The Best Safelists for August 2011

Author: Jerry Iannucci


Welcome to my August 2011 report of the current best safelists and viral list builders.

If this is your first time here you are in for a treat.  Every month I share my personal marketing stats from all of the safelists and viral list builders I used during the previous month.  This should help you get a better idea of what safelists and viral list builders are producing the best results going into the new month.  I also like to share any news or announcements of big launches that recently happened.

Last month there were no new safelists or viral list builder launches to report.  Sorry.

There was a new feature released at State of the Art Mailer worth mentioning called “Time Bonus Ads”.  I wrote about this in a previous post that you can find here.  To be honest I totally forgot all about this new feature since I last wrote about it… but that’s how it works!  You earn credits to show your banner ads across their network just doing the stuff you are already doing.  Since I last checked it I have had my banner shown 23,198 times and had 30 click-thrus to my sites.  Not bad for not having to do any extra work.

Ok, time for the stats…

Here’s how it works.  I promote several squeeze pages for my ebook Safelist Marketing Tactics on all of the top safelists and viral list builders.  I then track how many hits I received from each mailer and how many new subscribers they brought to my list.  I do have have upgraded memberships on most of these mailers which allow to me send my ads more often.  I also spend time every day clicking email ads for credits that allow me to send my emails to as many members as I can as often as I can.  This list is only intended as a guideline and your results my vary.

Hits Unique Conv. Ratio
List Bonus 1657 84.00% 18 1.09%
The Lead Magnet 1189 61.00% 17 1.43%
Instant List Empire 379 67.00% 12 3.17%
Viral URL 32 84.00% 11 34.38%
List Adventure 937 61.00% 11 1.17%
Adchiever 1629 70.00% 10 0.61%
State of the Art Mailer 4397 77.00% 9 0.20%
Instant Profit List 382 65.00% 8 2.09%
Ultimate Profit List 1405 76.00% 8 0.57%
Quick List Profits 445 69.00% 7 1.57%
List Joe 1880 76.00% 7 0.37%
AdsolutionLine 2842 43.00% 6 0.21%
List Effects 425 59.00% 6 1.41%
Viral Ad Store 584 65.00% 5 0.86%
Downline Builders Direct 338 55.00% 4 1.18%

Total July sign-ups from all mailers (including those not listed here): 160

Not too much has changed from last month.   The only exception is Instant List Empire which has made a pretty big jump from last month.  I like this mailer because as an upgraded member I only receive maybe one or two emails a day.  That makes earning extra credits a little tricky but it also means every time I send out an ad it gets noticed.

That’s it!  Don’t forget that these are my own personal tracking stats from promoting my own pages.  Your results may vary but you will never know unless you are tracking your own ads.  You can get the same tracking service I use for free from TE Toolbox.

Now get out there and start sending your ads!

Safelist Marketing Tactics
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The Best Safelists for February 2011

Author: Jerry Iannucci

Hello and welcome to February!

I don’t know about you but it’s weather like this makes me glad I work from home.

I have some big changes to announce this month but first I want to shine a light on one of the better safelist related launches that took place last month.  It’s a site called “The Traffic Button” and it was released by Mike Purvis who is best known for creating The List Auction, Viral Ad Store, and Traffic ZipperThe Traffic Button is a series of free training modules which will show you how to get the most out of advertising with free viral list builders (such as the ones Mike owns).  There is definitely some good content here and well worth the time to check it out.

I also released a new edition of my popular ebook Safelist Marketing Tactics.  Nothing major.  I just wanted to make sure the content is current and still relevant to marketing with safelist and viral list builders into 2011.

Ok, the big announcement… my tracking script died!

Yep.  I was doing some routine maintenance on the database and for some unknown reason the script will now no longer recognize the tracking cookies used to tell me when people click my splash page and when they join my program.

So now I am tracking all of my links exclusively with TE Toolbox!

The bad news is that I lost all of my data from before January 13th.

The good news is that the new trackers are working great.

Since I made such a major change in the way I track my links I also decided to take this opportunity to make some changes in the way I have been promoting.  Before I was promoting splash pages and tracking how many people clicked my ads and how many people ultimately joined my program.

I decided that instead of promoting the usual splash pages that I am now going to promote a squeeze page instead and track how many people subscribe to my list through that page.

Here is the page I am promoting:

That page is available to all upgraded members of Safelist Marketing Tactics if you would also like to use it to build your list.

