Quick Tab Change Improves TE Surfing

Author: Jerry Iannucci

I just received an email from Jay Hines about a bunch of major changes on his Quick Tab Change program.

For those who don’t already know… Jay Hines created Quick Tab Change as a way to make earning credits on multiple traffic exchange programs easier by assigning a key on your keyboard that lets you switch between tabs on your browser. It doesn’t sound like much but you would be surprised how many more credits you can earn from traffic exchanges using Quick Tab Change.

The software itself has stayed mostly the same except there are now two versions of Quick Tab Change: Pro and Lite. They are pretty similar except the Pro version loads quicker and has a few more options.

Most of the big changes are in the Quick Tab Change site itself. QTC has been one of my best performing affiliate programs for awhile since it is such a valuable tool that almost every traffic exchange user will want to use. There are now a lot more options for rebranding Quick Tab Change with your own affiliate links in many other top converting free affiliate programs. There are also a few new OTOs that so far are converting much better than the old site.

If you use free traffic exchange programs and you are not using Quick Tab Change you are missing out on lots of extra credits that you could be using to promote your site. Click the link below to download your free copy now.

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