November LCP Sign-up Stats

Author: Jerry Iannucci

Sorry I am late.

Been pretty busy in the real world lately but I wanted to make sure I put up my stats from last month which seems to be one of the more popular features on this blog.

I’ve been doing this “list building” thing for the past few months with my own “Traffic Success Formula” ebook. Results have been very good so far but I am constantly tweaking the splash pages and OTOs trying to make them better.

If you would like to make money building your own list online I highly recommend you get a copy of “Internet Marketing Success Formula” which shows you exactly how to build a profitable email list.

Traffic Exchanges
I have been promoting with traffic exchanges for close to 5 years now and they are also the focus of the “Traffic Success Formula” book I am giving away. Unfortunately I didn’t have as much time as usual to work them this month as I normally do. As a result the numbers are a bit lower than normal but here are the top 3 sites that produced the most sign-ups for me last month:

BootScootin’Traffic – 19
Traffic Roundup – 11
SWAT Traffic – 9

A few surprises here. BootScootin’Traffic is a relatively new exchange but consistently manages to bring me new sign-ups every month.

Absent this month is ts25 and Traffic Splash. Both have been top producers for me in the past but I just haven’t had the time to surf them lately. After the holidays are over I will be sure to get back on these exchanges to get my numbers back up where they should be.

Remember when safelists used to suck? Not anymore. The new credit based safelists work as well as if not better than traffic exchanges and don’t require as much effort (just a really large inbox).

Here’s are November’s top producing safelists for me:

List Joe – 56
List Auction – 20
Business World List – 12
Adsolution – 12
Elite Safelist – 9
Adtactics – 9

No surprise that the list builders “List Joe” and “List Auction” are at the top of the list again. The big surprise is “Business World List“. BWL is not a credit based safelist. It’s an old-school blast your ad to a few hundred thousand people and hope for the best. I decided to revisit this site on a whim and it is actually producing results. Guess you never know how well a site is going to convert until you actually try it.

Text Ad Exchanges
Wow. The number of text ad exchanges has totally exploded over the last few months. It is getting hard to find any new exchanges that offer something other than the typical cookie cutter site. Fortunately, they still produce sign-ups but it is starting to get tricky trying to figure out which new text ad exchanges are worth joining.

Here’s what has worked best for me last month:

Traffic Swarm – 22
Maximum Profits – 9
Traffic Station – 7
AdExchangers – 5
Muscle Mail – 4

No surprise that Traffic Swarm is at the top of the list again. However I believe Maximum Profits and Traffic Station are new to the list. Not phenomenal numbers but still pretty good.

JV Giveaway Events
JV Giveaways are my most recent obsession when it comes to list building. Why? Because the results are incredible. One event, which is about to close, produced 85 new sign-ups for me last month. 85 sign-ups for sending out 2 emails to my list! Very impressive.

I am a little bit behind trying to pick out what is going to be the next must-join giveaway event. I will surely post something here when I find it. In the meantime you can get a list of all upcoming JV giveaway events by clicking here.

That’s it for this month. As usual these are all my personal results with these advertising sources. Your results my differ from my own. In fact, they probably will differ but hopefully you will find a few more resources here that you haven’t tried yourself.

All stats are provided to me by HitsConnect. If you aren’t tracking your ads, how will you ever know what works? Sign-up for your own HitsConnect tracker by clicking the image below.

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