting a new site or if you are thinking about making your existing site more unique, the trick to creating and maintaining a site that captures the attention and interest of your target market is to find your own unique niche. If you are able to figure out a way to provide something unique that nobody else is doing then you will have a better chance of creating a lasting relationship with your site’s visitors. Once you have figured out your unique niche there is still a lot of work to do but this is the best way to begin.

Every great site starts out with a really good idea, and it’s almost impossible to build a really good site that lasts without one. There are many excellent websites out there that are targeted to Internet marketers so the competition out there can get pretty intense. To make sure that your site stands out from the pack you are going to need to offer something that nobody else is currently offering… or you will need to do something that someone else is already doing but do it in a way that is more impressive or that is more valuable to your visitors.

One of the ways you can develop a really good model for your site is to look at some other sites that have figured out how to successfully capture your target audience and determine if you can use some of their strategies to help you do something similar with your own site. I’m not saying you should copy them exactly. You will have to add your own unique twist to what they are doing in order to make sure your site stands out from all the others. I think many people would agree with me that the sites out there which are the most successful have their own unique personality. With so many popular sites to choose from most surfers will gravitate to the sites which they feel offers the best personality so try to take this into consideration when you are trying to decide how to give your site a unique feel by adding your own voice to the design and content on your site.

After you come up with a great concept for your site, picked a specific niche that you are comfortable with, and infused the site with your own voice and personality, the next big step is trying to figure out how to get the word out there to other people. When it comes right down to it a really good idea just isn’t enough to make your website successful any more. You are going to need to come up with a smart and realistic marketing plan that is designed to constantly draw new visitors to your site. Once you are able to hook your visitor hopefully your great content will hopefully keep them coming back for more but it is vital that you are able to get that first glance from them or else your site will never get the opportunity to shine.