Now We’re Cooking With Gas!

Author: Jerry Iannucci

I decided to give up on that other WordPress theme. It was so nice but it was just way too buggy. I don’t know how many hours I wasted uninstalling it and reinstalling it only to be constantly plagued with errors.

I settled on this theme instead called “HeyLucy”. Silly name, but after much searching it seems to have everything I want and is easy to read.

So today I have been digging into the widgets and plug-ins, which is really the whole reason why I want my own blog. I have installed 6 new plug-ins in the last 2 hours and I am really starting to like the look of my blog.

Now I just need some content!

Eh, I can do that later. Ideally I want to get Twitter and Tweet by Blog on here but I want to tweak a few more things before I dive into that. Not to mention I have a ton of other stuff I need to be doing. Plus, it’s Monday which means I am doing lights tonight so I probably won’t be as productive as I need to be today (or probably tomorrow if tonight is anything like last week). We’ll see how it goes.

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