Launch day!

Ok, you have been waiting a long time for this and so have I.

Introducing… Safelist Marketing Tactics


The site has been up for about an hour now and already 40 new members have joined.  Very cool.

The last few days were spent going over some really minor details to make sure I had all my bases covered.  Also fixed some really dumb errors that I missed after going over the site a few hundred times (thanks Tony Tezak!)

So why safelists?  It just seemed like everything related to traffic exchanges had been done to death but hardly anybody was doing anything new with safelists.  There’s only one other really good safelist ebook that I can think of and very few free ones that are worth reading.  I also get really good results from safelist marketing ever since I started applying the techniques I learned from using traffic exchanges.  I thought that would be something of value that I could share.

What now?  I’m going to go on a bit of an advertising blitz for a few days.  I’ll probably look and see where I am in about a week and then from there hopefully I will move on to my next project.

Until then.. go ahead and click the image below to join Safelist Marketing Tactics.

Click Here to Join

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