Sweeva Arrives With Social Browsing

Author: Jerry Iannucci

Happy Tuesday!

Woo-hoo, i’m excited today!

For the past two weeks I have beta testing a brand new traffic exchange that is like nothing anybody has seen before.  I’ve been DYING to tell someone about it and now that we’ve got all the bugs worked out and the site is ready to launch I finally can…

And here it is!


I know what you’re thinking…

Another new traffic exchange?  Whatever.

No.  This is something totally different.  Sweeva is introducing a unique new concept to the traffic exchange world that has never been done before.

You know how traffic exchanges typically work, right?

You generally sit at you computer for hours at a time mindlessly clicking for credits hoping that someone will notice your site.

Well, Sweeva is totally different.

Sweeva is using something called “social browsing”.  With Sweeva all active members are seeing the same site at the same time and to the right of the page there is an area for people to comment on the sites they are seeing.

What that means is that you can get real-time comments about your pages while you are surfing.

Why is that great?

First, being able to receive feedback from other users about your pages is a great way to find out what people like and what people don’t like.  This will help you to better understand which pages work best for you.

But even better, imagine being able to walk a new member through the  sign-up procedure of your site in real time.  You can even answer any  questions or concerns people have about your site from right there inside Sweeva while you are surfing.

Crazy, right?

Well, you gotta try it for yourself to see how cool this really is.

Click the banner below to join Sweeva now.

banner250 Sweeva Arrives With Social Browsing
Click Here to Join Sweeva

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