Sorry, No Safelist Stats This Month

I screwed up.

In order to get the most accurate numbers I usually wait until the last minute to download my safelist stats from my tracker.

Last night I forgot and the server reset before I could grab them.


I was watching my stats throughout the month and I do remember that the new mailer from Barry Langdon called ListAvail was well in the lead with the most number of sign-ups.

ListAvail launched at the very end of October so I can give you a semi-accurate stats for the month of November:

Hits Unique Signups Ratio
ListAvail 4127 75.00% 18 0.44%

Unfortunately the rest of the stats are lost but if you scroll down to some of my previous posts I bet the others top mailers were similar.

So go join ListAvail if you haven’t already and I will try not to screw up again next month.

Oh, and if you haven’t heard there is something big happening tomorrow at a certain safelist/te hybrid.  I won’t say which site yet but I will recommend getting your ads setup in List Surfing asap (wink wink).


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