Sunny’s JV Giveaway

Author: Jerry Iannucci

Happy Mother’s Day!

As you probably know from reading my blog Sunday is the night that I put together my weekly list of new JV giveaway events that are looking for contributors.

I don’t usually promote individual events because to be honest, there’s an awful lot of really mediocre giveaways.  I’m not saying they are bad.  I mean, they are free so you might as well join and take advantage of them, right?

Well, today I was just alerted to a very SPECIAL JV giveaway event being launched by my good friend Sunny Suggs.  Sunny and I have been talking about this giveaway for months and it’s great to see that it is finally open for contributors!


Here’s the link:

Sunny has lined up some real heavy hitters to promote this thing who don’t usually do giveaways.  That means you can expect to see a lot of new people visiting your squeeze pages which means a lot more subscribers for your list.

There are a lot of factors I look at when deciding if a giveaway event is worth the price of the upgrade and Sunny’s event has them all!  Of course even as a free member you are still going to get a ton of sign-ups from this event.

Don’t miss the special upgrade offers that you’ll see when you join.  The price
of the upgrade is much more expensive inside the site so if you plan on  upgrading you will definitely want to do it now.

The site launches on May 23rd!

Click the image below to join.

Click Here to Join

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