I usually avoid promoting individual giveaway events and prefer to just post weekly updates here on my blog.  However, every so often an event comes along that deserves a special mention.

This one is called “Internet Marketing JV Gifts” and it’s being run by UK marketer Anthony Tilley who has managed to get a few really big names involved to ensure this is going to be the biggest event of the summer.

With this event you will be able to build a huge list of subscribers in a short amount of time, not to mention some really sweet commissions you can earn from promoting the event.

Signup now and start adding new subscribers to your list!

Click the image below to join.

Click Here to join the IM JV Giveaway Gifts

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6 Responses so far to "IM JV Giveaway Gifts Needs Contributors"

  1. 1 Winter Perkins
    July 7th, 2010 at 3:37 pm  

    Ok at the risk of sounded like a total tool…. I’m just really beginning to think about getting into the Giveaway thing. But I have no idea what I would contribute. Can you give me some just general suggestions?

    This one thing has kept me from joining all the great Giveaway Events. This Giveaway sounds awesome, so maybe if I have an idea on what to submit, I won’t have to miss this one too.

  2. 2 Jerry Iannucci
    July 7th, 2010 at 4:19 pm  

    No, that’s a great question. I know you’re building your list.. are you giving away a free gift to get subscribers?

    Obviously having your own product helps. You can use PLR stuff or create something new from scratch.

    Most giveaways will also allow you to use other people’s stuff as long as somebody else hasn’t already submitted it. Any of the usual rebranded ebooks that we give away will work.

    Or… you can just submit “TE List Building”. Duh!

    You just need a squeeze page and a download page and it appears TE List Building already has both of those. Problem solved!

  3. 3 Winter Perkins
    July 8th, 2010 at 5:19 pm  

    I always thought about using TE List Building, but I make $0 from it, and I know that’s not the point, but that’s why I haven’t.

    For my older list I was giving away a bunch of books that most people already have. For my blog sub I’m giving away that banner pack, but I’m not sure if people would download that in a giveaway. You’d know better than me!

    So I guess the toss up would be TE List Building or banners. One you think would outperform the other?

    Thanks for the help Jerry! :)

  4. 4 Jerry Iannucci
    July 8th, 2010 at 6:09 pm  

    If you have some MRR products you can create an OTO page to show after people subscribe to your list. That why you can make some money giving away something for free.

    Graphics are actually pretty popular in giveaway events and you’re good at that. What if you made some splash/squeeze page templates and gave those away? Then if people like them you can upsell your design services.

    There’s lots of other things you can do besides ebooks. Check out my weekly giveaway list and join some events to get an idea of what other people are giving away.

  5. 5 Cedric Aubry
    July 9th, 2010 at 12:43 pm  

    Here’s my 2 cents about giveaway event.

    Use to be a real “event” to participate in a giveaway, but not anymore…

    You see a new giveaway pop up every couple days.

    Couple week ago there was 2 world cup giveaway running at the same time LOL

    Now here the problem with giveaway, of course this is just my opinion.

    Peoples are promoting the “contributor” link a lot before the event launch.

    But when the event launch barely anyone will promote it…


    Because they are too busy getting new contributors for the new giveaway that will launch later.

    The goal of a giveaway is to drive traffic to the site once the site launch.

    That how we will all build our list.

    By getting tons of traffic & signup to the giveaway.

    Why peoples are promoting the contributor link instead of promoting the signup link once the event launch?

    To get there gift rank higher…

    Never really understant why they are giving so many points for a contributor signup compare to a member signup.

    What make a giveaway event succesfull is not how many contributors you have, It how many signup those contributors could bring when the event is live…

    Now to go back to the points you get when you signup someone…

    Let’s say that you signup 10 contributors and they give you 25 points for each one of them, you have 250 points. (your gifts is probably on the first page)

    Now let’s say that I d’ont bring any contributor but I signup 150 members when the event launch and let’s say they give me 1 points for each signup, I get 150 points.

    Does it make sense to you that your gift is rank higher than mine?

    It doesn’t make sense to me…

    So the problem with giveaway is they put way too much emphasis on getting contributors compare to getting traffic & signup to the “Live” event.

    The contributors (They are always the same) will not help you build your list if they are only bringing contributors.

    You need fresh members, a tons of them, when the event go live, That how you will be able to scoop tons of new subs to your own list.

    Also another thing that I never understant is why someone that is participating in all the giveaway and they have there gift on the first page are not even able to give me something unique?

    Come on….

    At least take a PLR and slam a new Ecover, I will at least have the feeling that I get something new.

    Well this comment is getting kind of long….LOL

    BTW, love your blog Jerry, first time I visit.

    All the best,
    Cedric Aubry

    Here why i d’ont participate in giveaway.

  6. 6 Jerry Iannucci
    July 9th, 2010 at 1:07 pm  

    Hey Cedric.

    Thanks for your comments!

    I agree with most of what you say. There are definitely too many giveaways popping up which takes away from the “event”. It’s pretty obvious when you start seeing a new event every few weeks all being run on the same domain.

    I also agree with the contributor vs members thing. It used to be that you had to continue bringing in new “members” after the launch if you wanted your gift to be listed. I haven’t noticed that in awhile.

    There are still some good events though which is why I try and single them out every week. I look at who the owners are, how much they have invested into the site design, how many members they have attracted so far, etc. I’m still getting new subscribers every day from all the events I am in. As long as there is still a free option I don’t see any reason why people can’t join a new event and pick up some new subscribers, members or contributors, that they wouldn’t get somewhere else.

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