I have just updated the calendar for all new upcoming JV giveaway events that are seeking contributors.

Here is the complete list of upcoming JV giveaway events that are currently seeking contributors for: May 30, 2011.

JV Giveaway Events

June 1 – The Hot Summer Giveaway
Contributors: 85  Gifts: 66

June 3 – The Experts Marketing Giveaway
Contributors: 133  Gifts: 104

June 6 – Kerry’s Birthday Giveaway
Contributors: 117  Gifts: 89

June 9 – Julie’s Birthday JV Giveaway
Contributors: 95  Gifts: 83

You can find a complete listing of upcoming giveaways on the events calendar at: http://www.GiveawayTactics.com

card1 med2 New JV Giveaway Events   May 30, 2011

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2 Responses so far to "New JV Giveaway Events – May 30, 2011"

  1. 1 Chris
    June 2nd, 2011 at 11:02 am  

    Hey Jerry,

    I’m fairly new to list building but I see you use a mixture of JV giveaway events and safelist marketing. I’ve been using Keith Purkiss’ Push Button Giveaways tool for one month and only joining JV events with it as a free contributor while I check things out. I actually got downgraded and my gift removed in a few of those for non-promotion.

    I’ve still got 48 people from that who are still subscribers and have had 3 unsubscribes. Would you recommend safelist marketing as well for someone new or should I just carry on with JV events using Push Button Giveaways until I find my feet?


  2. 2 Jerry Iannucci
    June 2nd, 2011 at 12:08 pm  

    Hey Chris!

    Check out my ebook JV Giveaway Tactics on the upper right side of the page. That should give you some more tips for working with giveaways.

    Most of my sign-ups come from safelists, viral list builders, and traffic exchanges. These seem to be where most of the people in my niche (Internet marketing) are hanging out. I would say that anywhere that you can get the attention of other advertisers is a good place to build your list.

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