The results?

Since January 13th I have tracked 208 new subscribers to my list from promoting that page exclusively through safelists and viral list builders.


Which safelists and viral list builders worked the best?

As always I would like to point out that these stats are a result of my own marketing efforts and your results may differ.  I also have upgraded memberships on most of the safelists and viral list builders listed below which normally produces better results.

Enough of that… here’s what worked best for me:

Hits Unique Subscribers Ratio
State of the Art Mailer 3,407 71% 35 1.03%
Adchiever 1,635 70% 20 1.22%
Quick List Profits 611 65% 18 2.95%
Global Safelist 1,191 38% 14 1.18%
Viral Ad Store 694 67% 12 1.73%
List Effects 405 65% 11 2.72%
The Lead Magnet 660 68% 10 1.52%
AdTactics 2,667 29% 9 0.34%
The List Auction 543 65% 9 1.66%
AdsolutionLine 1,845 42% 7 0.38%
Elite Safelist 1,695 38% 7 0.41%

Not bad for only half of January.

As usual, if you are not already a member of State of the Art Mailer… oh boy are you missing out!

Adchiever also continues to rock.

I am really impressed this month by Quick List Profits.  While this is still one of the newer viral list builders the conversion ratio is the best on the list.  I don’t know what Kym Robinson is doing over there but it’s definitely working!

That’s all for this month.

Keep your eyes peeled on Feb 13th for a brand new viral list builder launch that is definitely going to make some big waves.  Also be back here next month to see what kind of results I get from a full month of building my list with safelists and viral list builders.

Safelist Marketing Tactics
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Where Are The JV Giveaway Updates?

Author: Jerry Iannucci

Hey Guys.

You may have noticed that it’s been about three weeks since I have posted a new JV giveaway update on my blog or via email.  I was hoping nobody would notice but a few people have called me out on it.

Here’s the deal…  it’s a pain to update that list every week!

Ok, so maybe i’m a wuss.  It just got to the point where I would be out with my friends on Sunday night and in the back of my mind I am thinking I need to get home and update the giveaway list.  Then I get home and i’m stuck compiling a list of events at two in the morning so I can send it out before I go to bed.

The fact is that there are usually 5 or 6 new giveaway events announced every week but there are usually only 1 or 2 per month worth promoting.  That’s not to say that the other events are not worth joining because they are free and they do still get me signups.  It’s just a lot of work to do every week without much of a reward.

I’m still updating the calendar inside my JV Giveaway Tactics website.  That’s easy enough to do.  I’m just not sure if it’s worth the time to do the weekly blog post and email updates.

For example I just updated the calendar tonight.  I added 7 new giveaway events.  Of those 7, only 1 is really worth mentioning.  That one is the Goodfellas JV Giveaway.  That site is run on the latest giveaway script, has a unique domain name, and has all custom graphics.  The other giveaways are all cookie-cutter designs that are hosted in folders with probably 20 other websites.

Seriously, if you can’t afford $10 for a domain name how much faith am I going to put in you to be able to run a successful giveaway?

So I want to hear what you guys think.  I plan on keeping the calendar updated inside the JV Giveaway Tactics website.  Would you prefer that I keep doing the emails and blog posts listing all the current giveaways?  Or would you prefer just the occasionally announcement about new giveaways worth joining?

Lemme know!

JV Giveaway Tactics


The Great Sweeva Widget Hunt

Author: Jerry Iannucci

I just had a crazy idea.

What if somebody made a list of web pages that display the Sweeva widget?

We would then have a list of sites that we could visit every day looking for “prize” widgets and the owners of those sites would benefit from the extra traffic as well as winning half of the prizes.

Here’s the list of sites I have found so far:

http://www.GetRichWithJerry.com (this page)

All links should open in a new window.

When you visit each of these sites look for the Sweeva widget.  If it says you won a prize click it to claim your reward.

Want to see your page listed above?

Here’s all you need to do…

Step 1
If you’re not already a member of Sweeva join here: http://MySweeva.com

Step 2
Add the Sweeva widget to your website

Step 3
Submit the URL of the page showing your Sweeva widget in the comments section below.

Just in case you don’t know, Sweeva is a brand new social marketing website that allows members to interact with each other while looking other member’s websites.  The Sweeva widget is a little piece of javascipt that you can add to your website which either shows the current site being displayed on Sweeva or it displays your own personal Sweeva stats.

