Note to self… Make sure to disable the membership sign-up page until the site actually launches.

Yesterday I woke up to find one of my partners had starting sending traffic to my site even though I told him we wasn’t launching until Monday.  Before I could catch it about 50 people managed to get in and some of them had even started promoting it themselves.  Eeek!

I disabled the start-up page and let everyone know not to start promoting it until Monday.  Hopefully no real damage was done by letting a few people take a peek at the site a few days early.

The good news is that everything works!  The sales page is converting extremely well and so are the special offers.  I am now feeling much more excited about Monday’s launch and much less nervous.

The launch date is still set for Monday, June 8th @ 12:00 Noon EST.

Make sure you check back here Monday morning for more inf0rmation.

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