An Interview with… Me!

Author: Jerry Iannucci

Happy Friday!

It’s been a wonderful week and I would just like to thank everybody for all the positive comments I have received for my new book Autoresponder Profit  System.  Thank you!

It’s been really amazing watching people actually putting this information into practice.  It feels great every time I see someone new building their list with the tools I make available through the site.

Want to know what’s really crazy?

People are now wanting to interview me!

I actually did an interview last Monday with James Holmes who is host of the “Internet Business Blueprint” podcast show.  I think it went well.

Let me just put the disclaimer out there that I loathe talking on the phone.  I like email or skype where I can take a few moments to compose my thoughts.   This was also my first interview so I was a bit nervous.  Lucky for me James is a professional and he somehow managed to keep me talking for a  full 45 min.

Here’s the archived link if you want to listen:

Don’t ask me if it’s good or not.  I have no idea what I said during those 45 min and I am not interested in going back and listen to myself talk.  So, let me  know if it’s any good.

Also, I believe I am going to be the guest speaker tomorrow morning at the weekly Affiliate Funnel conference.  I assume I will be talking about  autoresponders, list building, and all sorts of good stuff.

If you would like to stop by and heckle me live it starts Saturday at Noon EST and will probably run for about an hour.

Here’s the link:


Happy Monday!

I guess I let the list building tutorial slip for a few days.  Sorry about that.  But now that I am back let’s get back into it.

By now you should have your squeeze page up and running.  Great!  Today I want to start talking about how to generate traffic to your squeeze page so that you can start getting some sign-ups in your autoresponder.

There are all sorts of ways to drive traffic to your new squeeze page.  There’s search engines, pay-per-click advertising, article marketing, forums, blogs, safelists, etc.

One source that I have successfully been using to drive traffic to my my sites for the last 7 years is free traffic exchange programs.

Traffic exchanges are sites that allow you to generate traffic to your sites by spending some of your time visiting other people’s websites.

I’ll be honest.  Traffic exchanges are terrible for trying to sell stuff because the people who visit your site through them are only there because they are trying to generate traffic for their own sites.

Traffic exchanges are only for two thing:

1. Building Your Brand
2. Building Your List

If you read the lessons in Affiliate Funnel you will know why it is important to always be building your personal brand online.

What you may not know about Affiliate Funnel is that it was created by the owners of some of the world’s largest traffic exchanges. As a result Affiliate Funnel has become one of the best resources available for traffic exchange users.

Affiliate Funnel is also home to one of the most important traffic exchange ranking systems which is updated every week. If you want to know what the top traffic exchanges are this is the first place to look:


Of course Affiliate Funnel will also provide you with all sorts of other traffic sources too but for now let’s just focus on TEs.

As I mentioned earlier, traffic exchanges are a great tool that you can use to build your list but only if you use them correctly.

I have a friend named John Guanzon who has really perfected the art of building his list using free traffic exchange programs.  John and another friend of mine (Winter Perkins) recently wrote an excellent book called “TE List Building” which I highly recommend reading.

John has given me permission to give away free copies of his book to my reader. If you want the secret to building a huge list with free traffic exchanges then you need to read this book:


TE List Building also makes a great gift to give away to your list.  To make money with the TE List Building ebook be sure to click the link on the download page for more info.


Now that we have all the safelists and giveaway stuff out of the way let’s get back to the list building.

My last post showed you how to get a product to give away to get people to join your list.

Do you have a product, yet?


Ok, I know you probably don’t have one yet but i’m going to keep going so you can come back to that step when you are ready. Until then, I want to show you how to create your own squeeze page that you will use to promote your product and build your list.

Just to get it out of the way, a lead capture page and a squeeze page are the same thing.  They are webpages which contain a piece of code from your autoresponder that are designed for one purpose… to get people on your list.

There are 5 things that make up a good squeeze page:

1. A Killer Headline – The purpose of your headline is to get your visitor to read the rest of your page.  Getting the perfect headline takes a lot of practice. Check out: http://www.copyblogger.com for some great tips to improving your copy writing skills.

2. An Eye Catching Graphic – A picture is worth 1000 words.  Having some kind of graphics on your page can really help your page stand out.  You can get access to all sorts of stock photography that you can use from sites like: http://www.istockphoto.com

3. List of Benefits – Your squeeze page should include a list outlining 3 to 5 of
the benefits of your product.  Notice I said “benefits” and not “features”.  If
you don’t know the difference do a google search for “features vs. benefits”.

4. A Call To Action – Now that you have your reader’s attention you need to tell them what to do.  “Fill out the form to get your copy now”.  It sounds  obvious but it makes a big difference if you don’t do it.

5. Your Autoresponder Code – Of course.  Just copy and paste the code from your autoresponder into the page where you want it to appear.

6. The Privacy Disclaimer – Just another way to ensure people that you won’t abuse their email address if they fill out your form.  It’s been proven that if you don’t include this you will definitely get fewer sign-ups.

Here’s a sample:

Now that you know all the components that go into a squeeze page you probably want to know how to build one…

Personally, I like to make my own from scratch.  I have my own website and I use a free html editor to make my own pages.  For less than $10/month there is so much you can do with webhosting.  If you don’t have your own webhosting I use Servage but there are plenty of good hosts to choose from.

But even if you have hosting you still might not feel comfortable enough to make your own web page.  For that I offer several solutions.

1. Instant Bonus Page – I already posted something about this.  You can make bonus pages for free but if you upgrade you will get access to one of the most simple squeeze page makers around. Highly recommended.

2. AdKreator – This site is great.  It let’s you make stunning graphic  advertisements without having learn complicated programs like Photoshop.   There’s upgraded membership option that gives you the ability to make your own squeeze pages which is well worth the price.

3. TE Toolbox – TE Toolbox has a variety of free Internet marketing tools including a basic squeeze page maker.  While not quite as powerful as the other two squeeze page makers it’s not a bad option.

That all for now.

Are we having fun yet?

Great!  Because next I am going to share with you my all time favorite website which will give you access to all sorts of free tools that you can use to make  money with your list.

See you soon!