Traffic Hoopla has been one of the largest and more successful ranking services and downline builders for the traffic exchange and safelist industry since 2002.  That’s a really long time!

I just got a chance to check out their latest creation called List Hoopla which is dedicated entirely to safelists and viral list builders.

You can check it out here:

As you probably know I post my own safelist rankings here on my blog every month.

What is the difference between List Hoopla ranking and my own?

According to the Hoopla website:

“Overall Rankings are determined by a composite score from raw hits, primary conversion rate, secondary conversion rate, new visitors, bounce rate, unique hits, unique percentage, and commissions paid.”

While I just rank by the number of sign-ups I received.

Which is better?  Well, it doesn’t really matter.  The purpose is to find new advertising sources that you are not already using and then track them to find out which ones work best for you.  I even spotted a few new mailers on the List Hoopla site where I was not already a member.  I just joined them and I am looking forward to seeing what kind of results I get next month.

List Hoopla is also a downline builder which is something I don’t offer (yet).  So if you join make sure you fill in your referral IDs so can start building your downlines in the top ranked List Hoopla sites.

Click the banner below to join List Hoopla today!


Happy Birthday to Me!

Author: Jerry Iannucci

Happy July 12th!

And yes, today is indeed my birthday.


I know you are wondering so I’ll just come out and say it…


(and I plan to stay 39 for the next 5 years)

To celebrate my birthday I have decided to give a little something back as a thank you to everyone who has helped make this past year such a success.

So for the next 24 hours I am slashing the cost of the rebranding rights to each of my ebooks to just…

7 dollars each!

I have NEVER offered these so cheap before!

And I probably never will again.

In case you don’t know my three ebooks are:


These rebrandable ebooks have proven to be a smart way to build your downlines and make extra money by simply sharing this valuable information with other marketers.

Now you can get the rebranding rights to these ebooks for just 7 dollars each.

To take advantage of this special birthday offer sign up or login to any of my sites below:


And upgrade inside the members area.

The upgrade page will still show the full price but you will only be charged $7.00 for each upgrade you purchase.

How long will this birthday offer last?

I was going to leave it until midnight tonight… but there is little chance I will be home by then.  So, the 7 dollar offer will be in effect until tomorrow morning.

Don’t wait!  Help me celebrate my birthday by grabbing these ultra-cheap rebranding rights to my ebooks today!




Happy Tuesday!

Sorry I have been a little bit quiet lately.  There honestly hasn’t been a whole lot going on.  But today I have some pretty big news.  It’s a brand new program that just launched this morning from my buddies Paul Kinder and Scott Martin (yes, I really do know all these people).

It’s called TE Command Post!

Paul and Scott have designed and built a site that I think fills a HUGE gap in the traffic exchange market. It’s something that surfers have needed for years without ever really knowing it.

TE Command Post allows you to:

* Command Your Credits
* Control Your Time
* Cash In Cool Commissions On 24/7 Autopilot
* All With Push Button Simplicity Right Now!

And the best bit – yep, it’s free!

Here’s everything you will get if you join today…

* Up to the minute account information for every listed exchange almost instantly.

* How many credits you have waiting to be assigned

* How many credits you have already assigned

* Which url’s are running low on credits

* High converting Affiliate Tools designed to build your downlines fast and bring you passive recurring affiliate commissions for TE Command Post and many other traffic-related sites

* TWO downline builders to get you passive referrals.

* Your links appear in Paul’s emails so you get to lay back and let an email master make you commissions!

Now check this out:

TE Command Post 1

That’s a screen shot from inside my TE Command Post account.  I had no idea I had so many unassigned credits laying around!  But TE Command Post found them for me.  Now I can easily login to each of those accounts and assign all of my credits.

And it also works with your banner and text ads…

TE Command Post 2

That’s how many unassigned banner impressions I had.  Wow!

BUT… there is an absolutely HUGE list of extra features for upgraded members too (I know because I am using them).

PLUS… a special launch promotion where you can lock in up to 88% discount – secured for life!

Highly recommended!

btw, Scott and Paul are not saying they will start charging. That’s bogus! They really are happy to share their own personal system that has helped with their success and you will always be able to get it free but…

The special launch discount is expected to sell out quickly and will only be available for a few short days!

So join free or grab yourself a real bargain,

Either way you won’t regret it!

Click Here to Join TE Command Post.


Backdoor Access to Get Referrals Fast

Author: Jerry Iannucci

Happy Thursday!

Last week I posted about a brand new website that a few of my buddies just launched called “Get Referrals Fast“.

Chances are that you’ve been seeing this site promoted quite a bit since last week.  That’s not surprising when you consider the owners make their livings by making money for other people.

Jerry Reeder is the copywriter traffic exchange owners stand in line to get.

They stand inline to get Jay Hines to do custom programming for them too.

And Mike Paetzold was one of the founders of Affiliate Funnel who has been teaching people how to be successful in this business for years.

And tonight at 8:00 PM; they are going to reveal their little known secrets to explode lists and downlines by using Trojan Horse Marketing Tactics.

This conference is supposed to be only for Get Referrals Fast members; but I found the back door where anybody can attend, even if you are not using the Get Referrals Fast list building and downline building system.

And you also get access to their private blog.

It’s the perfect way to see what all the buzz is about and get insider secrets without having to commit to the program.

You do all that here:

If you are anything like me, then you will be there to get the profit pulling advice these guys dispense like the world is going to end tomorrow.



“TE Teams” Has Arrived!

Author: Jerry Iannucci

Now this is cool!

Last night while hanging out at TE Live I had the fortune of witnessing the birth of a brand new concept in downline building.  It’s a new program that is being called “TE Teams“.

TE Teams was created from scratch over the last week by Tim Linden, John Guanzon, Austin Hallock, and Jon Olson.  The idea is to build your downlines in a variety of programs using teams instead of trying to do it alone.

The new site is very slick and is designed to build your downlines in TrafficWave, TEToolbox, Thumbvu, StartXchange, I Love Hits, Traffic Splash, and Dragon Surf.

Since I was there for the unveiling I was lucky enough to snag a position of “team leader” for my own team called… (drum roll)…  EXCELSIOR!

So far, i’m loving it!  In the few hours since I have been a team leader we have rocketed to the top of the teams list and we have even generated a few referrals for our members.

TE Teams is totally free to join.  There are no OTOs or upgrade offers.

If you are interested in building your downlines in the above programs and you feel that you would like to contribute to Team Excelsior we would love to have to on board.  Simply click the link below to join for free.

Click Here to Join “Team Excelsior