Happy Wednesday!

I have just updated the calendar for all new upcoming JV giveaway events that are seeking contributors.

I’m super psyched because it was just announced that Guido Nussbaum and
David Ogden once again are doing their infamous “Easter Giveaway“.

This is typically one of the biggest giveaway events of the year and by far
the biggest event of the season.  You should definitely jump on this one if you
want to see how powerful a JV giveaway event can be.

Here is the complete list of upcoming JV giveaway events that are currently seeking contributors for: March 16, 2011.

JV Giveaway Events

*March 17 – Pot of Gold Gifts
Contributors: 2601  Gifts: 502

*March 18 – Rapid List-Builder JV Giveaway
Contributors: 463  Gifts: 48

March 21 – Gift Explosion Giveaway
Contributors: 154  Gifts: 121

March 22 – 5 Dollar Giveaway
Contributors: 187  Gifts: 95

March 22 – Century Giveaway
Contributors: 177  Gifts: 172

**April 5 – Easter JV Giveaway
Contributors: 284  Gifts: 26

* Recommended

You can find a complete listing of upcoming giveaways on the events calendar at: http://www.GiveawayTactics.com

card1 med2 New JV Giveaway Events   February 21, 2011

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