Occasionally the Sweeva widget will turn into a “prize” widget that looks like this:

Don’t bother clicking it.   That’s just an example.

Click the list of sites above to locate the real Sweeva prize widgets.

Also, don’t forget to check the widget on the right side of this page.

Have fun and leave your widget sites in the comments below!


The Best Safelists for February 2010

Author: Jerry Iannucci

It just occurred to me that putting the name of the previous month in the title of these posts make them appear outdated the second I post them.  So from now on I will be using last month’s stats to look forward at all the safelists I will be focusing on in the current month.

And it couldn’t have come at a better time because frankly last month sucked.  Not so much for the safelists but for my own productivity.  You can tell just by looking at how many times I updated my blog last month.  I spent yesterday doing absolutely nothing in preparation for being extra productive today.  Considering this is my second post of the day I guess that good but I had also planned on having this done at least 6 hours ago so maybe not so good.

Safelist news!  Oh boy we had finally had some excitement around here.  Usually not much usually happens in this industry but a few months ago some scum bag named Andrew Baxter thought it was be a good idea to create a software product that allows people to cheat credit based safelists.  Basically this software downloads all your safelist emails and clicks all the credit links for you meaning you never need to actually view the ads of other members.

This is exactly the type of software that nearly killed the safelist industry a few years ago.  If everyone started using this software then nobody would be viewing your ads which would make posting to safelists useless.

I happy to announce that last month many of the larger safelists began fighting back by implementing “cheat protection” in their emails in the form of captcha codes that must be entered before you can earn credits.  This and some other techniques appear to be working so far.  It’s also a great a way to find out who the cheaters are so their accounts can be removed from the safelist.

This change couldn’t have come soon enough.  It’s got to be assumed that there are always going to be a small percentage of people cheating but nobody has ever been stupid enough to do it so publicly.  These new security changes should hopefully make safelists even more responsive while cutting down on the number of emails being sent by the cheaters.

Here is the list I have so far of the safelists that have added some form of cheat protection last month for their members:

Elite Safelist
Smart Safelist
Target Safelist

If you know of any others please let me know.

Update: Feb 2, 2010
Supreme List, List Building Maximizer, and Global Safelist have also added cheat protection.  Global Safelist is actually using a number matching test like you would see on a traffic exchange.  That’s awesome!

Oh, and if you one of the people who bought the cheat software from Andrew Baxter feel free to ask him for a refund.  I am sure he will be happy to assist you.  If not, I bet paypal will.

Ok, now the fun part.  Here are my safelist advertising stats from last month.  These stats come from advertising my video splash page for Safelist Marketing Tactics.

Total Clicks

Unique Clicks Action Sales CTA CTS
ViralAdStore 1,488 863 73 15 8.46% 1.74%
List Joe 1,668 1,203 69 15 5.74% 1.25%
List Auction 1,062 684 30 15 4.39% 2.19%
Got Safelist 3,801 1,539 45 9 2.92% 0.58%
Elite Safelist 1,423 750 33 6 4.40% 0.80%
FreeSafelistMailer 1,199 551 23 6 4.17% 1.09%
AdSolutionline 2,155 857 26 5 3.03% 0.58%
Global Safelist 1,521 750 27 3 3.60% 0.40%

“Clicks” is how many people viewed my splash page.  “Action” is how many people clicked the link on my splash page to go to the main site.  “Sales” is how many people joined my site.  CTA and CTS are “clicks to action” and “clicks to sale”.  I ranked these safelists by sales but it is also important to look at the other numbers to determine how responsive each safelist really is.

It seems like I received a drop in sign-ups from the big 3 list builders.  It should be noted that these sites are also sending out far fewer emails than they had been a few months ago.  It’s rare now that I am ever able to earn enough credits to send to the maximum number of members.  That means my ads are reaching less people but at least I don’t have to spend all day clicking for credits any more.

Everything else looks pretty normal though it will be interesting to see if the new cheat protection scripts will have much of an effect when I check my stats again next month.

As usual, these are my own personal stats and depending on what you are advertising your results may vary.  This information is simply intended to be a guide for trying out new safelists that you might not already be a member of.  Also, don’t forget to track your ads to find out which safelists work best for you.  You can get a professional link tracker from TEToolbox.